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Have you been to Bali recently?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you been to Bali lately?

Did you, or do you like Bali as a holiday destination?

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Top Answers
No I have not been to Bali for about 14 years.
I do not like Bali particularly as do not like humid weather.
Last time I went to club Med and I enjoyed that because I love eating and I could eat to my heart's content.
However Bali as a place to holiday, boring - cannot even swim in the ocean, and it is one of the few places I have been to that I am in no hurry to go back - only thing good about it is it is close to WA and cheap.
by Finy
No, I haven't been recently. The 1st & last time was in Jan '95 when I went backpacking with my 2 daughters for 3 weeks. The home-stays were $3 a night each, with a breakfast of banana pancakes & a coffee. Ah, the simple life. No hotels for us! If fact I don't even think they had hotels back then!!! It was one off my best o/s holidays.(And I've had many!)! Both my daughters have now been twice. The eldest daughter took her partner & their 3 year old, over to Bali for a 3 week holiday 4 years ago, & my husband went over in '99 with our youngest daughter. My husband & I are now due to go over for a nephews wedding, in August '17. I don't know how long we'll be staying as yet. I've got my sarongs ready! In '95 I also took 4 packs of 10 mossy coils, but I don't think there are any more homes-stays these days, so I won't need the mossy coils this time!
by Miro
My nephew & partner have been living in Bali for about 2 years now, & have no complains about it. They have their own expensive leather handbag business there. Now i've re-read all these comments, I'm getting scared about going over to the wedding! I think we'll make this our last Bali experience! (Although the couple across the road from us, in their late 60's, have been over there about 10 times, & have many friends there.) No-one tried to sell us drugs in '95.
by Miro
The wedding in Bali was beautiful. We had the 1st 6 days in Canggu, where the wedding was held, in the grounds of a beautiful hotel, & where the wedding party (not us!) stayed for a couple of days before the wedding, then we moved up to Ubud for 6 days, to check out the home stay I'd stayed in, in '95 near Monkey Forest Rd. I nearly cried when we discovered it's how not there now, but where it was is now behind a couple of little temples, a restaurant & a massage room. Back then was a huge market place which was lovely to walk around in looking at all the fruits & vegetables. Now it's a 2 story restaurant. It's very crowded now, with tourists. We are hoping to go back in '18, but only to Canggu which is more 'laid back' & quieter. No one tried to sell us drugs or tried to rob us! Everyone was friendly. We found a lovely Cuban cafe on the ground floor of an expensive looking hotel, & the lattes were wonderful! Looking forward to returning there! (To the cafe,) not staying at the hotel, which would be out of our price! We go for cheap!!!
by Miro
I would never go there. I much prefer Fiji as a holiday destination close to Australia. It is clean, beautiful, people are lovely and there is very little crime. You cant say any of those things about Bali .
the people are lovely, and some people who go there constantly, would argue! If you havent been, how do you know though?
by Finy
My ex m-i-l said the exact opposite about Fiji. I would like to go one day for a look.
by Rice
Not interested. Have heard some real horror stories. Have been to Fiji for two weeks. Was beautiful
by Lluxi
Just about everyone I know who has been there, they ALL said that they would NEVER be back, and gave some pretty compelling reasons why. I have no interest in going EVER, no matter what anyone says.
by Lluxi
Lluxi - that is narrow minded! Just about everyone I know loves it - apart from me! It is as I think AJ said - not my kind of thing as I get bored just sitting round a pool....but to categorically dismiss such a popular holiday destination, is, I find very unusual
by Finy
You want to pay for a weeks holiday for me, so that, Heaven forbid, I might change my mind??? I'll be waiting by my mailbox Finy. I thought Answer Angels was a site that encouraged different opinions, not tried to change those opinions, and not showing respect for everyone's different opinions ( right or wrong). We should champion different opinions. We are not, and never will be the same ( thank goodness)
by Lluxi
I have never been and I honestly would have no interest in going there.
by Rice
I think my biggest fear of Bali and such places is getting sick (which I admit is fairly daft given that my doctor would innoculate me against everything possible) and the (even larger than we have here) creepy crawlies. I would probably like to see the temples and things, I suppose, but the sea and the swimming pools are not for me so I think I would be more of a Europe kind of girl - castles, churches, history etc. My brother has been to the Philippines twice and says it is very basic and another friend said the same about Vietnam. In both cases they loved the trip in general but found it hard to live under the same conditions as the people who live there and have a simpler lifestyle.
by Rice
I think Australia is renown for the creepy crawlies - I dont think I ever saw much in Bali in an air conditioned room! And yes, once thing i dont like is that I get a tummy upset there, but then again I get that anywhere other than Perth!
by Finy
You are probably braver then me, Finy . . . if I saw a huge spider between me and the door, I would jump out the window.
by Rice
Never have and probably never will.
(i think you have the best of it right where you are ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ )
by Rice
No I haven't
No I wouldn't

