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Have you already bought a calendar for next year or do you only use your mobile phone?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you already bought a calendar for 2016 or do you use your mobile phone only?

What type of calendar did you buy?

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Top Answers
I already have my 2016 calendar. Not purchased, it is a work one from (his) work. I like to write on a real calendar and I use my mobile for calendar alarms from time to time.
by Rice
Yes I have, and I do not use my phone as I find I do not hear it for the reminders and is easier for me to have a hard copy on my desk.

I also use my PC for reminders.
by Finy
I buy a 15 month office calendar every July.

It is perfect for me as I can write all my dates and appointments down.

I am solely a iPhone, iPad and Computer calendar fiend. Everything is linked and in iCloud. I can be at home, in the office, filming on location and the ability to have my devices syncing and serving their purpose as a multifunction centre makes my life and work much more streamlined. It's paperless all the way for me.
Yes, I have!


And a Corgi calendar, for my son!
P.S. 2nd half..........don't put 'my life' info on computer, as just plain disinterested!
by donjo
Yes - I bought a beautiful Erte art deco wall calendar, address book and journal last month from a site in the UK. You can't get really nice art deco stationery in Australia so I usually access the websites in the UK for a great selection.
I buy two calendars each year. I have one on my computer desk which is where all my appointments and things I have to do each day are written. I have a nice decorative stand for it. I prefer to write my daily appointments on a calender. The one I buy for my computer desk usually has an inspirational message on it to keep me motivated and help me feel good ( lets see a phone calendar do that!!) The other calendar l get usually hangs in the toilet. It has more of a decorative function, although it is amazing the things you remember you have to do, when you are doing your daily ' job '. It is nicer to look at pretty pictures whilst you are ' on the throne ', than the empty back of a door. I usually select a calendar with brilliant art works, but this year I chose a calendar with beautiful gardens. Beautiful and relaxing. Something to look at whilst you are there.
No, and no. Too many freebies of good quality around to need to pay for one, or two or more.

My mobile phone is only a phone, and I do not rely on technology to stay in control.

Writing in the boxes allows the whole family to see & use the ancient technology of the mighty pen.

Haven't seen one in a throne room for years thou, brings back memories of Mum's place.
Yes. My parents have one in their toilet too. Maybe that's why I started putting one in there when I got married.
by Lluxi
I was given a fabulous calendar by my chemist,who gave me one last year at this time as well! I use my calendar every day,for various appointments and important dates,and these are really usefully designed ones with lots of space to write on, and also great information! I will also buy a 'more my taste one' for decor purposes, when they are reduced in price!
I find I cant wait till they are reduced in price *sigh*. I already have lots of appointments and dates for 2016 that must be written down now, or I will forget. As of November this year, our entire month of February is booked out, plus there are other dates for June and October. January is starting to look pretty busy too.
by Lluxi
I have ,for the last several years bought online from a US site Calendars.com which also sells a few puzzles,books and Dog-related things!!! I got their details from the Calendar Stand in the major supermarket many years back, when I had bought a stack of gorgeous ones after they did their 75% reductions the second week in January. Being ill,I just do not go out unless absolutely necessary these days,so buying online has proved to be such a gift for me.And I have access to oh! so many more truly special items this way!
by Jules
I get my calendar from the grocery store . Otherwise, it's the phone for me.
by Gia
I get my calendar from the grocery store . Otherwise, it's the phone for me.
by Gia
I keep a diary rather than use a calendar. I haven't yet bought my 2016 diary
by AJ
I use my tablet for everything but also use a wall calendar. This year it is a free zoo animal one from the Sunday paper
I bought a calendar with an inspirational quote and a beautiful photo for each month which I will hang in my spare room/office. I will use it to help me keep track of the date. I have a diary for appointments which will live in my handbag. Then I have a larger multi-purpose diary which will be on my desk or in a drawer for keeping track of finances and for jotting down ideas, thoughts and what's happened each day etc. (Don't know how well it will work to combine these two things in one diary but thought I would give it a go.)
Err, I was given one by a cheeky friend. It's the Firefighters 2015-16 calendar, naughty girl she is! I was not expecting it so you can imagine my reaction :o It's the thought that counts, hey :)))
I use my mobile phone calendar, the computer calendar and I also stick the magnet ones on the fridge that come through the post usually from the real estate agents. Its been many years since I went out and bought a calendar for myself.
I use my mobile phone calendar, the computer calendar and I also stick the magnet ones on the fridge that come through the post usually from the real estate agents. Its been many years since I went out and bought a calendar for myself.
i like to use phone
I bought a 2916 calendar with flowers, from a very large ‘drug’ store on some Hawaiian island during a cruise, in late Sept which i hang in the kitchen. I also have a wall calendar in the bedroom for my husband. I use my laptop diary every day also, & I’ve had a handbag diary since 1962! If I have 2 for the same year, I keep 1 of them & use it when it matches up with another year! This year, I’ve been using 1 from my husbands work, from 1998! I usually get mine from the Blood-bank, when I donate my Dec pint. Last year I was able to use an un-used 1974 diary!
Do you mean for 2018? I didn't have to buy them. I got 3 of the same one from someone, from 2001. They have a Sydney Opera House on the cover, which I'll be able to use...NEXT year, 2018! Aren't I lucky?
by Miro
I'm writing this in April 2018. I also found a 2001 diary for my handbag which was given to my husband in 2000 from a company he did some work for. The Blood Bank aren't handing out diaries anymore, as not enough people want them now, as they use their phone/laptop diaries, so I'd better start looking for another old unused 1 from my collection that I can use next year, or I'll have to visit a bargain shop in November for 1!
by Miro
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