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Has the pain of childbirth left you, or do you still vividly remember it?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you still vividly remember the pain of childbirth, or has this eased, and you forgotten?

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Top Answers
My kids are five and two and I remember. If I tell people about the very positive experience I had when I had my second baby (I don't think I'd even describe it as "pain", just an intense sensation that required all my attention) they often say dismissively and patronisingly "you just don't remember". If that were the case I wouldn't remember the pain of my first birth, and I do. My second was just better, in every possible way, and I felt just as happy about it right away as I do now.
What a load of hooey, Jennifer. How dare they say that to you. I felt no pain at all. I had no gas, no pethidine, no nothing. Barely got there in time in fact. Out the baby flew . . all over Red Rover.
by Rice
Sometimes it happens that way.
I had Caesarians so the only pain I had was a day in labour and the pain afterwards.

In those days it was a bigger operation than it is now and I was quite sick for a few days and could do little for the first few weeks.

I have a friend who is tiny like me and they just sort of "dropped out" -she had very little pain -odd!
by Finy
Well it has eased but I do still remember
by Fran
Oohhhh yeah - I remember!
I don't have kids - I am hoping it's not as bad as people say. I don't people forget - they just probably get over it but don't think you could forget
by AJ
having had Caesareans, AJ, I dont really know but I know that the pain I had when I had an accident -the severity of it is gone now some 6 years later.
I remember it was hideous but I no longer remember liked I used to so for me, pain disappears or rather diminishes with age!
by Finy
It depends. It's different for different people, and even for the same person each birth might be completely different. Sometimes it's really hard, other times it's a breeze.
I used hypnotherapy when I was in labour, so I was aware of the pain but it didn't register as pain. The pain I do remember vividly was in my back (I have a lot of spine problems) and I couldn't use the hypnotherapy to manage that so I ended up having an epidural for my back pain not the labour pains! Once that kicked in, there was no pain at all and it was lovely. I think giving birth should be talked about more positively, it doesn't have to be painful it can be awesome and empowering.
Like it was yesterday. Searing pain.
by Vee
but you still have a baby! didnt you have a needle?
by Finy
Finy, the question was, 'Do you remember the pain?', not 'Was it worth it?', LOL! Of course it was, but that doesn't dull the pain, LOL. No, I had no artificial pain relief. I laboured in a bath tub, that was good.
by Vee
P.S. The baby in the picture is so much more pink than my Lulu was.
by Vee
I do remember the entire incident vividly! I was induced 2 weeks early as I was so ill throughout my whole pregnancy! I had actually LOST weight while pregnant and when my son was born a healthy gorgeous pink,the photos looked very strange as I was skinny and as pale as ghost!!! I was confined to bed for several days due to blood loss,and not even allowed to get up to see him.I had to call for the nurses to lift him from his crib to my bed!!! But it was all worth it,as he was planned and very loved!!
I don't know if I would say that I so much remember the "pain" so much as I remember all the feelings that accompanied my birth experiences. for my first I remember feeling lonely and isolated as my partner was told to sit on the other side of the room. I felt bullied and coerced into an induction that may or may not have been needed. I felt misunderstood and anxious as my midwife spent all her time fiddling with the CTG machine and the drip but never talking to me or asking how I felt. I remember feeling defeated as the midwife finally convinced me that I should get an epidural as I just wouldn't be able to cope as they were going to "crank up the drip". I felt terrified as I passed out from the epidural and wondered if I and /or the baby was dying. I do remember the pain from when the epidural wore off down one side - but I don't think that is the same as the "pain of childbirth" because it is in no way a "normal" or "physiological" pain.

For my second birth I remember having strong sensations and going into myself. The "natural" part of that labour I remember feeling more peaceful and calm and powerful. Then I remember feeling disheartened and defeated as I ended up on the bed and again had an epidural. I remember the terror I felt as I was wheeled into an OR for the second time in my life.

I think that with all the emotional pain I was feeling and have felt since it was too hard to find any room inside myself to feel or explore the physical pain and sensations.

I only remember the great care I had from doctors and nurses, that was back in the 70's. Actual births were pretty straight forward. Glad I went to good pre natal classes.
I remember sometimes but it will not deter me from having another child.
by Gia
I do not remember pain. I remember awesomeness. I remember hard work. I remember feeling my body opening. I remember feeling so powerful. I remember the ring of fire and holding back until it passed.

I was very fortunate as I only had short labours. With my first child (unfortunately she died at birth) I was in labour for 2 hours, and with my second child (my gorgeous son) I was in labour for 3 1/2 hours. I remember the pain, but it was pretty intense as it was so quick, so fairly quickly forgotten.
Had Caesareans'.
Remember the pain of my lower gut, & the inconvenience of having to 'slow down', very difficult for me as I do all at 'warp' speed, & 'don't lift anything heavy' for three months'!

Geesh! Heavy? My son was 9lbs, & my daughter, 8lbs, so they weren't featherweights!
Stayed with me….vividly.
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