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Have you eaten edamame?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you eaten edamame?

#Soy beans
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Top Answers
No I haven't.
May have to try this spring!...Always looking for new foods.
These are delicious!
Eat them spreading butter over them and microwaving, or I just eat them with no butter.
They go well in many dishes and I cannot describe the taste - they look like a pea but are not and are now readily available.
by Finy
Yes. I enjoy them.
I absolutely love edamame peas. A popular side dish in Japanese and East Asian meals, I always order some when they're on the menu - usually at a Japanese or sushi restaurant.

They're mild, yet slightly sweet and almost tangy little peas. They're typically served with dipping soy sauce and generously dusted in sea salt. I'm a huge fan.
they are actually soy beans, and not peas...
by Finy
In the UK we call them edamame peas/beans.
Tasty little buggers either way!
They look like sugar snap peas...are they sugar snap peas? Otherwise, no.
by Vee
No Vee - they are actually called "soy beans"! Try them - they are delicious....
by Finy
I am wary of soy products, Finy. But, if I find them I will give them a go.
by Vee
but they are natural and don't quite know why they are soy! it is the parts they use from the soy (the waste) to make a lot of soy products I think.....these are a vegetable and pure, if i can use that word.
by Finy
Yes, I'm just worried about where they come from and if rainforests have had to be cleared. I really should look into it. I'm working on assumptions here.
by Vee
What do you mean why they are soy, Finy? They are the raw material that tofu is made of when processed, like wheat is to flour.

Vee they grown in a lot of places, but most are produced in the Americas. Apparently they were found growing wild in Australia in the 1700s, which surprised me.

That is surprising, Jennifer. I would be interested to know whereabouts they were found and whether they are grown commercially here.
by Vee
No. I haven't
Yeah! i first came across them 3 years ago at a Japanese restaurant, i was at first a bit hesitant but now i order them every time!
Yum. Yes, lovely little things.
by Rice
How do you prepare yours? Can they be eaten in a salad.

by janet
I eat them very lightly steamed or raw and yes, I put them in salads :-)
by Rice
I do the same Rice!!
by Finy
No, and I am very curious to try it.
No, i haven't, but, I plan on trying them.
No. I haven't heard of them before. Do you eat the outer shell as well as the beans/peas?
No I do not. I believe you can or rather I read you can somewhere but it is like a fresh pea shell which i would not eat.
by Finy
Oh! Finy......I love 'snow peas', & eat their outer 'shell'! Love them steamed! Yummy!
by donjo
Thanks. I must try them. I love peas and beans. I think I will try the shell. They sound yum. I haven't seen them in the shops ever.
by annfi
Usually they are served in the shells and you just pop the beans out to eat them. Very tasty when fresh and hot.
No, I'll stay with snow peas', & normal beans!
P.S. I do enjoy okra, steamed!
by donjo
Oh! I simply MUST try okra. I have been going to for ages. I know it is a staple in some countries and seems very popular . . .and I do so love veges.
by Rice
Oh! Rice, I do hope you enjoy it! It's a taste like no other, & like all veggies', good for you! Cheers!
by donjo
I have actually just come across the crunchy snack style ones in packets like nuts or chips!!! Yum!!
I would think that they contain plant sterols,(as do oats and many soy products) which help to reduce bad cholesterol! I think that being able to access these wonderful items more easily now is a huge bonus to all of us who have allergies and food problems. I have been able to replace many of the foods which affect me adversely with very interesting and delicious items! The butter and microwave method is so easy and scrumptious!!!
My daughter gave me a packet of them from her freezer, when she moved to Melbourne. I just throw them into my freezer, without reading the cooking instructions on them. I'd never seen nor heard of them before.
by Miro
No I've never heard of it until now. Is it a new wonder food maybe
I have tried them! can get them in Chinese shops..and yes they are good

Have seen pkts of frozen ones in the supermarket but they are a product of China & so haven't bought them. Also seen them as a snack in pkts, also from China & haven't bought them either for that reason. I know they are the raw soy bean & much is made from them. If I could find a supplier of the fresh product I'd certainly try.
The ones I buy are always Japanese
by Finy
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