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Have you been to a cat cafe?

by Carolyn Hopping (follow)
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cat cafe
Image courtesy of sprklg / Wikimedia Commons

Over the last few years cat cafes have been established in several of Australia's largest cities and are becoming a popular spot for animal lovers who haven't the space or time for their own pets. Have you ever heard of cat cafes? Have you ever visited one - either in Australia or overseas?

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Top Answers
No, but zip wish someone would open a rabbit cafe.
. . . *sob* I miss rabbits. We had so many in England. On Guy Fawkes we always brought them into the kitchen so they would not be frightened. They were so cuddly wuddly.
by Rice
Are there not many domestic rabbits in Australia? Aren't wild ones considered a pest and a foreign invader in Australisa?
I am in Queensland and we are not allowed to have them :((( This is the state where the rabbit fence keeps them out. They even gave them Myxomatosis to try and kill them off. When I went back for a holiday a few years ago I hugged every rabbit from Cornwall to Scotland and Wales and back. And hamsters!!
by Rice
How horrible! That's awful. I know measure need to be taken to stop invasive species, but is just animal cruelty. I could never live anywhere with a bunny ban.
What a great idea.
I do hope it's not too expensive, as it would be a great place to take a child who also loves cats... but can't have one.

I have seen it on t.v. as something that started (maybe) in Japan?

Great idea :)
A little dear . . but if people can't have a cat in a unit etc . . . . well, it's less than lunch out or a couple of cups of coffee . . .and FAR less than cigarettes.
by Rice
I haven't heard of one, but I have heard of one for dogs. I have no idea where they are located here in Melbourne. I have two cats of my own, so no need to go to one.
I haven't. They are mad for them in Japan and I believe we now have one in Brisbane. Some of the cats are adoptable and you may not pick them up unless they come to you first.
by Rice
Oh! Rice, yes on Musgrave Tce.
by donjo
I just went past one today, but apparently you have to book in advance rather than just walk in, so I haven't been. I'm not really a cat person, thought I don't dislike them. I think I'd want to know more about how the cats are treated and make sure it's not cruel first.
The one in Melb. has just moved location and is still not yet officially open but I follow them on Facebook and see regular photos of the cats exploring the new place.
I did go with a group to the old location a few months back and they're treated well, with us being told if a cat (or few) are sleeping somewhere, leave them alone.
There were some that we just patted and others in the corridor upstairs at the old place, looking for some attention.
by amanda
No, as I've my own very spoilt Siamese cat!

I think cat cafes' are the most marvellous idea.

It's a two-way street.
Those folk who can't have a cat, for whatever reason, get to pet them, & the cats' get affection, which they normally wouldn't.

Win-win, I think!
Definitely!!! Yay for cat cafes.
by Rice
I'm intending to go to the one in Sydney. I'd love to take one of my young grandsons who loves cats but isn't allowed to have one because his mum is allergic to them. Unfortunately when he visits me, my cat hides from everyone as she's very timid and doesn't like noise or sudden movements. He's even told his pre school class he has a cat (it's a fluffy toy one that meows) and he'd smother one with love if he had one so I think a visit to the cat cafe would be something he'd enjoy.
My son in law loves cats and has always had cats. . . then a few years ago he suddenly developed an allergy so they have been catless since :( They have a beautiful dog to love though :-))
by Rice
Hi Rice. That is exactly what happened with my daughter. We've always had cats so she grew up with them in the house then one day we were visiting friends whose cat had had kittens and she suddenly developed breathing problems, her face came out in red blotches, her nose started running and her eyes almost completely closed. Even now when she visits she won't get close to the cat's bedding but has no fear of the cat approaching her as she hides from all visitors
by helga
Funny old world, where we can suddenly develop allergies. If I had to give up an an animal species . . . well, I just can't imagine, I love them all so.
by Rice
I didn't realise we had these here. Last I heard, they were only in Japan. I haven't been to one, but I think it would be fun to visit one seeing as the MOTH has "put his foot down" - we won't be getting another cat because his quality of life has improved markedly since our former cat's disappearance. The MOTH is allergic to cats.
by Vee
They've just opened one in Hobart! Although I love the idea and I love cats, I'm allergic to some of them ..... I might have to give it a miss. Fortunately I'm not allergic to my own cat!
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