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Have you ever attempted to make dough using yeast?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever made bread or something else, using yeast?

Did it turn out, and did it rise?

#Baking bread
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Top Answers
Yes, I have done it several times lately.
The first time it did not rise, and I put it under the air conditioner but the dog pinched it -think I have said this before! Luckily it didnt rise as it can kill a dog.

Next time I investigated about making bread in cold weather, and put the oven on very low and put it in with a glass of water, after turning off the oven.

I made a lovely fruit bread (see recipe Yum!

I also make my own pizza bases.
by Finy
I am laughing at this, Finy!! The mental image . . heehee . . my girl ran off with a huge piece of brie whilst we were outside . . . looked like a vampire had stuck his fangs in it.Oh, we laughed as it was totally our own fault . . but the look on her face was priceless when she was sprung.
by Rice
I cheat. I have a bread maker :( My mother used to make lots of yeasty things in England and her teacakes were regularly seen in the warm kitchen, under a clean white cloth, happily rising.
by Rice
Mine tooo
lovely memories weren't they. :)
by jonaja
Yes, lovely . . one can almost remember the smell . . . . and the bees buzzing, the net curtains twitching in the breeze, mother polishing the furniture . . .the everyday sights and sounds of a household not run by automation. *sigh*
by Rice
No, I've never done this. My wife on the other hand does it quite often. We actually don't buy bread anymore, we have it home made.
I have never made my own bread, so No, I can't recall ever making dough
I made some bread using beer once, but it's been ages, can't quite remember how that worked. My husband regularly makes bread with yeast. I love the smell while it's cooking.
Yes, it IS lovely
by Finy
I love making bread; I make it frequently, it is probably the best thing I can in baking. I like to make all sorts of different bread.
My mother made lots of bread when I was young,and she taught me how to do it too! I LOVE home made bread,apart from the fact that it is eaten so quickly after so much work has gone into making it!!! I used to make my own Fruit Buns EVERY Saturday morning and it was such a treat for my (ex-) hubby and son!
Mum also used to make the most scrumptious Bagels in all the world! Oh! How spoilt we were back then,and not a bit of technology in sight!!! Such a lot of hard work always reaped marvellous rewards!(My step-mum has owned a breadmaker for years and years,and I have not known 'bought' bread in that house for a good 25 years!!! Maybe I should get one of these as it is very difficult now for me to do any work with my hands and arms.) I never have had any problem with the dough rising when using yeast.I think the secret is to get GOOD QUALITY yeast to start with! I am actually now tempted to have another go at some bread making......
I've never made any bread. The closest I got to it, was being talked into buying a bread machine. Then we bought a 11k packet of flour, but we didn't get around to using it, & the tiny grubs got into it, so we had to throw it out of cause. I do remember my Mum making brown bread though. She'd have it rising outside the kitchen window, on the side of the lawn, with tea towels over the oblong tins. It rose! Lovely with cheese & tomato sauce!
by Miro
miro -home made bread is so nice and as someone said earlier, the smell while it is cooking, is delightful! what a shame...
by Finy
I met three ladies who worked for one of our biggest flour mills and they told me that all the sifting that goes on is purley to get the weevils etc out and has nothing to do with lightness in baking . . . that is just the line used. Apparently all flour, everywhere, has weevils, their eggs, or their poop in it at one point or another. Awful, I know. If we knew everything about our food, I suspect we would eat grass.
by Rice
(sorry, I meant "purely")
by Rice
absolutely! I've made bread, buns (including hot cross), rolls and often use a cinnamon scroll recipe which always receives rave reviews. I've used both types of yeast (the usual cake and dry) with success. Margaret Fulton has an excellent pizza recipe which was both more filling and tastier than the variety you buy. I find the whole process very rewarding and therapeutic.
Actually...just a bit more on my answer....where does my dough rise? In my little VW beetle car which sits in the sun. Works every time!
Heehee. Wonderful. . !!
by Rice
It was great, and worked out well.
Never, as it interests me not at all!
me too donjo, no interest. Can't even make a scone and…..my mother told me never to try making scones, that I need a light touch which I do not have. Too much stress in everything I do, so it seems.
by fran.
Oh! fran....also with purchased products being professionally made, why bother?
If one adds-up the cost, one's time in buying ingredients, lugging groceries, prep time, electricity, etc., I'm sure bought ones' are cheaper!
by donjo
I use to make bread and rolls with yeast when I was younger but I haven't got the patience anymore. I just use the breadmaker. My mum use to make the best parogies with a yeast pastry fulls of lean bacon and minced onions. The poor love no sooner had she put them on the table they vanished after all that hard work
I haven't tried this. Would like to though, but am afraid it will not turn out and time, effort, and resources will be wasted.
by Vee
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