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Have you climbed or seen Ayers Rock?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org

Have you ever climbed Ayers Rock, or been to see it?

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Top Answers
No I have not been there - have flown over it but not actually seen it.

As I am now to old to climb it, I probably will not get to see it and it is not really something on my bucket list, though previously I had wanted to see it.
by Finy
Seeing Ayers Rock certainly IS on the bucket list for me. I have never been to the Northern Territory, but would love to go. I think it is pretty important to see your own country, as well as going overseas. My husband and I are talking about going to the Northern Territory, possibly on the Ghan in a few years. We have a few trips planned before then. I haven't climbed Ayers Rock because it is illegal to do so. This is Aboriginal sacred ground. When I do go, I will just admire it from ground level !!
I thought there was still a track that people could climb?
by Finy
Oh! Lluxi.....it's not ILLEGAL to climb it! The locals' make MONEY out of tourists' climbing it, & they're not about to stop doing that, as it funds their 'lifestyle', so to speak.
They've NO 'legal power' to enforce people not to climb it!
by donjo
Sorry. I thought it was made illegal by the government of this country. Obviously I'm wrong.
by Lluxi
It's not illegal, but they ask people not to, out of respect.
Even if there is, I just would not do it, as it is going against the wishes of the traditional land owners, and I respect them.
No to both. Maybe one day. Like Lluxi, I would just admire it from the ground out of respect for the culture of the people.
by Rice
Climbing up a rock isn't something I particularly find to be enticing. Thus, even though Iv'e never seen Ayer's Rock It would still be unlikely that I'd ever climb it, on discovery.
I haven't seen it called this in years LOL I prefer the name Uluru, because it honours the traditional land owners. I'm trying to learn to say Kunanyi instead of Mt Wellington down here too!

I haven't climbed it, I thought they stopped letting you climb it some years ago? Would I climb it? If I was permitted to, yes. Otherwise I'd be happy to admire the view from the ground!
I would love to see it and climb it. What a wondrous sight it would be!
by Vee
If it was. Now I would respect the cultural and environment aspect. But I have climbed Ayres rock when it was aloud and now feel verty privileged and a great experience it is one experience I will treasure forever now
Have flown around it, in a DC-3, piloted by NT's first qualified female Pilot. That is the best way to see it, & to be impressed by its' size.

The Geology interests me more than anything.
Through those processes', over Millenia, it's actually on its' 'side'! There's an absolutely huge amount of it underground, comparable to the nature of an iceberg.
The Rock is composed of Arkose, so too, are the 'Olgas', not that far away from there.

For safety reasons', I didn't climb it, but hubby did, & said it's very scary traversing the part with NO chain to hold on to!

We were there in 1979, having travelled to 'The Alice' on the 'Old Ghan'.
We've since been on the 'New Ghan', to there.
Both trains' were a fabulous experience!

You very lucky person Donjo, having flown around Uluru! What a wonderful experience that must have been! I've only travelled on the old Guan, in ''75, from Alice Springs to Oodnadatta!
by Miro
seen yes. I respected the locals request and did not climb
It's actually called Uluru now, the name given to it by the traditional owners of the land. I hear they request that people not climb it, so personally I wouldn't because I think that's kind of like trespassing in a church or other place that is sacred or special to someone else's culture. I hear it's very beautiful to look at though. I might go and see it one day.
'Trespass in a church'???
If door is open, you're not!
What an odd thing to say!
by donjo
Obviously I didn't mean if the door was open and visitors were invited. That would not be trespass. Entering a sacred space when you are requested not to is trespass.
Church's I attend have their doors' open during the day.
There's no need for an invitation!

I was fortunate to attend a School which had one of THE most beautiful Chapel's, & was visited by me, & other students' thrice daily, before, & after School, & during the 'Big Lunch'.
by donjo
When I was 15,we did a truly incredible and also educational trip by coach,with school, which included so many marvellous and magical places.Ayers Rock,now refferred to as Uluru, was the highlight of the trip for me,though I did enjoy The Olgas and also Cooper Pedy.The 5 mile walk around the base of 'Uluru',which even allowed us into many spectacular caves, was so memorable and I will never forget it as long as I live.It was a genuine privilege to see such treasured aspects of extremely early aboriginal ancestors
and I am one of the especially lucky ones to have done this,as well as climb even PART WAY up this monument which means so much to ALL Australians. I was in total awe the entire time we were within the lands which now have been returned to its rightful owners.We had wonderful indigenous guides even then, explaining all the various landmarks,as well as the legends and meanings behind the artwork and symbolism which was to be so easily seen and accessed back then. I am humbled to know that I have been 'up close and personal' to such a phenomenally important place while under the guidance of those who respect,know and understand it so perfectly.I learned so much about Aboriginal Culture from that journey,and though I do feel it is a pity that it is not as completely accessible as it used to be, I also fully comprehend the whys and wherefores behind these rulings.It makes MY visit all that much more precious to me. The other aspect of this stupendous place is how the colours appear to change during both Dawn and Dusk.Until we have actually seen this for ourselves,no record on film of it can fully prepare us for the spirituality as well as the immense beauty and peace to be found here.
No I have never seen it. Im not very good at climbing so I would have probably just looked at it. I would like to see it change color though when the sun sets. That fascinates me more.
Yes, I have been there, 20 or so years ago. It was immense & an awe- inspiring place up close! But it had (to me) an infinite spirituality I could sense deeply & will never forget. Climb such a deeply spiritual place? I couldn't have done it if my life depended on it. We walked almost all the way around the base except for the prohibitive area of special cultural significance. Magnificent, wondrous place & one which should be a "compulsory visit" to Aussies. Go.
Yes I have been to Uluru,the forst year of marriage,I tried to climb it but couldn't,I did enjoy my time there even tho temperature reached 40degrees,it is a really dry heat and it was New Years, and also the place was very expensive,so we used to shop at the supermarket and that was over 20 years ago it would be even more expensive now,and we stayed in the backpackers quarters.
I'd love to visit Uluru & walk around the whole rock. I believe it's 7k's, & I'd love to see it, at dawn & at sunset. I hope this will happen...1 day!!!
by Miro
Been twice now but each time it's been too windy/wet or whatever and they had closed it. Really, really annoyed that I didn't have the chance to climb it. Would love to have one more chance before they close it forever (Oct. 2019), but it's SO expensive to go there.
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