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Have you ever argued over who should pay for something?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever argued over who should pay for something?

#Argue over money
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Top Answers
No; most of the time it is the other person who is with me. I'll ask 'are you sure?' because I am willing to pay, but they'll insist say 'yes', and I won't ask again. They had their chance; if they want to pay, that's their choice. If I am the one expected to pay, then I won't argue bout it, because I probably should be the one paying.
I don't even bother asking 'are you sure', as person has already made that decision, so I gracefully accept & give my thanks!
by donjo
I don't think I have actually argued about it but I have had a few times where I have insisted that I pay and the other person has argued that I won't pay -one friend in particular it gets a bit embarrassing as she will never let me pay and I have almost argued however would not at a public place.
by Finy
For some people(just a few), they have to be the one paying.
It is a form of power.......as nice as they are. :)
by jonaja
Only yesterday with a girlfriend....coffee and cake. She wanted to pay but I insisted we go dutch as though a lovely gesture we meet quite often and I like things to be clearcut, don't like the carry on every time....
by Fran
No! Arguing is so rude!! Usually I am able to simply pay if I wish to,as I would have made it clear,prior to the event, to whoever I am with that this is what I wish to do. However if someone has offered to take me out for a meal or morning tea,I can always accept this very graciously,as I know it is what THEY wish to do!
My neighbour and I usually take it in turns to pay for a pizza on a Tuesday if we decide to have one.This way,we both feel that we are doing something for each other. Wjhen I was younger,I was probably more adamant about wanting to pay for everything,but I had more money to spare back then!
No, it is usually predecided.
Just light hearted arguing with my Mum, who always wants to pay for our coffee - bless her!
Not a proper argument - but yes I have a lot back and forth when one person wants to pay
by AJ
Yes, with my mum and one of my friends. I always insist on paying and so do they. I feel for the person behind the register who always looks bewlidered.
by Vee
Never argued. It's almost always understood when we go out as a family. With friends, it's pre-arranged who will pay. Makes for a better experience, when there is no arguing involved.

When I have lunch with my friends, I sometimes want to be the one to pay....but, they always insist, they do.
I love them all, but I still would like to pay sometimes girls.

Mum and I always argue over who should pay - it's usually a light hearted race to see who can get to the counter first!
by Lucy
Occasionally. Although it's usually no big deal.
Good response… I do like to be the giver but sometimes have to be the taker as I am unemployed. However when I win Lotto, I will pay for all my friends! YAY...
by brigi
All the time over parking - me saying that I chose to drive so I should pay, them saying they should pay because I drove them...Never had to argue someone else should pay for something tho...
Argued over a bill? No. I find that quite tacky.
Many's the time, with one particular person! And it's a right pain in the proverbial to have to do so!
Eventually told that person I'd had enough, so don't have to worry anymore!

No, we never have, in 48years & 10 months tomorrow of being married. I always take money with me do do the family shopping, but my usually husband says, "No, I'll pay."
by Miro
Sometimes I do. My best friend always offers to pay for coffee and cake when we go out, and sometimes I will argue about it, but she won't take no for an answer. Also, if I am buying my husband a gift I want to pay for it. He shouldn't have to pay for his own present.
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