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Have you been acquainted with anyone on drugs?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you known anyone on illegal drugs?

How did it affect their lives?

#Illegal drugs
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Top Answers
I have actually not known anyone directly however a good friend had a daughter on drugs and another a son and I heard the stories.

Their personality changes completely and what amazed me was that they both stole things from their parents.

As I have never tried ANY illegal drugs (I would likely get addicted easily!) I cannot even relate to people doing this sort of thing.

It is very sad however, the amount of people who die from overdoses, or who lead awful lives because of drugs.
by Finy
Sadly I have many years ago.
3 people close to me, and it was earth shattering to see the effects.

One died from an overdose, and the other two went on to lead good lives.For that I am very grateful.They walked away, and that takes courage and a great deal of strength.

For that I am forever grateful, believe me.
I have never taken drugs, so for me it was quite alien to understand . I found that so many people do drugs.Big wake up many years ago for me.

I have to say I still can not get my head around 'why' people want to cause this much damage to their lives, I just don't get it.
I don't imagine messing their lives up is the goal. More like they don't think the possible negative consequences are likely, or they think the positives outweigh them.
And I should have said to begin with, I am sorry you lost people you cared about. That must have been very hard.
Thanks Jennifer.....I'm just glad to have my two eldest sons back in the game of life, and leading productive lives many years later. :)
by jonaja
Addiction is a terrible thing. It leads the users and their loved ones down a perilous path. Some users ultimately pay with their lives. I have known a few persons and they have just wasted away. Awful
by Gia
Of course. I bet just about everyone knows someone who uses/has used illegal drugs at some point, whether they know about it or not. I once met someone who showed up to a job interview while high (they did not get hired) and others whose lives were more or less unaffected by occasional marijuana use.
Unfortunately I saw a lot of drug use back in the 70's when I was at Art School. As I have never even smoked a normal cigarette,this was totally alien to me.I never understood why they felt the need to use any of these dangerous substances. I had also seen awful things happen to people from their use of drugs which the doctor had prescribed and so have been about as anti-drugs as it is possible to be from a young age!
When I was just 16 ,I went to visit a very close (and I DO mean VERY close) friend who was in the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Melbourne when she had hepatitis after using a dirty needle for heroin. I had to scrub up,then wear a special overall,and mask before entering the ward.If this was not bad enough, the sight of this once exceedingly beautiful girl who had done modelling from age 14,with her eyes totally yellow and her skin a disgusting tone from the Jaundice;plus her once gorgeous blonde locks a matted filthy mess as well,was more than enough to break my heart. I have never,in over 40 years,forgotten that sight. Then I had to go through the whole scrubbing exercise again when ready to leave. This amazingly intelligent and talented girl never returned to her normal life, and it is such an earth-shattering waste.which totally destroyed her loving family,no matter how hard they tried to help her.
I have known many others who have used all types of illicit drugs from Marijuana through to speed,narcotics and anything else you can think of. Some of them got clean and have never gone back to the drugs which nearly killed them,while others have ended up in jail,in homeless shelters,and in all situations in between. I need very 'dangerous' medication for my rare illness,so I have always been very aware to keep it where no one would dream to look for it. I also never let anyone know about this situation,especially when my son was young and his friends would visit. Fortunately, my son,like me before him, only saw the bad side effects of any medications and so drugs were of no interest to him at all. I feel truly blessed about this,and wish that more young adults had the same attitude. Drugs are so easy to get hold of anywhere at all these days, and with the high disposable income which so many people have,they are no longer even considered to be expensive.Many are even called 'Party' drugs which implies that they are just a bit of fun when in reality they are anything but! Like Finy,I am horrified at the way addicts actually will steal from their family members to get money to feed their addictions.
I find stealing such alien behaviour at any time, but to steal from family is beyond the pale,in my opinion.
We have to remember that even so-called harmless prescription drugs are also very dangerous in the hands of addictive people. I actually managed to talk a friend of mine who was addicted to prescription painkillers to get into rehab. It took six weeks of what she later told me was the most horrific time of her life due to the withdrawal symptoms,but when she came back home she was a whole new person,and I really admire her determination to get clean.She has remained so ever since,but always is aware of how very easy it would be to slip backwards.She would 'Doctor shop' for her medication,which I had only thought was something to be heard about on American TV shows. Apparently it is very simple to do,and happens a huge amount here in Australia,as well. When my friend came clean to me about her addiction and told me how many of these pills she would 'drink' each morning with her coffee,(and then again with lunch and at night!)I burst into tears,and it was this reaction apparently which struck a real chord with her and made her very aware of how dangerous her behaviour was. Thank heavens she responded favourably to my idea of rehab!!
She told me she had never considered it until she saw me cry for her situation and bring it up.If only it was this easy to reach all the addicts out there......
I believe that AWARENESS is a major key,and to teach kids from a very young age.
I was a witness at a friends wedding, in her parents back yard. I think this was in Jan 1970. I didn’t know it at the time, but her husband was on drugs during their wedding! She re-married about 5/6 years later, & is still married to the 2nd husband.
yes, they were all affected differently. I think it has to do with your personality. But foremost what drug you are talking about.
When I was in my early 20s, I knew a guy who was sometimes odd. One night he came up to me and said something that made no sense. I looked at my friends and said "Ok I know those words were English but I have no idea what he's talking about. " They laughed and said " He is totally stoned!" I had no idea.
I have never used drugs. While growing up lots of my friends did do drugs. I never had any interest in trying them
by AJ
Also, 1 of my sisters had a b'f who was a Dr. I saw him after he'd finished with the drugs, (Yes, he was de-regersted for 5 or 6 years.) The drugs gave him a horrible looking scar up 1/2 of 1 of his legs. He used to tell my young daughters he'd been bitten by a shark.
by Miro
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