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Have you ever been sea sick?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever been sea sick?

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#Sea sickness
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Top Answers
I won't even attempt sailing in a ship. I get motion sick just standing on the pontoon at the wharf so know I woukd never make it through a voyage. No matter how many dozens of times husband and daughters have tried to convince me to go on cruises, I prefer to stay home and look after everyone's animals instead. Peace and quiet. That's my holiday.
Bravo, helga :-)))
by Rice
No I can't remember ever having been sea sick.

I have been on yachts as my first husband sailed all the time, however i did not get sick.

Oh, i just remembered I was sick on my honeymoon from Sydney to Perth on a large ship -had to go so far down in the ship to see the dr and I thought I would die!

And I was sick before the boat even left the harbour!
by Finy
Yes! On the sea cat on the way to tasmania from melbourne. The sea was more than "choppy". Its the worse feeling ever!
Ah yes!

Mal de mer

No I haven't, love rough seas like crazy!
Spent 4 weeks 2 days coming on a ship from England to Oz.

I feel sea sick now.
by Vee
me too---sick as a dog and not on the sea -LOL
by Finy
This is what immediately came to mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTeZcHWHeW4 LOL!
by Vee
That's not sea sickness Miss Vee!!! LOL
by jonaja
I know. But it really feels like it.
by Vee
No I have not.
No, not even on 'choppy' rides on the Manly Ferry!
I only have to look at a boat moving on the sea and my stomach leaves town! Ugh!
I have only done 2 short cruises, one from Sydney out to sea and 1 from Auckland Nz to Sydney. The first cruise I was not seasick, as it was very calm. The 2nd one I was nauseous on the 2nd day and was reluctant to take seasick tablets, however after a few hours I reluctantly took a tablet and was very surprised how quickly it worked. I initially emptied the contents in my stomach, then after that I was able to enjoy the remainder of the trip. Fortunately as it was only a 4 day trip and would have been a shame to have the whole trip ruined by seasickness. I did unfortunately miss 1 paticular event that i was really looking forward to attending and that was the cocktail making session, however, due to my delicate constitution I wasn't up to drinking any alcohol.
No. I haven't thank goodness. Cruise liners are very good these days. They have very good stabilisers so they hardly move at all. I would love to get my mum on a cruise. She says because she got sea sick on a cruise in the 1950s she won't try it again. I keep telling her that that was SO long ago and things have changed ALOT since then, but she is pretty stubborn. It's her loss. My husband got sea sick one day on our cruise, but was right the rest of the time. It was okay. I went to dance classes and the movies with out him. Didn't stop me from having a ball !!

Well, I've been on the cross channel ferry from Bristol to Calais and nothing happened. That would be the longest time I would ever spend on or near water, so I'll say I have never been sea sick. I ate a hearty breakfast going over too, so I guess I might have a strong stomach. Oh, and it was calm one way and rough as guts the other way.
by Rice
I have indeed been seasick,but only once.It was SO shocking though that I have never forgotten it!
In September 1969(I was 11) we went to Tasmania for a family holiday. The 'ferry' journey from Melbourne, which was a full overnighter trip,started off like an exciting 'cruise' for a kid my age,and then we hit Bass Strait!!! Apparently(or so we were informed when we docked at Launceston at sunrise) it had been one of the roughest seas they had been through!!! Oh My Gosh,I was worse than Green and it took a mini miracle to be tempted to make the return trip 9 days later!! I have to say that morning sickness is the only thing I can now,having experienced this awful affliction for my entire pregnancy,compare the horrors of sea sickness to!!! I live in North Qld now and have often gone sailing here,and never even once have I been sea sick while doing this!!!
It is rumoured that Admiral Nelson was sea sick every time that he left Portsmouth Harbour. So dont be too concerned.. Sea sickness is when you feel that your'e going to die. And the rest of the time wishing that you would...Mick Hampton
Yes....I travelled the 7 seas from "South Australia" to far distant Kangaroo Island on a vessel called the "Philanderer". Starting to feel unwell, an older male fellow passenger (and now I question his motives) suggested I "go below" for a while and I'd feel better. NOT. By the time I surfaced for air, it was all over, Rover.....good news - the return journey was better. I'd been advised correctly this time!
Never. I have only been on a boat once for a school trip.
Never. I've scarcely had reason to travel by sea anyway.
I have a disturbing story about being sea sick, only the one time. A man I worked with built a concrete boat. He asked if I wanted to sail on it with him and another couple. We had been out together and had fun so I agreed. After sailing for a while, he said he wanted to change partners. At first I was taken aback, surprised, then displeased, disgusted. I was, after all, basically captive. I became so sea sick that they had to return to port to dump me off.
Yes - on a trip over the English Channel in a Force 7 gale.You will never ever get me back on a ship. Don't care about the idea newer versions of ships are better stabilised. Couldn't care less - will never forget the feeling of just wanting die I was so ill with seasickness.
Ginger, or ginger tablets......best for seasickness. Taken BEFORE getting on ship!
by donjo
Nothing works for me! A friend whose husband was a fighter pilot in the RAF gave me some tablets the fighter pilots use for altitude sickness which can also equate to seasickness, they had no effect whatsoever. Ginger certainly makes no difference to me either.
by norma
Yes when I crewed on the NZCS vessel HAWK.
Strange as I am a Diver and once in the sea the sea sickness goes away.
I have never been seasick on a cruise, but I was very sick (& so were lot of other people) on a 'ferry' that brought us back from some tiny island we'd been taken to for a bbq from Brampton Island, on our honeymoon, in June '69. The weather was lovely UNTIL we were on our way back! I won't go into anymore sickly details!!!
by Miro
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