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Does your partner think a woman should do the inside work, or vice versa if you are a male?

by Finy (follow)
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Does your partner think a woman should do the "inside" work, or vice versa if you are a male?

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Top Answers
My last partner said exactly that!
I was to do the inside work and he the outside work!

I was fuming. So I played games but that was no good either as he went off his brain if he saw I was wasting time playing games on the computer.

I still love that and now that I am rid of this man, I can play games and not do inside work whenever I want to AND I EVEN do outside work now!
by Finy
No. I don't think I could be married to someone with very old fashioned views about gender roles. It's fine to do things that way if that's what a couple agrees to but it shouldn't be automatic just because you happen to be male or female.
I never thought of it as a 'conservative' or 'liberal' view, it was always a respect thing to me. My wife and I split the household duties. We each do the ones we enjoy the most and those that we equally loath, we split evenly. I respect my wife too much to push her into a duty or role that she feels demeans her. If she felt satisfied and fulfilled being a housewife then I would support that, but I would support it because it makes her happy, and for no other reason.
um, er, damien, do u have a brother in Oz?
by Finy
Haha, I think that's quite the compliment Finy. I do have a brother, younger brother though, by 14 years, and he's in Canada. Sorry Sista! ;D
yes it was meant to be a compliment-liked your attitude
by Finy
When I was married,I can say that my partner would help out wherever he could when he was home,because we both worked . He loved mowing as well,so I was happy to let him do this Area Beautification,as he called it!!!
No - thankfully he has never said that to me!
by AJ
My partners have all been 'traditional' ie they did the ouside and I did the inside....now I do everything but...that's fine
by Fran
No, my husband is pretty liberal despite being generally conservative, LOL. He will help out where he can, but I do most of it anyway, seeing as I'm the 'homemaker' and he is the 'breadwinner' - for now.
by Vee
If he does, he's never been game enough to say so in 26 years! Smart man!
We subscribe to traditional gender roles
by Gia
Nope. I SUCK at housework and outside work...So he does pretty much everything. I do the gardening, cooking, and some of the laundry; He mows, does the dishes and the rest of the laundry. I do most of the child care. When I lived alone I used to pay someone to come and do the "outside" work for me!
My partner's sense of self preservation is too great.

We share indoor chores equally, he does most of the outdoor ones, and I do most of the baby care.
Yes, he does all the heavy manual work (never the toilet). All outside work is his and some of the inside work as well. Mine is the cooking and housework laundry etc. Other than house or yard work we share everything else.
Fortunately my husband is pretty open, so we both share most of the house and garden tasks.
No, we've always just done what has to be done - my husband is about to vacuum in a moment-i prefer the garden, he cooks a number of nights each week.
I haver never like rigid so called rules.

I was always a hands on girl, with both my partners...who really never were the ones who did much outside anyway.
I do remember painting the side of my house in (1978) 7 months pregnant....while said husband went to work at the local Uni.
I did all inside and 80% outside.
Crazy now I come to think of those days...
Cripes Jonaj, house painting when you were 7 months pregnant!I I haven't even done house painting when I haven't been pregnant! Now I wish I was a 'Hands on Girl'. I don't know how I'd manage if my husband should pass away before I do. Maybe I'll have to move in with 1 of my daughters in Melbourne! I wouldn't have time too start learning now, with all these AA questions I need to answer. My husband says they are a waste of my time, & I should get rid of them!
by Miro
Miro? what is a waste of time :)
by jonaja
Jonaj, He thinks me answering these AA questions is a HUGE waste of time! Of cause I don't aggree on that point!
by Miro
No AA is good fun. Was better when we were paid more, but still what can we do? Anyway someone has to answer...lol
by jonaja
Neither of us do any cleaning inside the house. I always cook & wash up, (no dishwasher.) I do the gardening, & sweep the porch & walkways. He takes all the recycling down to the bin during the week, then puts out the bins each week, & drives me to Aldi to do the food shopping, as I don't drive.
by Miro
who cleans the house then?
by jonaja
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