Don't like the vibe.
(not meaning the people) just the visitors.
We went there in Nov 2016. That was our second time in Bali. I must say I'm not the biggest fan of Bali. The people are so lovely there but I just find it a pretty boring place to go. I don't like just sitting around a pool and having cocktails.
by AJ
Bali has never held any interest for me at all. I'd far prefer to go and visit some of the historical regions in Europe, if I was to travel outside Australia again.
Bali, to me, if just a close cheap holiday and I would not compare it to Europe and the sights there - totally different type of holiday..
by Finy
Aaaah, Finy!!! This is EXACTLY why I am not interested in going to Bali......
I am more keen on exploring and discovering the historical icons in Europe(and also Great Britain), without having to buy lots of bits and bobs at any price, than going on a trip to Bali where the climate is similar to where I live, but even more humid!! Even when I was younger, it never tempted me!
Most likely I WOULD like it if I DID go, but it isn't in my mindset at all!!
by Jules
I've never been and don't want to. I don't support the government and their disregard for human life and the sleazy lifestyle some promote. I do know people who go every year and love it but getting drunk and night clubbing isn't my scene.
I haven't ever been to Bali and don't think I ever will. Some people I know have been there and enjoyed it.
Ive been there and I will not return as I was contiuously hassled into buying not only their wears but drugs also. Im in my 60s they just didnt understand the word NO. I was with my nephew who has a mental illness brought on by drugs and I cringe to think of what he would have done if I was not there.Too corrupted and very eager to get visitors in trouble with the law.
Nat, what place in Bali were you & your nephew visiting, when they drug sellers 'pounced' on you? How scary. I'd always imagined they'd be hanging around Kuta.
by Miro
Whilst I've never been to Bali, if I had to choose between Bali and Thailand, I think I would choose Thailand.
Diana, I've also been to Thailand, but I liked Bali a lot better. It doesn't have the awful sweaty heat that Thailand has, & we find it a lot laid back that Thailand. I wouldn't bother retuning to Thailand, but I'd love to return to Bali every year. A retired couple from our little street we live in, go to Bali & meet friends over there. They've been to Bali about 10 times now.
by Miro
Sadly I've never been overseas, hopefully one day I will have the opportunity and the finance.
No, I've never been to Bali at all, I'm not sure if it would be at the top of my list to visit, I would rather go to Egypt.
I've travelled the world, but I wouldn't go to Bali if you paid me!! And if you're Australian you'll understand my drift if I say "Am I ever going to see your face again?" No way.... :)
Why would you not like to go to Bali, Poppy? I've been there twice now, & I just love the place! I'm hoping we'll return to Bali again next year. Did you read my above emails about how wonderful Bali is?
by Miro
No, no & no! This country scares the...daylights out of me. NOT going to somewhere where they'll hang you for having an aspirin - especially when they have more than likely planted something on you so they can try to extort money from you. And don't start me on all the diseases/sickness people are always picking up! You could give me first class plane tickets and put me in the penthouse suite of the finest hotel and I still wouldn't go!
by poppy
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