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Have you ever been to a clairvoyant?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever been to a clairvoyant?

#Fortune teller
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Top Answers
Yes, I have---many years ago and one of them was brilliant - the last time I saw him he said he could see nothing and sent me away without taking any money.....my daughter died a few years later...he used to know how many children we had, and in my case one was adopted and he saw two children and something about a third that he couldnt figure out...he even gave names to a friend of mine, and all we ever gave him was our first name....he stopped doing it however.
I have been to others and all no good!
by Finy
I have not. I knew someone who had a reading basically worried herself to death. These people play on the insecurities of people.
While on holidays I tried to book in to see one.. they said come back the next day.

I went back the next day and they were closed. It took it as a sign and never went back.
Yes. I have seen a few over the years. One lady in particular stood out as everything she said was true. I would love to go back and see what else is in store, but she was in Queensland, so its a bit far to travel. She may not do it anymore either. She was able to namee those involved and described them to a T. Some people truly have a gift. I have a friend who is a medium, so I can ask her, but I don't . One day she drove over here because she knew something was wrong, and something bad HAD just happened. I have all kinds of examples, but that lady in Queensland really takes the cake.
I went to one around 10 years ago. I think she was good
by AJ
I went to a man at a market twice about 8 months apart. He told me the same thing about treating my husband like a god.. He spent a lot of time while my husband but I don't know what he said. I really got the impression he was very sexist and thought women were less than men. I wouldn't bother again.
I had a cousin I hardly see, ring once very excited that a relative who was a pedophile was going to die soon. I thanked her and wondered about her sense of conviction and thought that time would tell. It was only about a fortnight later that I took the call that he had taken his own life.
I did see one about 35 or 36 years ago, and the entire session was taped! I didn't think much about it at the time as I had simply gone to keep a friend company while SHE had a reading. The dear lady who did these readings always served tea and sandwiches on pretty china, and that was all I really thought I had paid for!! It was really rather interesting to listen to that tape many years later and find so much of what had been said actually did happen, and not in the way of just being 'construed' to have happened! Hmmmmmm...
It is forbidden for christian's to do so
So I stay well away.
Yes, many years ago and she was spot on at the time. She told me some things about someone I was seeing at the time that I didn't now and when I asked him about them, they were true. One thing played on my mind because I couldn't figure out who she referred to but months later it came out and I then knew what to do. Another I saw was a work colleague who taped the session for me and she also told me things that eventuated.
I plead the fifth. However, ouija boards are damned scary.
by Rice
Yes Ouija boards are very scary, and can invite a lot of bad into the place one uses them...they really should in my opinion be banned....
by jonaja
I remember seeing an ouija board used in the movie The Exorcist. Never wanted to know about them since that movie.
Went to a seance when I was pregnant and the answers from the board were spot on.
by fran.
I have never seen The Exorcist . . . I would never sleep again.
by Rice
Ouija boards were marketed by a toy company (Parker Brothers, now owned by Hasbro, same people who make Tonka trucks and My Little Ponies). They "work" by the ideomotor effect (basically people touching the planchette move it around the board without realising they are doing it). They're rubbish. People do seem to enjoy a good scary story though.
It wouldn't be an easy thing to ban. If you couldn't buy one it would be very simple to make your own. It's just a piece of cardboard with letters drawn on it, and you could use an upside down glass as the planchette. That's what a lot of people do instead of shelling out for the board from a shop. There would be no way to stop people doing that in their own homes if they wanted to, though you could ban them from places like schools or church venues if you wanted (if people used them there in the first place).
Yep. Many years ago. His name was Palo. Knew a lot of my medical history. Spot on with most predictions. Would never do it again, particularly if Palo was still around.
Yes, and I was very skeptical and went in knowing I wasn't going to give away any information freely.
I didn't have to! She knew so much about me already based on my just saying hello to her. She told me several things about the future that were going to happen and I'd say so far the majority have come true.

I went to a palm reader once- does that count? I forget the definition of clairvoyant. Generally I think it's a waste of money since I don't believe in that stuff, but I might go to one for fun if it was free or cheap.

At best I think they can be fun, or give comfort to people who are sad (though even with that I think they'd be better off going to someone who is a qualified counsellor who knows how to give proper advice about marriage or for finances- I'd rather see an accountant or financial advisor than some random with no proper training or qualifications). At worst they prey on the vulnerable. Some of them may not be consciously defrauding anyone, and may genuinely be trying to help, but they can actually do a lot of harm in the process. If you do see one, take note of how much time they spend asking you questions. If you can record the session it may be interesting to listen back and see how often their guesses were wrong, since just going on memory you may dismiss/forget the misses and only remember the hits, giving a false impression of accuracy. Also take note of vague statements that could apply to practically anyone eg. "I see a woman with blackness in the chest, lung cancer, heart disease, breast cancer..." Most people will know a woman who has had one of these diseases. "You're having problems with a friend or relative." Who doesn't have problems of some sort involving a loved one? That could mean almost anything. There are so many frauds using tricks like cold reading, and classics like Peter Popov having the answers fed to him via a headset during live shows.
No, I haven't ever been to 1.
by Miro
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