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Fish and Chips are one of the most unhealthy foods -do you like them and do you buy them regularly?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Fish and chips -bought from shop -have been rated as one of the most unhealthy foods.

Do you like fish and chips?

Do you buy them regularly?

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Top Answers
I have a strong weakness -that sounds wrong -for fish and chips!

I love them.

Because they are so unhealthy I do not often have them as take away.

I had them a few nights ago and they were so good, along with some potato cakes.

I try not to buy this more than once every few months, and sometimes just feel like it together with a can of Coke which I think on one list, was THE worst food!
by Finy
Finy, it is a truth universally acknowledged that one cannot enjoy fish and chips without a cold Coke.
by Vee
I never BUY fish and chips,I make my own!!! I do not like batter or crumbs so I just grill my fish with fresh herbs from the garden,Lime juice,cracked black pepper and a dob of butter!! Yumm!!! I lightly pan fry my chunky chips using the same seasoning as the fish.I am really not into buying take away food at all.
I do like fish and chips but I hardly ever have them. You've inspired me though, I think we'll get some next weekend and go for a picnic.
I enjoy Fish and chips much more than other take aways and like most of you don't have very often, I ask for grilled fish so that I can indulge in potato cakes, dim sims and chips. YUM! Who cares if this is not healthy if not consumed too often, we need a few "fixes" every now and then.
Totally agree brigi!
by Finy
Love 'em, but don't eat them often at all. In fact, I don't think I've eaten fish and chips in a couple of years.
by Vee
No we never get Fish and Chips.

Way too unhealthy....We do love them, but we just can't have them or we would put on a mountain of weight.
I don't eat them often, and always go for grilled fish which takes a bit longer to cook, but is better for you. I love combining this type of meal with a trip to the beach, so I'm sure I'll be eating it soon now the weather's warmed up in mg part of the world!
Who rated them? The fish isn't necessarily unhealthy (you can get grilled rather than fried). Chips are though. We don't buy them regularly, and I can't eat them, but my kids like them.
Jennifer -it was something I saw a while back -I only remember Coke and fish and chips -and I meant fish with batter as per the photo!
by Finy
I don't really ever think about fish and chips - not something I crave
by AJ
I LOVE fish and chips...and potato cakes and dim sims...with HEAPS of chicken salt. Luckily my coeliac disease doesn't have any symptoms so if I'm feeling particularly naughty I'll indulge in a few bites of gluteny goodness...But I generally prefer grilled fish.
I am not fond of fish and chips, mainly because I always feel sick to the stomach after them...I do love hot chips sometimes though on their own and.... could have grilled fish and salad but not keen on heaps of chips then...I am strange like this!
by Fran
Love them. Don't buy them often. Bimonthly or so.
The only time I enjoy fish and chips, is in the paper they come in, in the car, at the beach on a freezing cold, very windy overcast day. It is my idea of comfort food. My idea of a security blanket I think. Just love it.
Can't enjoy them off a plate and using cutlery. No sitting outdoors or at the beach on a sunny day - has to be bleak, cold and in the warm car.
I love fish (battered thank you) and hot chips with chicken salt. It is a treat I do not have often but when I do I enjoy every mouthful. I prefer fish and chips to a soggy takeaway burger. I am not a coke drinker so don't have a coke with my fish and chips.
Fish and chips are ok if you remove the batter. Grilled fish is cooked in oil so the fish absorbs all that all that oil on the hot plate .
by alfsu
Love 'em and hardly ever have them!
by kimp
Yes I do like fish and chips but they are a treat so we don't buy them very often, but when we do I enjoy them. Normally I make my own oven chips and cook my own fish in various healthy ways.
Used to have crumbed fish, but now, grilled, which tastes heaps better! Just with Lemon juice, P&S.
I do like a Potato Scallop, though.
Now & again, get some Onion Rings.
Chips? Not usually, but I will enjoy a serving of them on a rainy, cold day, with normal salt!
Enjoy Crumbed Prawn Cutlets, for an infrequent treat, with lemon juice!
Fish and chip -Unhealthy, I am not too sure about that statement especially when eating home made chips made from Sweet Potato's and fish pan cooked in a very light batter made of a simple mix of flour and milk for the batter.

Yes I think that is not too unhealthy.

So what is unhealthy about fish and chips. Even though they are fried food - there is no fat in the fish itself (unlike breaded chicken pieces or beef schnitzels). If they are not heavily battered and are drained after frying, I don't think they fit into the category of very unhealthy. Personally, I consider them to be my junk food of choice.
i usually have f/c and coke without salt in batter each Fri night. I love them. Occasionally I make pink salmon at home or something with fish, lots of lemon juice, pickled onions and always eat my salad green, baby beets first so I fill up on the good stuff first.
I love f 'n c, but we'd only have it once or twice a year, even though we have a takeaway food shop, which is a 5 minutes from our house! We've only bought the chips from there, & they stayed hot for about 1/2hr after we'd walked home. They were extremely crispy, unlike some others that go cold & limp, 5 minutes after you start eating them! Yuk!

by Miro
Fish and chips is not something I eat because it is so unhealthy. Once every few years we might buy it when we are at the beach, for nostalgic reasons. It was a rare treat to have a take away as a child and one my parents bought, if we were at the beach. Sometimes on a cold rainy day I crave a chip butty and might purchase a serve of chips and a fresh loaf of bread.
I don't ever cook chips at home because of the mess , but I remember us all waiting for our small portion on the rare occasion Mum did.
I do enjoy fish and chips, as silly as it sounds it's not that easy to find a good one anymore, and I like the old fashioned potato cakes not the frozen ones, there is no comparison, but no I don't eat them all the time, unless we are on hollidays!
I love fjsh and chips but choose where I buy them as a lot of the shops have that much batter on them, there is barely enough fish. Also, I can't eat the crispy bits on the fish that are too hard for me and often hold some of the oil/fats they are cooked in. I have my chips with plain salt on them and sometimes enjoy a chip sarnie with fresh bread and butter. Not healthy but I don't care as its not a weekly thing.
Love fish and chips, if I am in the right place and I love potato scallops as well.
Sometimes I have a craving for fried foods! Especially chips! If I do go for fish and chips, I usually ordered grilled fish (trying to be healthier), but crispy chips is always appreciated!
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