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Have you ever been in the cockpit of a plane and if not, would you like to?

by Finy (follow)
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Before the days of terrorism, did you ever go in the cockpit, and was it amazing?

Is this something you would like to do?

What an odd name "cockpit" -why is it called this?

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Top Answers
I actually have been in the cockpit and it was so exciting, and a bit scarry.

So many instruments and I remember thinking how could anyone ever remember to check all these!

It is probably something that will never be allowed again however when I used to travel a lot before I married, it was a common occurrence -companies were more personal and smaller in those days.
by Finy
........and they didn't have hi-jackers', or terrorists' to have to worry about either!
by donjo
Yes,when I was a little girl,it was common practice for children on flights to be invited to go up to see the captain in the Cockpit of the plane! It was a real treat and Very exciting,especially because air travel was not so commonplace!! There were no video games back then so this was a very different world and simulator flight games were just science fiction back then. This was always something to be proud about when the class had Show and Tell,as the flight crew would give us special pins to wear to prove we had been in the cockpit of the plane
No I have never been in the cockpit - not sure if I would like to
by AJ
Yes I have regularly as......years ago I was a Flight Attendant and we used to go up there to brief the crew and take their food etc!! It was a very exciting time of my life with great memories..
by Fran
I would LOVE to be inside one!

No idea 'why' it is called that name....I think there could be a few answers?
I would not like to pick the wrong one.....so I'll leave that to someone who really knows.
As for 'how' they would remember everything, well I guess that comes down to 'passion'.
If you would want to fly so badly, you Would remember!
Yeah, it sounds like somewhere a rooster would strut it's stuff!

I never had the pleasure, but would have loved to do that back when the world was simpler and it was allowed. There's always been something terribly romantic about flying for me. I do want to try a light aircraft.
I've never been in the cockpit but i sure would like to.
Never been in the cockpit of a plane. Have been in a helicopter though. Here's my theory on the name: from experience, I've never seen a female pilot or co-pilot. It's called a cockpit because it's the "cock's pit" - lol, sorry about the expletive.
by Vee
Oh Vee! Have you got the wrong end of the stick!
Refer my comment below!
Also, I've flown many times, being Captained by a female, & First Officer!
Did you see '60 Minutes' a few weeks' ago with the ALL female technical crew delivering Qantas' last Boeing 767 to the 'graveyard' at Victorville? It's still on their site to watch. I love aircraft, had flown on that one, & was bawling my eyes out at the end!
by donjo
No I haven't, but I would love to experience it.
When I was eleven my family all took a trip to Florida together for Christmas and I got to visit the cockpit of the plane during our flight. I remember it feeling weird, because you could see that there was nothing below us. I mean, I obviously knew we were in the air and the ground was several thousand feet below, but seeing it is totally different.
No. I'd love to.
Yes, very fortunately, many times, back in the day, but it's a 'no-go' zone now.

Was travelling on a Boeing 707 from New Delhi to Hong Kong, having boarded in Vienna & transitted Teheran, was 'invited' to flight deck by Captain, to whom I'd spoken at Delhi airport. It was marvellous, especially the 'through buildings' approach & landing at the (now) old Kai Tak Airport!

BTW, the words 'cock pit' come from very old maritime meaning. There're many maritime words used in relation to aircraft, after all, they are 'Ships of the Air'!
Think rudder, galley, steward, port, starboard, air-port, aft, hold, steerage, cargo, purser, hatches, tanks, Captain etc etc etc!
Very interesting.
by Vee
I have not been in the cockpit of a real plane. I got my son a birthday present of a ride in a flight simulator. It was a replica of a jet plane . A 737 I think it was. Very interesting.
yes when a kid, sad that we are so paranoid now stupid rules. They make no actual difference except to remove fun.
No I haven't, & no I don't need too, but when a friend of my husbands was flying a plane we were on, he send for our daughter to go up to the cockpit, & she enjoyed the experience. (That was after 9/11.)
by Miro
I would love it , bit of a petrol head so would love to fly any sort of aircraft, even a fighter jet, All those instruments, piece of cake, remember when we learnt to drive, we thought the same and look at us now! Zoom Zoom, must book into a flight simulator!
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