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Have you ever been badly sunburnt?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever had a bad sunburn?

Did you forget the sunscreen or were you sun-bathing?

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Top Answers
Oh yes, regularly when I was a teenager and going to Bondi Beach every weekend.

I was so badly burnt that my parents said I could not go next week, but somehow I always went again -sometimes my skin would blister.

At that stage we all put coconut oil on to get a tan, though why I did this I have no idea as I didnt seem to tan, just burnt, peeled and went back to white!

I now have a real problem with my skin having had a melanoma on my face, and really not nice skin anymore due to sun damage.

We had no block outs in those days!
by Finy
I have been burnt, but then I started to get a very dark tan.Back in the 1960's
I don't sun bath now ever.
It's not something to do anymore.

Dangerous to the Max!
by Finy
Yes most definitely! When I arrived in Australia last year, I wasn't quite prepared for the intensity of the sun which was a big mistake.

Being from Ireland, we don't get much sun and having quite fair skin anyway I burn easily. I've never known any agony like that burn, but needless to say factor 50 sunscreen has become my new best friend!
Last year I got so badly sunburnt on my legs that LAUGHING hurt lol It felt like blood vessels were popping in my knees. As a rule I'm pretty sun smart but that one day was unavoidable, I was sitting in the yard while there was kitchen renovations happening.
Despite having olive skin,and always being lovely and tanned in summer as a little kid,I have been VERY badly burned.It was when I first came up to Townsville in Nth Qld. in the middle of July in 1980. Winter,or so I thought!!! I was only in the sun for 10 short minujtes and the back of my neck and my arms were so burnt that I was in tears and had to be taken to a doctor for treatment. Guess I very quickly learned why no one who lives jup here spends much time out in the sun with no protection!! I have a huge Mexican style Sombrero hat which is like a personal umbrella for when I am in my garden!! I do feel that Spray Tans are the way to go these days,for anyone who reallyfeels a need to look Tanned. As for ME? I just could not be bothered!!! Once was more than enough,even though it was 35 years ago!
Yes I have, learnt the hard way to take it easy, wear sunscreen and cover up after an hours or so, however I rarely go swimming at the beach now, more like walking along the beach with a hat and long sleeved light cotton top
by fran
Once or twice. As a kid I was fishing once burned the back of my legs at the end of the day as the sun was almost setting behind me. I was wearing sunscreen, but it's easy to miss bits you can't see. I also burned my upper arms once when I was I was at the Woodford Festival. Again I had sunscreen on but missed a bit at the edge of my t-shirt sleeves. Mostly I'm pretty careful because I know I burn easily being a redhead and skin cancer's a big problem here.
woodford -near katoomba??
by Finy
No, in Queensland, near Maleney.
Ah, that township is spelled 'Maleny'.......
by donjo
Oh yes! In my teens went on a cruise. Had a big night and fell asleep on the deck the next morning (beside the pool) . Woke up in the afternoon horribly burnt. Had blisters on my eyelids and lips after that!
Yes - once really badly on one leg. The sun cream got wiped off one leg after swimming
by AJ
I've been sunburned about two or three time so far. I had sports day at my high school where I shouted and cheered in the hot sun all day. You can guess what followed.
by Gia
Thank goodness no. Or, if I have, it would have been when I was a child and so don't recall. I make sure I take precautions these days.
by Vee
When I was a kid in the 40's used to get sunburnt and then able to pull large pieces of dead skin off. Lucky that so far have not had skin cancer and I'm 73. Feel very thankful.
Yes, just the once, it was Ibiza 1984 and I was on my first holiday with friends. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, typical white skin of the british. I had a holiday romance with a young lad from Edinburgh and while sunbathing on a cloudy day he came and joined me. I was so keen on him I didn't want to disappear and get the suncream which was up in the apartment so stayed and sunbathed with no protection. That night I blistered, cried in the shower, didn't know how to walk without feeling like my bones were going to break through my skin, threw up and missed my birthday night out to see The Supremes who were playing in San Antonio. Absolutely ruined my holiday and I had to spend the next week in the shade and covered up.
Heavens Aliso, that's a horrible holiday to remember! Did you ever see the guy again from Edinburgh??? Certainly sounds like the holiday from HELL! AND missing out on seeing The Supremes on your birthday! I would have been so mad with myself. It must have been very difficult to turn over in bed!
by Miro
A BIG OH YES TOO! in the early eightys, topless sunbaked on a rooftop garden and fell asleep. Couldn't even bear the sheets on my skin in bed as the burn was so bad and the sick feeling was horrible. Hubby built a "tent" frame around me! The price of vanity! These days I have found some common sense and put on sun screen frequently.
Yes Finy, I was probably sitting next to you on Bondi Beach. Coconut oil and there was something else that you could have sprayed on you for a price too. My friends and I used to sit right in the middle of the steps (didn't go into the water for fear of ruining the hairdo). In order to get ready for the sunbathing, I used to go to Silhouette Studios (near the corner of Market and whatever streets in the city). That must have been the first solarium ever in Sydney and I must have been their youngest ever customer. Used to buy the bikini at a shop nearby (Capri - very expensive) dealt entirely with swimwear. I am very lucky to have any skin left on me at all. You just HAD to have a tan in Sydney in the summer, what else could one do ?
Fran, maybe..Market & George St?
by Miro
Yes Miro, I think that was it and i think Capri swimwear was in George Street too.
The shop used to have a sign across the doorway "the world's most beautiful women pass through this doorway" or something very similar……..should have read the world's most charred women…….
by fran.
I got very badly sunburnt in my early teens. It blistered all over my back and shoulders, and it was the first time I discovered that your lips could burn (ouch!). Since then (it was about fifteen years ago) I've only been burnt once, and it was only mildly. I take great care, and even though I often laugh at my ghost-white skin, I'm pleased every time I have a skin check and the doctors tell me I'm doing good. The memory of that pain will stay with me a long time and make sure I do the right thing!
yes a very long time ago 50+ years ago at the beach shoulders, back and tummy, shoulders were the worst put baby oil on the shoulders and the skin turned black . came off in sheets could hardly bear clothing on

I never sunbaked by lying on the sand spent all my time in the water or would go for a walk maybe sat on the beach for 10 or 15 minutes,
in saying all that I rarely use sunscreen have skin checked nothing wrong and have never worn sunglasses ,only need glasses for reading

Yes, badly on my nose while wearing a large sunhat - the reflection off the water got right up under the rim of my hat. Moral of the story - always apply sunscreen even if you have a good hat.
by Lucy
Oh yes, i get burnt very easily , and everytime i walk with my sisters they laugh as i walk with an umbrella.
Worst cases of sunburn I've ever had was from swimming too much in Mexico City at a friend's place. To do with higher altitude?
And same for Penang, Batu Ferringi Beach!
That was approx 40 years' ago & never done that since!
Yes. Once when in my teens as I spent all the time I could at Bronte or Whale Beach. I think it's the internal body heat that reacts with sunburn giving you blisters. Also used the coconut oil (well we smelt nice at least) and Ambre Solare. Worse when surfing though because your shoulders are exposed. However one of my daughters who spends hours in the sun at sporting events with her children always burns under her eyes, no matter what brand of 50+ sunscreen she uses which is really disappointing considering she buys the best brands recommended.
Yes, unfortunately I did, as a teen, way back in the 60's also. I used to love peeling of the skin, even after being advised not too! How I don't go to the beach, or bother swimming anywhere. I do put block-out on, if I'm going walking in the middle of day or going on a picnic in summer.
by Miro
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