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Have you ever attempted to roller skate?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: www.freestockphotos.biz

Have you ever attempted to roller skate, and could you do it?

Did you enjoy it?

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Top Answers
Yes, I have tried roller skating without much success -it was a long time ago, and although I used to ice skate every week, roller skating was for some reason not easy for me.

It would be fun if I were at an age where I would even be "game" to try it but nowadays I would have a problem getting up if I fell!
by Finy
I did try as a child,but was so utterly hopeless,that all I ended up managing,was entertaining my friends who all COULD skate well!! I used to enjoy ice skating,but not very often.My son is a brilliant roller-blader and also can ice skate.
I use to go with my older brother, he was amazing on skates....I had forgotten, till I saw this question.
Brings back a lot of good memories :)
Good way to exercise too....but sadly not as popular as it use to be.

I used to love roller skating as a kid. I was decent at it, but couldn't skate backwards or I'd lose my balance and fall. I also couldn't get too close to other people on skates because that would also set me off balance. So, now that I think more about it, maybe I wasn't really that decent at it. Oh well, at least I had fun!
No I have not.
I have ice skated quite a lot in the past though
by Fran
Oh yes, we all had skates when I was little. The rich kids had roller boots like the ones in your photo and the rest of us had the sort of skates that strap onto your shoes and expand as your feet grow..... I would have like the boots but just being able to swoop around with the skates was a lot of fun! There was a craze for roller disco birthday parties for a while as well :)
Yes I used to roller skate and rollerblade as a child
by AJ
I skate 7 hours a week on my roller derby team. It's great exercise and a fun way to connect with other women.
Sure, lots of times. Mostly when I was a kid. I think the last time I went skating was about seven years ago. I still have my old skates though, old school roller skates from the 80s, not roller blades.
Attempted - yes I like this word sums up the times that I have been.
Attempted as a child but failed miserably! with the amount of broken bones in my body I don't thing I would try roller skating or any other form of skating in a hurry:-)
When I was a 12yo!
Couldn't do it.
Didn't therefore enjoy it.
Had two sessions, & gave up, not my 'scene' obviously!
Continued horse-riding instead, much easier for ME!
I was 13-14 and two school friends had a joint birthday party that involved going to a skating rink. I was one of those uncoordinated ones who clung to the railing the whole time.
I used to roller skate at caloundra when I was a teen, I think the rink was called sun skate. I was never a brilliant skater but I enjoyed it immensly
I went to a roller skating rink in Leichhardt when I was 13 to learn to roller skate. During thefirst hour I fell on my bum, ended up with a headache and have a bad lower back nowadays and blame it on that one experience

Yes but I was hopeless at it, I kept losing my balance, so gave up trying, I seemed to be slightly better at Ice skating and have in my younger days tried Ice skating for more times.
I started roller skating again about 3 weeks ago,
I am 68 years old, and am enjoying it, I have my own skating boots, as I intend to keep it up, I am slowly getting used to it again as I used to skate regularly when I was a young girl in Southsea UK, but I use all the safety gear now, just to be on the safe side, But I love it

Good on you, bhamp! That was wonderful to read about your skating. I don't know when you wrote this, but I hope your still skating! Keep it up for s long as you can, you brave girl!
by Miro
As a child my little red and green skates were an extension of my feet. Oh, how I used to love whooshing down hills and round bends . . .we were so daring as kids. Then I grew up and bought some real skates and loved going to the rink . . . until one day, inevitably, I fell doing a mohawk turn, broke my coccyx and lost my nerve. I kept those skates for years thinking I might get back on them, but I think my nerve flew out the window with my flexibility.
by Rice
Yes, I was useless.
I then tried ice skating,
I managed to get around but still useless.
I guess you need the right coordination and balance.
I admire those who skate well.
I tried as a child but didn't do very well. Never mind.
I used to roller skate as a young at the local rink then at Southsea in England .Then gave it away.Got married ,had 2 children and now at the age of 69 have taken it back up again. OK there is always the danger of injury to old bones.But we only live once aye. Brenda (Keep rolling rolling rolling)

A school friend and I sneaked away from her parents and walked about 3 miles to get to the roller rink when on holidays with them at their shack. We had a great time until I fell heavily on my rear. I was in agony and we had that long walk back home again. She said I couldn't say anything about my pain as we'd be in trouble, so put up with it but believe this fall is the cause of back problems now I'm older.
Yes I have been rollerskating before, I found my self holding to the sides, and when I did topple over boy did it hurt, I was happy to take them off.
Only as a teenager, 2 or 3 times. I was hopeless at it really. I should have tried harder. Yes I did enjoy it, I think! No, I couldn't still do it now. That was 55 years ago!
by Miro
No, but, I have ice skated in my younger days.
Yes, I have tried rollerskating in my youthful days but was unsuccessful, I found myself either on the floor most of the times, or holding on to the rails.
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