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Have you been to the US and if not, would you like to go?

by Finy (follow)
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have,you,ever,been,to,U.S, and,would,you,like,to,go
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Have you ever been to the United States, and if not, would you like to?

If you have, what did you think of it?

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Top Answers
I used to travel to the US on business when I had my own importing business.

Eventually we went there for holidays as we loved it -love New York but mostly it is the countryside, canyons, San Francisco that I love.

Through being a collector I also met about 5 people online that I went on to visit and stay with and they are all so friendly.

Yes, I love America for a holiday.
by Finy
I have not been to America,though now having some very special on-line friends in various regions over there,I think it would be a delight to go and see some of this amazing continent
I have been there twice. Once to New York and once to Dallas. I would really like to see more of it. I enjoyed both trips while I was there
by AJ
I went once for studies. It was good,I went to New York.
by Gia
I've never been to the US. At this point, I'm only interested in visiting some of my relatives that live there, then come back home.
My husband and I went to LA and then Hawaii on our honeymoon. It was a long time ago. I would not go again. I want now to see as much of Australia as I can.
I'm not hugely keen on going overseas and if I were going to I don't think the US would make my list of places to go. Just not my cup of tea.
I haven't been. I wouldn't mind going, but it isn't high on my list of 'Must see places'.
by Vee
Yes, many times. I used to live there for 6 years. Have traveled a fair bit around US. Love New York. Hate the weather.
I love America.
I hve been to Hawaii and New York in the past, all too commercialised for my liking really
by fran
I have been 3 times.

First time I was blown away, so different from Australia.
Second & Third time....still very much a very different place to get use too.

The shopping is a great deal of fun, and the people are very nice.
But not really into people also trying to take my life!....and not just once too!!!

Dangerous to live there, for me.
Yes have been to America twice to California spent most of my time in Los Angeles and Santa Rosa, San Francisco very beautiful place lots to see and do.Will go back but to a different state.
Yes I've been. Did the whole tourist thing - Disneyland, saw things from the movies like black and white police cars and Forrest Gump school buses. Loved Seattle. Lake Michigan is huge. Hawaii was great but I think our beaches here in Aus are better.
I haven't been to the USA. I would be interested in going but there are other countries that rate higher on my list.
The US sounds like such an interesting country with such diverse cultures, regions and environments. If I had enough time and money I'd like to do a tour of the US to explore and discover interesting people and places.
Yes, a few times!
Loved it!
Would go there again, at a moment's notice!
Would love to do a big Tour, seeing all that I haven't seen so far & that's a lot!
No and i have no intention of going. There is so much to see and do in this lovely country of ours why go anywhere else? The only thing that tempts me to go overseas is that it is cheaper than holidaying in Australia.
Yes - every 18 months or so. Have been there approx 20 times. Have a sister in Seattle - scenery gorgeous there. Mt. Rainier dominates the landscape. She also lived in California so have been there many times too. Loved Santa Barbara and the gorgeous Mission they have there. Very Mexican feel to the place. Solvang also a lovely little town. Following the Big Sur there are some beautiful little towns all the way up the coast of California. Been to Oklahoma which disappointed a bit - very flat.
Seattle - I spent a day there . . . went to the Boeing factory. Loved that and wished I had seen more of Seattle itself. We were actually touring Canada and popped over the border for Boeing. Mistaaaaaake . . it was September 11th anniversary!! The US border guards nearly shot us. Thankfully the boss guy had been to Perth. It was very scary. They were so antsy that they misread our travel papers. The boss guy tore them a new one. *phew*
by Rice
Seattle is a gorgeous place Rice - have been there countless times. As staying with family they knew all the places to take a visitor so have done most of it. Downside is the weather is absolutely crap (rain, rain and more rain). I have had similar experiences on the US border crossing outside Vancouvr when coming/going to and from Canada. You can't get more paranoid than the Yanks!
by norma
Yes. A few years ago I went with my youngest daughter and her 9 and 11 year old children to Disneyland. I had never wanted to visit previously so suggested I go along to watch their bags while they were on the rides. I had a ball. We met fantastic locals and booked all our activities on line here before we left. We went as far as San Diego, did the tourist things, a Dodgers game and travelled by public transport (even train and bus to Santa Monica). The transport was really cheap and when people realised we were Australian, we never went short of conversation as people wanted to learn more about our country and the cost of living, etc. I would go again. I also found the country to be very clean with all rest rooms very well attended to. The food servings were big but the only down side was no vegetables served with meals except for one restaurant, Mimis, opposite our hotel. Fantastic 3 course meals and so cheap.
No I have not been to the United States, but I would love to go and visit there. May be one day!
I've never been to the US, but I would love to go to visit a friend in LA, go to Nashville and sing at the Bluebird Cafe and see the Grand Ol Opry and would love to see some Jazz in New Orleans!
Yes but only as a stopover for refuelling - LA and also Hawaii.
I would like to go to Las Vegas and or New York where I have a cousin.
Yes, we've been few times. We took our very little daughters back in '77 to Hawaii, when the tiny zoo only cost $3.50 to go in, & you could see everything in 20 mins, it was so small! Since then, we've picked up cruises from different US ports, ended cruises in various US ports, then had a few nights before or after a cruise somewhere. After our 2nd Alaskan cruise, we flew to NY & spent 3 weeks with a friends daughter who was working over there. We've been to San Diego, where we picked up our very 1st cruise, called into Seattle twice, LA, Los Vegas twice, San Francisco twice, Austin, Midway. I've also been to Boston for a wedding, & NY 2 other times. On our last cruise, we called into 4 Hawaiian islands. I can't think off hand where else in the US we've too. My husband went on his own once, years ago, & 1 day before returning to Au, he was leaving the motel restaurant, when he saw 2 thieves taking his suitcase from the boot of his hire car! (It was locked!) When he arrived back in Sydney, with only an overnight bag, he was questioned for about an hr, as the customs officers thought he must be a drug carrier, because he didn't have any luggage!
by Miro
I haven't been to the US, but we are going to Canada and the US next year, so I am looking forward to that.
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