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Have you eaten oysters, and, do you like them?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay.com

Have you eaten oysters, and do you like them?

#Oysters naturelle
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Top Answers
That is all.
by Vee
I'm with you! (and where did you find my prom photo??!!)
by Rice
Love it ! If there was a triple headed caricature - it would be you, Rice Paper and me !
Hahaha! :-D :-D :-D
by Vee
Looks like same reaction as bloke in current TV advert for 'The Voice' (?)!
(Which apparently has gone viral!)
by donjo
I can't say that I've seen it, donjo.
by Vee
Yes, I love oysters.
Love them done anyway, raw, kilpatrick and even once had these. This place was a great discovery but unfortunately not near where I live.

I even buy oysters and have them at home sometimes.
by Finy
I love them!
I have not had any for some time, but then again I have stopped all fish and the like.
If I knew where they were from, (like local) then yes I would buy some.
I could only eat 6, but that's still a nice amount.
Not for everyone.
jonaj -i don't buy them often to take home as I can rarely get 6 -always only 12. I buy the Adelaide ones -beautiful but expensive -? Bay
by Finy
Oh! Finy, doesn't your Fishmonger have them available loose? All ours' do, & you can buy 1 or a 100!
The best are Coffin Bay, from South Australia. Much better than Sydney Rock ones, in taste, IMHO! Lol!
by donjo
Coffin Bay. That sounds a tad macabre.
by Vee
Good Grief!! Coffin Bay. :( what a name?
by jonaja
I don't like oysters
by AJ
I love them and I will eat them with or without dressing. Kilpatrick is my favourite way to eat them.
I have tried them and I don't like them at all!
I am extremely allergic to oysters,but even without this issue,I just cannot even like the idea of them at all!!!
I love seafood and fish, so it comes as a very big surprise from family and friends (and myself included) that I just can't stand the taste and texture of oysters. I think it's the texture (it's like a big piece of snot) that puts me off.
Annalisa - what a great description! Another reason for me not to try them.
by norma
I really want to like them but they're slimy and taste like sea water.
Oh! Annalisa, you're doing a disservice to the humble oyster by calling it 'that'. The mistake many people make is chewing them, which you're NOT supposed to do! They're a nutritious little salty bundle!
And yes, if they don't taste like sea water, don't eat them, as they'll possibly be 'off' & can make you very sick!
by donjo
Hahahaha I really really DO want to like them (you can't imagine my disappointment when I see so many people enjoy them) - it's oyster envy (but in a different way - or is that called FOMO) !

We should start an annual pilgrimage where regular contributors to this site meet up and have a long lunch (obviously limited to geography) but perhaps, we alternate states and venues each year. Just putting it out there !
Oh! Annalisa, that's a lovely idea!
We could have a 'Capital City AA (no, not the 12 step type) Co-ordinator'! Lol!
What laughs we all could have!
by donjo
L O V E them!
Enjoy them prepared anyway, but au naturel is my fave!

Usually buy either local, which are delish, or Coffin Bay, yummy, from my local fish shop.
Get 12, & really savour them!
Would like to get weekly, but on restricted income, that, sadly, isn't possible.
Yep Donjo
Au naturale but, at a pinch Kilpatrick. I love them and I could not estimate how many I could eat in one session. Once, when at the RACV Club in Melbourne, I managed 30. Nothing with them, nothing at all. AND I could have managed more, I was just too embarrassed to go back for more. That was Christmas lunch. I didn't eat anything else but the oysters and everyone else at the family table was pretty disgusted with me. But by 6 p.m. I had a slice of Christmas pudding with brandy butter, but the others couldn't manage anything else at all. I think an oyster might = 10 calories. So if you add up the calories, i barely ate anything at all on Christmas day. One of life's little luxuries.
by fran.
Oh! fran, what you ate was probably more healthy than what they did! Anyway, really none of their business what you'd prefer to eat! If there was no sign 'limit: 1dozen', & they were on a table for the taking, that's it!
My 'record' was at an Army function was 48, plus prawns! I was just so craving for seafood at the time, I sure went for it! It was just beautifully fresh, & irresistible! Cheers!
by donjo
No, and I wouldn't want to. Have been told they are pretty slimy. Either way I don't like the look of them and wouldn't eat them.
Oh! norma, if they're fresh, they're not slimy!
Really cold, with a very light film of seawater covering them, to keep them moist, is the way they're served at top-notch Restaurants, as Natural, with lemon wedge, maybe seafood sauce, & always small amount of brown buttered bread!
Why not give one a go? Don't chew, though!
by donjo
I love them natural with a squeeze of lemon and home made seafood dressing. I also enjoy them as bloody mary shots which I had in the Hunter Valley years ago. As a matter of fact, I had a dozen with balmain bugs and tiger prawns last night for dinner just because I passed a seafood shop and decided that was dinner.
Oh! helga, 10 points to you! Hope you enjoyed ALL! What a beautiful Dinner! I hope you had a beautiful, cold Aussie White Wine to drink with your meal! Lol!
by donjo
Yes Donjo I certainly had a well chilled Reisling to go with it. I'm just in seafood mode at the moment. I feel a seafood buffet comin on😊
by helga
May I join you, please? Lol!😊
by donjo
Yes, I have eaten oysters. Do I like them? Well, it is an acquired taste. I presume it slowly grows on you. Generally I stop after 3-4, I neither like them, nor dislike.
I love oysters! The best way to describe the feeling...it's like eating the sea!
Have I tried them? yes. Did I like them? NO. Would I ever eat them again? No even if you paid me!
No, I'm always scared that I'll swallow the pearl!
Oops! nearly choked on my Cornflakes! Lol!
That is gold!
by donjo
Yes I like them anyway too and my local supermarket is selling them fresh from tasmania, yum! And a reasonable price wow! You know they have a reputation for being an aphrodisiac :)
Yes I like them, but can only eat 3 or 4 at a seating. I only have them once a year, at The Star Xmas buffet lunch with 2 friends.
by Miro
Yes I have and OMG no I did not! My best description is it was like a piece of dirty old kitchen sponge soaked in salt water. Just gross.
Yes I have had oysters and like them. I usually have them natural . I have recently been changing to more plant based diet, so I don't know if I will every eat them again. We used to eat beautiful Tasmanian oysters.
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