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Have you ever been frightened when home alone at night?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay.com

Have you ever been frightened when home alone, particularly at night?

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Top Answers
There were a few instances when I was scared while living alone on 5 acres but these were mainly when there were thunderstorms.

With water on both sides of my house, and trees, the noise of the thunder was sometimes SO loud, I was quite petrified.

For many years now I have had a burglar alarm system as well as two dogs, so am rarely scared of things other than thunder, though I have also been frightened by odd noises at night.

Also used to be scared of water rats getting into the house on the farm.!! Oh, and snakes on the back verandah -so I rarely went outside at night as was scared of the rats and snakes that were abundant in the area.
by Finy
Only once,and even then I was more concerned than actually FRIGHTENED. I have always had dogs,and I find that these wonderfully loyal animals have a way of keeping me quite calm. The night in question was when I had found out that a young man who had murdered 2 women here,one of them a good friend of mine,had stupidly been released on bail and was out for revenge against the world at large! Because he very likely knew where I lived and my then husband was away with work.I was tossing up whether or not to go and stay with friends. But that would have left the dogs alone so I decided to just stay home and leave all the lights on in the house!! He did end up taking a young lass hostage and drove all the way to Brisbane with her,When he was surrounded by police as he neared the city,he did release the poor terrified girl,but then turned his weapon on himself. Bloody coward! My friends got no closure and worse,no sense of justice was felt by anyone in this city where murders are so very rare. The teenage children and the baby left motherless, as well as the 2 men left widowed,have a life sentence, The really disgusting thing is that the magistrate ignored all advice at the hearing and allowed him to be released. HE has to live with the fact that he is responsible for those lives being shattered,and in my opinion,he deserves to do live with this horror!!We have to always remember that we must not ever judge someone by how they appear! This young man had the face of an angel,and could be utterly charmingly polite,yet even his poor mother recognised the monster he was,and BEGGED for him to be kept in custody..
by jonaja
In the home I am in now, it would be totally Impossible.Our floor plan is one third of a normal house.

In my Son's 1930's home YES!

He has a ''real grave'' in his backyard!
I Know....I Know....but he says he is not moving it, no way!

It is on the fence line, and a big fence is up, so no one can see it in his yard.He has let the garden grow over it.Thank goodness, seeing the headstone was not something one wants.

So I was sitting with my little granddaughter one night reading her a book, something came passed us, that was VERY COLD.

I was beside myself.
I had to just stay 'cool', so my little one would not get upset.

Also my son has all wooden floorboards in the house.
In one certain area are 2 knots in the floor.

They make the most perfect pair of female eyes, you have ever seen.!

The floor is also polished, so it makes them stand out even more...I really do not like his house at night.
Babysitting is not something I look forward too.
Yes. I don't like being home alone at night. I don't even like being the only one awake if anybody else is at home.
by Vee
Aaawww, Vee, beautiful putty-tat photo!
by donjo
Thanks donjo. I thought it was purrfect. :-)
by Vee
:) 😻🙀😺
by donjo
Have a fully aluminium grille'd house. Triple locks on door ones.

My home I originally built, had steel grilles on all windows & doors. Loved it to bits!

If I ever had to move again, my #1 priority is security.
Half asleep . . .read that as "my house is full of ammo" . . . . LOL!!
by Rice
Yeah, well, Rice, I COULD do that as a TOP markswoman in ARES with ALL weapons.
BUT I lost that interest many years' ago!
by donjo
Oooooooh. Burglars beware! LOL
by Rice
many years ago, when Peter Blatty's "The Exorcist' was a newly released movie and I was barely 14 years old I saw it 5 times on a bet. At the time I was working on a water drilling rig out in the country. All the lads had gone to the pub and I stayed in the caravan, in the middle of a paddock, without power. Noises in the bush late at nightcap really get one's imagination going. I spent most of the night huddled in the furthest corner of the van, near soiling my undies even time a sheep outside moved or a bird squarked.
What did you win as the bet, Alens? Fancy watching that movie 5 times! Once was enough for me.
by Miro
I don't think so, unless I was watching a scary movie !!!
Twice. Both times right after I moved into this house. Unbelievably, the night I moved in, the tv aerial broke and clattered down the roof with a noise like WWIII. Without a dog for the first time in my life . . . I nearly had a heart attack. Did not find out what had happened until daylight. Then, a month later, some hooligans ran up to my front door and banged on it and screamed etc. Again, nearly had a heart attack! Next morning, it was clear they had been up and down the street pulling out saplings and smashing mailboxes etc. Maybe that it why I want to move from here, I have never really settled.
by Rice
Not really, I live in an apartment so I feel quite safe and secure. If I was by myself in a big house maybe - I havent tried though
Yes I sadly live with fear of what might occur!
Three times last year I was broken into and twice the alarm went off. I have cameras now also. I have had a stalker and a caught 'peeping Tom' . Also an unethical Doctor in his examination and he was reported. So guess all of the above has some relationship to my fear.
I find it hard to go away and leave the property.
As an avid TV watcher of 'Grimm' & 'Sleepy Hollow', I'm not too bad a scaredy-cat! I leave that to my Siamese!
A few times I was. I won't go to bed until all the doors are locked. I even got out of bed one night
to check and see if the basement door was locked. I can't fall asleep otherwise.
It doesn't bother me. Years ago when I was first living alone in this house I slept with bedroom windows open (before getting full length shutters) and I heard someone jump over tge side fence and land outside my window. I froze at first but no effort was made to get in the window. Next morning when my lift arrived for work I mentioned what had happened to my male colleague who came around the side of the house to inspect the area. We found footprints belonging to someone wearing boots and he insisted I report it to the police. When the police inspected the footprints and the perimeter of the yard they said it was most probably someone living in the street, probably not far away, and watching my movements. Funily enough although the street was new and all houses being built gradually, there was one house with a horse in the yard next to it and the rider probably wearing boots similar to the footprints at my window. Made me paranoid for a while but I got over it. So now when I hear noises, I get up and investigate while my husband snores his head off. Even if I ask him next morning if he heard a loud bang, or whatever the noise was, the answer is always "no".
Since I became a widow my sister has often asked me this question. I have to honestly say - no I am not frightened of being home alone. I live in an extremely safe area, though am not naive enough to think "it could never happen to me".
Yes, I was scared when my husband had to spend about 10 nights in hospital, following a heart attack, I didn't sleep vey well at all. (He's ok now.)
by Miro
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