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Have you ever been on a diet, and if so, which one?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever been on a diet and which one did you use?

Did it work, and did you put the weight back on at a later date?

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Top Answers
I am now always on a DIET -I did not go on it though to lose weight but for the health benefits the 5/2 diet brings with it.

My blood pressure went down quite fast, however I was losing too much weight and so I had to cut one day of the diet out.

This diet is great as you can eat anything you want on the non diet days and on diet days, only 500 calories for women.

My glaucoma went down DRAMATICALLY however the professor I see will not admit it can be from this, however after 15 years of very high pressure and damage to one eye, he does not know why it suddenly would go down.

Also supposedly good for stopping dementia.

I do not know anyone who went on this diet, who did not lose a lot of weight. But you have to continue it.
by Finy
Over the years I hve been on many diets....one I remember was a liquorice diet, I was only early twenties or younger and it was very bad..I now realize, no nutrients...I would like to try the 5/2 die but can't seem to stick to the low number of calories for 2 days!
by fran
you get used to it Fran -depends on how much you want to do it! Not that I like the day that I diet...hate Tuesdays.
by Finy
Only for health reasons, never for weight loss. Fad diets don't work. Exercising and generally eating well does.
I am of the opinion that a balanced, healthy diet, low in glucose and saturated fats and high in fructose, complex carbohydrates and good exercise in the sun. A great long-term diet I find!
I am certain fructose is the one you want to avoid, not glucose.
by Vee
Are you sure? Fructose is produced by fruits, and is a non-processed and 'raw' version of sugar, whereas glucose usually comes from corn or sugar beet and is generally HIGHLY processed.
by atlea
I have never been on a "diet". I do watch what I eat and I am conscious of what I put into my body. Everything in moderation!
by AJ
I've never been on a diet. Frankly I've never needed to be on one.
I can very happily say that I have never gone on a diet of any sort to lose weight.I am just careful to eat a balanced diet which does tend to include a lot of fresh fruit as I adore it!! Our bodies tell us what the need and I listen to mine!!
I recently tried the "I quit sugar" diet. It lasted a couple of weeks. Very hard to maintain.
Same happened to me too!
by Finy
I have done Jenny C...Weight W.
The boiled egg diet
The cabbage soup diet
The no B/Fast diet
The no Carbs diet
The no meat diet
The fruit only diet

None were right for me.

Week 16 tomorrow, and still losing weight.

Also: I do have the odd chocolate now and then.

Which diet? I hear you ask.

''The no numbers'' diet.

If you eat any food, and on the tin or pkt it has numbers, then don't EAT that Food.

I don't eat much fruit, but I eat a LOT of Veg cooked, and have a little dressing, and some roasted sliced almonds for crunch on top.
That is lunch & dinner.

B/fast is a bowl of 3 weet a bix or grain cereal with a little ''juice''...not milk.
No drinking soft drink ever.

Water or water with a tiny tiny amount of apple cordial (not diet) that stuff is 'yuck'!

If you also never put 'anything' in your mouth...that isn't sweet, you will go back to your old ways.

So you must have a treat say every 3 days.
3 days go's by...you can have a little bit of chocolate.
Then on the 4th day back to no chocolate for another 3 days.

If you don't have a treat, it will drive you nuts, and mess with your head.
Then you will just drop off the whole thing,

You must eat also some meat, say every 2-3 days, I have a little white chicken, or sliced rare roast beef.....from the deli.Fish if you want too.(not fried) Not anything ever fried.

No Bread or spread.
No milk
Not too much fruit, it has sugar.do NOT JUICE Fruit full of sugar then.
No sugar from the pkt.

I can't walk too much, but the weight is coming off.

You must move too, so go for a long walk in a Air Conditioned place.It is crazy to walk for 30 mins in the heat, in summer....or go before the sun comes up, or when it go's down.

It will NOT come off quick.

This is a new menu...for life.

I have dropped a couple of sizes, and feel amazing and look great.
No diet, will ever work....fast.

You will put the weight on again, and more.

I have had this issue of weight for the last 45 years.
It has ruled my life, so you really need to WANT to lose the weight, and choose a new way to eat, for life.

I won't go back to the old me, because I know I would not have lived much longer.

The reason diets fail, is people are NOT Ready.

They think they are.....but you have to be totally ready, to stop eating the old way....and never ever go back there again.

When a person can no longer stand it, something will give.

p.s. There is no feeling hungry eating veg Oh! yes and Salad too, if you wish.
I found steamed veg better for me, as it really kept me full....with energy to work.
What I eat(but not all in one day)
I pick and choose.

Potatoes 1 every 2nd day.
Peas every 4 days.
Pumpkin every day
Spinach every day
Carrots every day
Broccoli every day
Turnips every 3 days
Lettice every day
Tomatoes 1 a day
Cucumber every day
Onion every 3rd day
Celery every day

If you make a mistake, never give up, do better the next day.

If you make a mistake the next day again...
Make sure you do not again.
500 calories a day is too little...btw.

If your not prepared to wait for it to come off, then your not ready to loose it.

500 calories for two days gets rid of the plaque in your brain that causes dementia-it is enough if you only do it twice and does only good.
friend of mine is an oncologist, and he put me on to it as we both have high blood pressure -his has gone down and medication virtually nil now.
by Finy
Oh! I ment long term, for dieting like some young girls do!
They get mixed messages, and live on fresh air....You right about reasons why you do it.
by jonaja
Unfortunately, I don't have the amount of determination required for that, LOL. But yes, I can avoid eating too much sugar or fried stuff any day. But I cannot go on a strict diet and count calories.

I have followed a strict green smoothie schedule some time ago. I would eat baked salmon for dinner with some roasted veggies. That was when I was trying to get rid of acne. I was not having too much sugar and would use raw honey for my tea. So I have followed a schedule like that some time ago, but no strict diet to loose weight. So far so good.
by BK
Diet, schmiet. No need. I just watch what I eat, try to steer clear of processed foods as best I can, drink only water or milk and exercise.
by Vee
Too many diets lol. I have always been overweight and struggled with it my whole life. 5 years ago I went on a low carb, low fat diet and lost 18kg. I maintained this for a couple of years, but always felt hungry. I eventually put the weight back on. I'm now 35 and have made peace with my body and no longer feel the need to try and lose weight. I don't have any health issues, other than asthma which I've had since childhood, I eat healthily most of the time and exercise regularly. To me, these are the most important things rather than size.
is not never will be
Yes. I started 5:2 fasting in March 2017 and it's the best thing I have done. I had never been on a diet before, as the thought of doing the same thing day after day (i.e. like a soup or cabbage diet or something stupid like that) just didn't appeal - I knew I'd never keep it up (I've got a thing for cake & biscuits!). Being able to eat 'normally' for 5 days works so well. I lost 6kg's in the first 3 weeks (!) and have lost over 11kg's all up. I have now 'plateaued' and I don't think I will lose much more, as I believe my body has found where it's comfortable. Like Finy I can see me staying on this 'forever'. I stopped for about 2 or 3 weeks over Christmas/New Year and I really felt the difference. I almost felt...gluggy...kinda blah..(hard to describe!) but I was literally looking forward to getting back to the fasting. It's not as hard or as bad as you think. And you really enjoy/appreciate your food on your 'normal' days. You need to do the initial planning (like having a list of how many calories are in things - Google's great for that), but once that's done it's a breeze. I've had so many people say how good I'm looking because of it. I can highly, highly recommend it. P.S. remember to drink HEAPS of water during the day - it really helps make your stomach think it's got something in it!
I have been on many diets, even diet shakes.
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