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Have you ever been in a stretch limousine?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever been in a stretch limousine?

What was the occasion and what was it like inside?

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Top Answers
This is something I have never done!
I think they are great for certain occasions however I have not had that occasion yet.

They are very expensive also but would be great fun for young people who drink and party!
by Finy
I have been fortunate with gthe friends I have in my life! One drives a limo on weekends,and between jobs will somwtimes drop in for a coffee. One afternoon whe he was working with a wedding party,he dropped in to find me extremely ill and slopping around in my slippers and oversized t-shirt,and about to throw something more decent on to get a cab to the Chemist to fill a prescription which had just run out.He told me to just get in the limo mand he would take me there!! You can imagine the looks on people's faces as the gorgeous stretch limo pulled up at the pharmacy and the driver came to open the door with all ceremony,only to have the scruffiest ,most sick human being stumble out onto the pavement!!!!! I truly feel that the absolute fun of the situation made me feel 100 times better than the medication which the chemist dispensed!! Thank heavens for friends who share my wacky sense of humour!! We have often laughed about the spontaneous bit of fun we had that afternoon. By the way,he did get a coffee when he got me back home.I felt it was the cheapest 'cab' fare I have ever had!!
LOVE your story! :)
And every word true!!! I can find or make humour in so many situations !! It is how I cope with this lot I have been dealt in life.No one like to be ill,but we do not have to be miserable all the time with it!! Smiles are such treasures! Free to Give,and Priceless to Receive!!!
by Jules
Heehee . . reminds me of the time I had to drive to the school to get my daughter . . in a cape and foils . . . because the hairdresser had been running late. What fun!
by Rice
Having fun and laughing in the weirdest of situations is what keeps me going!!! I am always such a cheerful and positive person, despite being very ill since childhood! My parents were the very best teachers in the world when it comes to knowing how to be happy and to get the very most out of every moment!! Bless them!! I have said this previously, but it is so true: Each day when I wake up and smile, it is a good day, and making others smile or even better, laugh, is the best thing I ever manage to do!! My own mum had one of those 'hairdresser' incidents too, and I still laugh when I recall it!!!!
by Jules
Yes I have....being a Marriage Celebrant (only mentioning as it relates bigtime!), I have met many limos to welcome the bride and co and for last minute briefing re the ceremony. Have also sat in several after the ceremony whislt the driver is waiting for the celebrations to be over to take couple to the Reception. They are pretty bored (the drivers)..I have done my part and am on my way back to my car (usually loaded down and sometimes the lovely drivers help me carry etc....The limos are very luxurious inside with bars and music etc...
by Fran
Yes when I got married, didn't hire one for the
Divorce though
LOL, why not?
by Finy
Never been in any kind of limo :(
Yes, once for a wedding and once for a funeral. Neither was a Hummer though.
by Vee
On that note, those pink Hummers are disgusting.
by Vee
I have never been in any kind of limo
by AJ
I think they are rank....a lot go's on inside them, and that's not for me.
Yes - it was a birthday party. Trapped in a limo with a group of drunks didn't turn out to be all that it had been cracked up to be. Nothing against people drinking and having fun. The issue is when they start to bore you there is nowhere else to go.
I went in a stretch limo for my year 12 formal.
Never been in a stretch limo, but I was in a limo on my wedding day.
I don't feel like I am missing out on anything by not being in one though.
Nope, but my girls ooo and aaah everytime we see one...
I was hitch hiking up into the mountains on a day trip in Switzerland years ago with 2 young Canadian guys and we were picked up by a stretch limo. It was a real buzz. The Chauffer was on his way up to a chalet to pick up his boss. We had a good chat with him. I had been in one before but the guys hadn't. They were very excited.
wow, that's a good one -ride in it for free!
by Finy
I had a progestive dinner party for my 50th birthday in a stretch Limo.They are abit confining inside as there was 10 of us in a 12 seater lucky..$1200 for 5 hrs plus bubbly included was well worth it, one of our stops was Harry's cafe de wheels in Woolamaloo Sydney, everyone calmbering out to buy pies while the limo sat there waiting.Was an amazing birthday and is still a talking point was a tick off the bucket list...

Yes, a friend of mine was celebrating her 50th and although the restaurant was half way between my place and hers, she insisted we all leave from her place. I didn't know about the limo till I got there. However, we boarded the limo which also brought us home and I sat backwards both ways. Unfortunately, by the time I got back to her place, I was carsick and threw up all my lunch...
A few friends and I were going on a cruise. One had a recent battle with breast cancer. The trip was sort of a celebration. The lady in questions daughter arranged a limo for her mum and dad. And naturally we were included.It was great, not having to battle public transport and be spoilt at the same time. Would highly recommend it.
No, & wouldn't ever be!

Reminds me of 'boat' trips for work functions! Never went on one, as you can't get off until the end!
Bit difficult to exit stretch limo, too!
I have never been in any sort of limousine. It's not something I have an interest in doing myself, fine if others want to though.
Oh yes. A few times. I have been in them for 21st birthdays and hens nights when my friends and I were younger. Those were the days!!! If you are going to a party, do it in style!!!
Yes, we've been inside a black 1. We were ordering a taxi for the short ride from our hotel in Honolulu to the port in '04, to catch a cruise, It worked out the limo' was the same price as the taxi, so we ordered 1 of those instead. People were trying to peer in at the traffic lights, in case we were someone famous, I guess!! In May '16 did see 1 as I step out of the AGNSW, just like the 1 in the above photo! (It was going down to Mrs Macquarie's Chair.) I said to my self, "OMG"
by Miro
No actually. I would maybe try them one day. I find them expensive for the value you get out of it. Its more like you want the money for others to see you in it rather than you wanting it.
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