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Have you ever been REALLY lost?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever been REALLY lost?

#Lost your way
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Top Answers
I have been really, truly, awfully lost!

I have a very bad sense of direction and often, I have sat in the car at night crying as I had no idea where I was or how to get home.

It was very debilitating!

Luckily now I bought a new car I had a sat, nav built into it, so I no longer have this problem -only problem now is I think it sends me the wrong way sometimes, and I still worry about it, but it is way better than before navigation was invented!
by Finy
Yes! We were driving in France and my companions decided to "cut through" the mountains. Instead of the 2 hours it would have taken us on the motorway to get home, we ended up in the Alps at midnight on what can only be described as a goat track with a sheer drop on one side. It was terrifying! We eventually found our way onto a motorway again and our relief was shortlived when we saw we were still actually 3 hours away from our village...
I find it is not so bad if you are with someone -it happened to me when alone only!
by Finy
I've been lost enough that's it freaked me right out. My wife and I got lost on a hiking trail once and was near dark. We found our way back thanks to our iPhones, we had put a pin down near our car but we had to bushwhack our way back in the dark. Again, our iPhones saved the day with the flashlight app.
Wow, that is amazing! I didnt even know my phone had this! or is it an app you downloaded?
by Finy
The only time I can recall being lost is when I was a very little girl,maybe 3 or 4 years old.The family had gone to Merriweather Beach near Newcastle,and back oin those days there were baths (like pools from my recollection)at the beach.I thought that we were all together,but I had been slow at follwing and I was TERRIFIED when I could not find my family!! They seemed to know where I was,but I had NO idea where THEY were!! I have NEVER forgotten that desolate feeling,which may be the reason why I have never been lost since!!
YES and it was really scary big time....but I got help, and found my way home some Time later....
MOST awful experience, my mind was racing and I had to try and stay calm.
Yes, I feel like I am lost right now - I'm so close to completing my degree, but I feel like I'm losing the plot because of my personal life complications. I need to re-focus and find my path. Soon.
Xarah -good luck -I hope you can concentrate on your degree..
by Finy
No not really.
Finy, I am lost right now.
by Vee
Oh Vee -what has happened! Do you mean with my question? lol
by Finy
Oh no, Finy lol. I am lost in life.
by Vee
well if jon has fixed this, you will be reading it but I dont think so -only 2 notifications on each answer!
if i had your email i would emnail you
by Finy

I think Vee has contacted you and sent her email address through a contact button. It's been a couple if days so has appeared in my inbox as not deleted by you.
I was wondering what had happened there.
by Vee
I was wondering what had happened there.
by Vee
Yes a few times I have got lost in the car coming home from a new location, particularly at night..panic stress! I have always managed to get home either by calling into a garage or shop to ask directions..don't think I have ever had to knock on a door!!
by Fran
I know that I got lost as a child - but can't really remember. I have sat nav - which is one of the best inventions ever!
by AJ
No, thank heavens!
Yes, in the middle of Sydney suburbia - very confusing and difficult to escape when the blood pressure is rising. Ahhh.
by Lucy
We got lost following our car's GPS once. We were trying to find a horse riding place to take our cousin (who was staying with us from the UK) to. Plugged in the address, and things were beginning to look more and more wild. After a while we realised we were driving through the grounds of someone's farm. We turned around, turned off the GPS, and found our own way there. Our cousin thought it was hilarious.
it DOES sound hilarious though -imagine driving around on someone's farm! And the stupid gps sent you there.....
by Finy
It was so embarrassing at the time - we tried to scrunch down so the farm owners wouldn't see us. Husband was furious! But it makes me giggle every time I think of it.
by Kerri
Did your cousin have a good horse-ride, Kerri?
by donjo
I was 18 and had just enrolled my my local Tafe in Melbourne, and the way it worked was that students walked in the front door, and out the back.
I ended up in the back streets of Moorabbin, didn't know what the 'main' road was once I got to it, and it curved around so I didn't even know where it came and went.

Luckily I remember seeing a local and asking them which way was the main road that was the Tafe's front entrance, and getting back, but my mum was cross as she'd been waiting for me out the front.
I was 18 and had just enrolled in the Tafe college near home, but apart from the main road the Tafe was on, I didn't know any other streets.
Enrolment was set up so that students then walked out the back way, into a side street. However, I had no idea where I was and found a secondary road, tried to work out what it was, and had to ask someone where the main road was.
This being the days before I had a mobile, my mum was not impressed, still waiting for me in the carpark as I was rather late by the time I walked back all the way.
Yes. On a bushwalk in a SE Qld NP. Eventually followed creek & found track once again, but it was about a half-hour of stomach churning worry!
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