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Have you ever been addicted to buying a certain item?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever been addicted to buying any particular item?

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Top Answers
I ask this question as I have been particularly "bad" the last few weeks, having spent hundreds of dollars online!

And also IRL.

Firstly I collect succulents and cacti. I am on a group on the internet and went to a whole lot of Bunnings stores as they had new succulents.

Then I got it into my head that I liked some sheets a friend had bought online at a very good price.

So offi went bidding here and there and buying all these doona covers when I already have about 3 sets and did not really need them!

In the midst of all this I forgot I had bought some reading glasses for $1700.

Now it is time to STOP.

The answer to my question is YES, and that IS shouting -I DO tend to get addicted to certain items -once it was shoes online! Bought and bought till i realised half did not fit me anyway.....
by Finy
I know EXACTLY where you are coming from,Finy,with the old children's books and the plants.But both of these to me are more a form of THERAPY than an addiction!! At least, I personally feel that my addictions have now BECOME wonderful therapies!!! Hee hee hee!!!
by Jules
Finy, please pardon me when I say, reading glasses for $1700 - WTF?! That's all. O.O LOL!
by Vee
Only once...but there was a very good reason for it.
Last year I lost my best friend to Cancer, and her daughter was in a bad way, soooo I decided to give her a few months later, a High Tea, with all her friends (about 17 of them).

Little did I know it was also helping my own grief at the loss of her Mother...So I went on line buying lots and lots of 'one-only' fine bone English china side plates.
I had no idea there were a Great Deal of different patterns, like huge amount.

I think now I have maybe 65 of them, all different.
Yes it did cost me a bit of money, and I would look online every single day.
The High Tea was amazing, I do not regret it, as I had extra work too so that paid for most.

Never had the addiction ever again or before....and I am most grateful for that.

I always knew that for me, if that habit came it would be trying to cover a 'need' in my life, as it can be I guess with anyone.

Haha jonaj -i wonder what my "need" is??
by Finy
Yes, it's books with me. specifically usually non fiction. I know when the major sales are on at libraries and in the suburbs and try to go to most.
There's also a chocolate drink made by Barista Brothers that I can probably also say I'm a bit addicted to, loving the stuff.
I also used to be addicted to books, but mine were illustrated childrens old books and have such a lovely collection even though I no longer collect.
by Finy
I used to buy baby clothes and towels whenever I went out shopping. I guess I was scared that I would run out of clean things. I had three children under three so it was a bit hectic for a while there !
Ever since childhood my addiction,for want of a better word,has been books!! Even as a Brownie in the 60's my Collector's Badge was not for dolls,swap cards,stamps,or the more usual items a 10 year old would go for,but BOOKS!! I even sorted my collection as per the Dewey System in the library at school!!! The lady who tested me for this badge was AMAZED!! i HAVE CONTINUED TO COLLECT BOOKS ALL OF MY LIFE.MOSTLY antique and old treasures;usually of the illustrated children's genre!I have now got literally thousands of these exquisite items and I DO read and enjoy them. I am far more selective these days with the ones I buy and bid for online,and I am extremely fortunate to have such special and to me precious books which are getting so hard to find these days.
My other addiction is Art Glass,another thing I have collected for most of my life.I used to pick so many genuine bargains up when I was in my teens,but like my books,these are also becoming so hard to find at a decent prices!!!
I love to research all of my treasures and learn as much about them as possible.I can happily say that YES I am definitely addicted to beautiful things,though I do not buy anywhere near the amount I used to when I was still able to work!! Oh!! I nearly forgot,I also collect hibiscus(among other!) plants and was a member of the Hibiscus Society where I learned SO very much about my stunning plants!!
Large sized Tote Bags!

Love 'em, as they can carry all my 'stuff' that I tend to go shopping with!

Have bought a few boots, & shoes of late.There're some really lovely ones' about these days.
Yes. I used to collect old china, and always had my eye out for any pretty pieces. Now I am a pastel artist and I keep adding to my pastel collection. Because a pastel gets worn down, sometimes fairly quickly I don't want to run out of a colour part way through a painting. Also I keep looking for colours I haven't got yet, second hand sets or supplies. Art supplies are addictive.
I also collect succulents and cacti which has led to my addiction of buying pots .Presently i have over 500 empty terracotta and ceramic pots competing for space with my 200 planted ones.I would also have at least 2000 plastic pots 1400 of which are new so yes i would say that i am addicted to buying a certain item.But my main addiction is the cacti having added 200 plus new ones to my collection in 18 months.
oh, how wonderful -what a shame we all live so far away -i am going to look for pots, or rather unusual items I can pot in and am on an internet group where I get heaps of ideas!
by Finy
I thought I wasn't addicted to buying anything in particular, but then I reliese I collect cotton summer sleeveless patterned dresses! I have 19 of them now. I've bought most of them in Melbourne, but there is 1 shop in Southern Sydney I've also bought a few from. Nothing else comes to mind, right now!
by Miro
Yes, I've just thought of something else. I used to collect...Swatch watches! There's only 1 more I want to buy, & that's a plain white 1. I think I'll sell all of my pattern ones, & just keep the plain ones, as they go better with my summer dresses, that I wear all year round. (I have 27 Swatches!)
by Miro
I now have 30 dresses, but 2 are for Xmas '18, 2 for my birthday '19, & 2 are for Christmas '19, all from my lovely husband, so at the moment, I can only wear 24 of them!
by Miro
I wouldn't say addicted. However, I love Victoria's Secret body products, especially the Amber Romance body butter and body spray. I do try to stock up as much as possible as the products, especially the body butter, can be hard to find in Australia. I usually stock up when I am in the States.
Like chocolate?
by Vee
No, not really. Though if a new Anne Rice or J.R. Ward book comes out I am there when the doors of the book shop open! Does that count? :)
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