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Does your husband/wife or partner ever cook the evening meal?

by Finy (follow)
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Does your husband/wife or partner ever cook the evening meal?

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Top Answers
Yes, he will cook sometimes depending on the day's events. He likes to use every pan in the house.
I now live alone so I do all the cooking!
When I was married, however, neither of my husbands did any cooking - they seemed unable or unwilling to do this!

I have friends who's husbands cook sometimes but they all say, that they leave an awful mess and they would rather cook themselves than clean up someone else's mess!
by Finy
Occasionally he will. But he does tend to make wayyyyyy more mess than I do.
Everyday. She is a super cook. I make breakfast sometimes she but she laughs at me (in good fun) at my ineptitude. 😀
Yes. We are a team in every possible way, so cooking is a shared task. If I don't feel up to it, or if I am sick, he will cook. He usually cooks for half of the week, and I cook on the other half. We don't have set days of the week when we cook either. We usually go out for dinner on a Saturday night, so don't have to bother about a meal then.
No, I always cook, but I don't mind him buying takeaway when we've just come home from a holiday! For a day or 2, I'm not in a cooking mood, but for the rest of the year, I will cook a different recipe every night of the year, for at least 12 months. I love finding new recipes!
by Miro
When I was working, my hubby prepared our supper meal. Now that I am no longer working outside the home, I do al the preparing of our meals. I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes.
Very rarely, he used to but not anymore...

I live alone so this does not apply to me at all. When I was married, my husband would sometimes cook and he did a really great job of whatever he made. My son was cooking delicious meals when only 9 years of age, and it s no surprise that he became a chef! However, he lives a long way away fro n me so I do not reap any benefit from his talents any more!! Both of my own parents shared the cooking equally,and also let us kids cook often, so I guess this is why I encouraged my son to cook if he enjoyed it, from a very young age.When he was doing home economics at school. he would never bring the food he had cooked home for us to enjoy,He would sell it all to the other kids and come back with his pockets full of money instead!!! I quickly got used to not expecting a lovely dinner or other items on his 'Home Ec' days!!!
How lovely that he found his passion at such a young age.
by annfi

I have never had anyone do the cooking, even when I was young.
The last time I could leave the cooking to someone else, was when I was 11 years old.

Once I turned 12, that was it! my mother worked, and when she stopped it was me who did all cooking.
When I married the first time my husband had no idea how to cook.
When I married the second time, all my husband could cook was a great omelet, but you could not get anything else but that.

So it's really only ever been me, as even now my youngest who is living with me, and is 25 is not all that great, in fact not really good at cooking.
I'm lucky. My husband cooks 98% of the meals. When we first married he'd cook in Summer because I couldn't take the heat and I'd cook in the cooler months. Then my job started claiming all odd hours and I'd never know in advance when I'd be home so he took over full time cooking of the meals so I rarely saw the kitchen. Even though we are both retired he still cooks and I have to assert my dominance in the kitchen if I want something different cooked. I do all the sweet baking though and each week my 4 year old grandson and I cook at his place making sausage rolls, cakes and biscuits which I enjoy greatly. Mind you, I wouldn't know how to use the barbie as this is also husband's domain.
Yep, he is doing it right now. Whichever of us is home for the day first tends to do the cooking so we can get dinner ready as early as possible.
No. No. No. He does help sometimes, though. Actually, I lie. He will do a BBQ, but that is rare.
by Vee
To be fair, he works long hours, and I don't expect him to do it as I am hope with the kids.
by Vee
No he doesn't. Absolutely useless in the kitchen, can't even boil water (it would seem). But he's lovely.
My husband offers to help with the cooking, but the design of our kitchen makes it difficult for more that one person to work in there. We have a dish that we cook together and it is almost like a dance. He works at one end of the island bench and I work at the other. It is one of our favourites and I love it when we cook like this. We wash up as we go.
Sometimes he will initiate the cooking of a meal and I really like it when he does.
When I was unwell a few years ago he prepared all my food for a few weeks. The illness had made me as fussy as a three year old and in order to be able to eat , the food had to be made to exacting standards or I couldn't face it. Colour, texture smell had to be right. I had never been a fussy eater and it gave me new insight. My dear husband did his best and sometimes I would just have to force myself to eat so I wouldn't hurt his feelings.
No such problem now as I have a too hearty appetite.
I think it is such a lovely part of life to share!! Cooking is to me a major element of nurturing, caring and, in a relationship, loving! My son was always, as I myself had been, encouraged to follow his heart with career interests and I am ever so pleased that he managed to do so. The younger that we can spark any interests at all within our children's souls, the better!! I hope you and your husband get to Dance in your Kitchen often!! Any chance for such lovely harmony should never be missed!!!
by Jules
What a beautiful reply. Thanks Jules.
by annfi
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