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Have you ever babysat for children other than your own?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever babysat for children other than your own?

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Top Answers
I babysit regularly for some of my grandchildren, however I think I have only babysat when I was a teenager for the kids across the road.
And I did not do that very often -oddly enough I can remember the families name yet have a problem remembering what I did a few days ago!

And I clearly remember going to babysit one night with a boyfriend!!!!

Apart from that I don't think I have babysat.
by Finy
(NOT about babysitting!) My father had a business in the city, from the mid '40's to 1974, & I can still remember the phone No! It started with 2 letters, then had 4 No's! But I can't remember my parents landline No, nor can I remember lots of other things, & I don't think I'm quite reached your age Finy, but I'm nearly there.\!
by Miro
If it's your own kids it's not babysitting, it's just parenting. I hate it when people talk about my husband "babysitting" his own children because it implies that that isn't his responsibility when it very much is.

Yep, I used to babysit for money when I was in my teens and twenties, and more recently now and then I have a friend's child hang out with us for a day and they sometimes do the same for me.
That would totally irk me. I can't imagine anybody talking about a father babysitting his children. It's a good thing too as I don't imagine a pleasant conversation would ensue if somebody said something like that to me.
by Vee
Yes. If you are out, the kids are simply "at home with their father". I think that is half the trouble these days - people seem to think that fathers "babysit". Grrrrrr!!
by Rice
My son called me over a year ago, to come for a visit.
I thought 'how nice' and he said we can have a chat and a drink...''lovely I thought''.
He is a VERY busy guy, runs his own company.
When I got there, I found out his wife had to go out...left him alone with my two grandchildren, and he just found the whole thing ''toooo much''!!!

When his wife came home and found me there, she said to him ''REALLY''!
You could not manage a few hours alone?

Since then he has had too.....I think she was very upset, and rightly so.
by jonaja
For some reason people have always asked me!!
I hate to say no....but to be honest, I'm not into doing it.
The responsibility is HUGE!...well it is to me.

I have had to say no a few times, and other I gave in.
In fact I just looked after a very dear friends two wonderful kids, and that was for 2 days...They were amazing, but one has to be totally on the ball 24 x 7 !
Wow! Two days with another person's kids. jonaj, you're game, woman.
by Vee
Heck. Gold star for you!
by Rice
I will not be doing it again, it really took a lot out of me...even with the 2 little Angels I had.
by jonaja
I can't remember the last time I babysat...I don't think that a couple of hours with my husband's cousin who is eight going on thirty counts. I babysat my five cousins when I was about thirteen or fourteen. I told my uncle that they were absolute angels. And they really were much more pleasant to look after than my three youngest sisters who were roughly the same age - LOL!

Jennifer, the image is for you. ;-) LOL!
by Vee
by Vee
Bugger. Why can't I upload images? It was a jpeg.
by Vee
I've been having trouble with that lately too. I'm sure it was funny, Vee. :)
Yes, unfortunately, & only the once! That was enough! Young boy & girl. Both right little, spoilt pains in the ass. Glad to hand them back.
Would never do it again.
Yes. I sometimes had the care of my bosses 6 children up to a week when in New Zealand. 4 belonged to one boss and the other 2 to his brother. We had a routine organised and had people comment on how well behaved they were when dining out. I even had them eating vegetables. I enjoyed it and as one of the bossess was a widower, I had the girls while he was away on his own. One was in kindergarten the other in 1st class and the other children ranged from 5 to 12.
Wow. What an asset you were to your bosses. Hats off to you.
by annfi
Wow. What an asset you were to your bosses. Hats off to you.
by annfi
Annfi, I'm hoping you were paid for all that baby sitting!?
by Miro
No Miro, I wasn't paid for it but I enjoyed it. Whenever we had time to fill in I'd taken my craft box with me so the kids enjoyed making different things. Also had other children wanting to join in at times so they were never bored when not sightseeing.
by helga
No. Perish the thought. When I was a young teenager I often babysat the child across the road. Weird when I look back as she had spina bifida. However, I was trusted and I looked after her well.
by Rice
Yes. I was a member of a babysitting club when the kids were little, so I did lots of babysitting. I look after my best friends daughter sometimes, so she can get things done.
Oh Yes!I have often babysat,since my teens when I would do it for some extra pocket money,and then later just to help friends out when they needed to do things without their children.I still often have the boys from next door over at my place. They LOVE coming here as I let them be creative with paints and crafty stuff!! We also read from my old children's books which are very amusing as they were often written a century ago!!! When I worked,I became very close to the family who I worked for and often would look after the children.We always had such fun together. They are both now delightful young adults.I don't have any grandchildren so I truly LOVE spending time with other people's kids.They are told from the very start though that I do NOT tolerate lies and dishonesty of any type,cruelty to animals.bullying and disrespect. Manners are essential in my house. I only once had to let a child know that he was no longer welcome in my home,and that was for swearing at his mother in MY lounge-room!!! He learnt a very hard lesson as he used to adore coming over here.That was very many years ago now,yet he has told my son recently how very sorry he still is for that day when they were both still schoolboys. Lesson learned!!! I had to stick to my guns with it,and I am very proud of myself for doing so.That was the ONLY time I ever had a situation so dramatic.As a rule,I never have any troubles at all with children. I guess that could be because I talk TO them,not AT them!!
Only a few times. I don't really enjoy it though so I stay out of it unless it's an emergency.
I din't have children of my own, but being the eldest female grand-daughter on my mum's side I've babysat all of my cousins.
Yes I have babysat other children than mine or my grandchildren. I babysat a baby for a week when her parents were married and another friend left her baby son with me for a couple of weeks at short notice. Nephew and niece for a week once. I take my responsibility very seriously and I am relieved when I can give the children back in one piece. I probably babysat as a teen a couple of times for money too. I have the attitude that nothing will harm the children on my watch.
Yes I sure have! One of my good friends is a mother of 5, so I have had one or two of her kids over at a time to play with mine while their parents do things with the other kids or just get some time out. We swap babysitting and our kids are good friends so this works well for us.
I used to babysit a school teachers daughter, who lived opposite us, & was about the age of my youngest daughter, before they started school. That all worked out well, but I made sure they were down for their afternoon nap, before my soap opera started! When we had out 1st granddaughter, who was only 2 at the time, I would fly from Sydney to Melbourne, staying for 3 weeks so her parents could attend the Melbourne Film Festival, day & night, going to see films when their jobs permitted, but mostly at night. My granddaughter would wave them goodbye, outside the front door, & a couple of hours later when she was going to bed, would always ask, "When will Mummy & Daddy be coming home?" I'd have to reply, "Oh, very soon" But they really weren't coming home for another 4 or so hours! They'd go out for drinks, if they met up with friends at the F.F. & talk about the films the'd just watched!
by Miro
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