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Have you any tips for toilet training children?

by Vee (follow)
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Image by GaborfromHungary, sourced from morguefile.com

Have you any tips for toilet training or any stories you would like to share about toilet training tots?

#Toilet Training
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Top Answers
You nailed it with that pic!!!!! lol.

All children grow and do things at different times, and while it can be frustrating to parents and fully understandable....It happens when it happens.

You can look up on line cases and studies and even when parents share info.
At the end of the day, it really is going to be up to the child, to get it done.

You can help by training each day, but I found if the little one is not ready!
Your out of luck.

I have seen parents stress over it, and the child will pick up that stress, and it can take even longer.

By making it fun, most children will pick up on it.
Patience is all you can do with this issue, and LOTS of LOVE.

That can overcome fears and worries little people have. :)
Thanks for the insights, jonaj. That was really lovely to read. :D
by Vee
by jonaja
That is a great potty!!
by Rice
Persevere!!! Always put the child on the toilet first thing in the morning, and after they have had something to eat or drink, or after a nap. It will click sooner or later.
Love your work :-))
by Rice
Wait until they're ready, then put them in undies and periodically sit them on the toilet. Keep reminding them to go and just deal with the odd puddle until they get it.
Be patient. You can take them every hour or so to see if they will go until some routine is formed. Be prepared for the messes, its all a part of the process. Dont make them feel ashamed if they take a long time to get it. Sing songs and make it fun. Rewards can also help.
All my girls were toilet trained by 12 months of age. No secret. Just remember that when playing they have no concept of time so you need to figure out how often you should gauge when they need to go. Putting them back in nappies at night time defeats the purpose. I used to check on them before going to bed and put them on the toilet. Yes, we did have a few wet beds in the process but it's worth the time spent in training them.
Heck, I must have been charmed . . never had a wet bed. However, I have to say that it is probably way easier with an only child and I did not work.
by Rice
My daughter was trained at ten months and the nappies given away to my pregnant sister in law. My advice, for what it is worth, is to keep it constant, don't rouse at "accidents", make it fun with rhymes and songs, perhaps, and let them use the big toilet with a step and small inner seat. My daughter was never afraid of the toilet as she knew we all went there. I have heard that girls are easier than boys, though. (We always took the seat out with us so that she would feel at home. . . . yes, I felt silly, but we never had accidents.)
by Rice
Rice Paper, you and helga are like wonder women. This is the first I have ever heard of children being toilet trained before one year. Don't know if it would've worked with Lu though. He didn't walk until he was 15 months. And now, the only thing that stands between him being toilet trained is my fear.
by Vee
I just want to say a big thank you to all who have shared their wisdom thus far and all those who may in the future. I will take all of your advice on board and report, sooner or later, how we go. Thank you! ;-)
by Vee
Darling Vee, my stepgrandson was hopeless and I thought he would never get there . . . he did. You'll be fine. Fear not!!!
by Rice
Haha, thanks Rice Paper!
by Vee
Hi Vee. Don't panic. Maybe because I had girls I found them easy to train but as my grandsons have all been trained at different ages and different mothers, it does come down to how you manage your time. I worked full time but couldn't stand the thought of my girls wearing nappies for ages. Bear in mind that they were cloth nappies as well and disposables didn't come along until possibly the last child so still preferred the cloth ones on her. But as I said previously, children have no concept of time when playing so it is up to you to judge when they may need to go when you're starting training. Just encourage every time the toilet or potty is used even if nothing happens.
by helga
I suck at toilet training. My daughter we started training when daycare suggested it just before she turned two. She's now 4 and still has accidents because she prefers to play rather than go to the toilet - even when prompted. My son is two and a half and even though he can tell that we do wees and poos on the potty or in the toilet he refuses to go. Today for the first time ever - he voluntarily sat on the potty after his bath. All that came out was a fart, but it's a start!
lizzi, that is hilarious. My son does the same! I had him on the toilet for about 5 minutes the other day. All that came out was a fart - and mind you, he thinks that's gold. When I took him to the lounge to put on his nappy, he peed ALL over the floor - almost like he has been saving it!
by Vee
Yes, start young -mine were all "clean" by 12 months
by Finy
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