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Does smoking look cool?

by Vee (follow)
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Image: http://twicrackaddict.blogspot.com.au

We all know that smoking is both disgusting and ridiculously toxic, yet people have been and continue to be attracted to this dirty habit. Could this have something to do with the ‘cool’ factor? Can smoking look hot?

For the record, I was just holding that cigarette for the smoker, but I have to say, it becomes me. Joking aside, I can’t stand cigarettes, but I can’t deny that some people look sexy with one in their hand.

Do you agree or disagree? Can smoking look cool? Do you think this is a reason people continue to smoke despite full knowledge of its dangers?

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Top Answers
I think it can look cool unfortunately, especially in photos.

In real life, I have to say, any looking cool factor is overcome by the smell. I hate the smell of fresh or stale cigarettes.
Not today.
People are more smart than to let it have any appeal.
It kills,it stinks, and the sooner it is gone for good...the world will be better off.
I don't think it can look any more unattractive. I find it one of the biggest turn offs in anyone. There is nothing cool looking about it, in my opinion. You know, I just went to post a letter. On the way to the post box I saw a grown man with a boy. The man was smoking. On the return home I saw them still standing in the middle of the road. This time the boy - who looked about 11 - was the one with the cigarette and smoking. He did not look cool. He looked like no one gave a damn about his health, and that he was going to end up as a juvenile delinquent.
There's a young guy that lives near us who smokes. He looks ten. That's just wrong.
by Vee
No it doesn't look cool to me at all. It looks less cool in reality and even less cool when young women and teens do it. When older women do it its absolutely disgusting.Its NOTTT COOL!!!!!!!!
That is something my dad would say! What about men?
by Vee
Yes, it can look cool, or rather should I say, it can feel cool.

As an ex smoker, I cannot stand cigarette smoke and I used to think I was so cool puffing away on a cigarette.

But fortunately I came to my senses some 22 years ago and stopped after many years.
by Finy
LOL. Good for you, Finy. :)
by Vee
When I see a smoker, I see a drug addicted fool.

There's NOTHING, in any way, shape or form that's cool about smoking.
It's the pits, & a sure way to an early grave.
I agree. It truly is the pits, as you say. I cannot stand the smell of cigarettes or those who smoke!
by Vee
In the above photo, I guess it does, It just looks a waste of money, to me, personally,
& it stinks when 1 have to walk past the smoker!
All I can think of, as I walk past smokers is: “CANCER?’, but that’s not really answering your question, sorry!
All good miro_. Thanks for having a crack. I know. I think the same thing. It's even worse when I hear people talk about cigarettes as their 'best friend', and I think, friends DON'T kill each other!
by Vee
It's a funny thing . . . men in romantic novels are written as cool . ."drawing back on a cheroot" or "taking a last drag on his stogie" but women are written, for the large part, as sexually up for anything with a cigarette in their hand. I think RP in the photo above looks silly. My dad smoked, I never have and neither have my two siblings. My other half gave it up nearly ten years ago, thank heaven!
by Rice
I agree with Vee, in that it can look cool with some people in some circumstances, but looks ain't everything and I'd rather be uncool and well, spending time with my family, than wastes loads of money looking cool on a couple of occasions just to spend time in hospital (away from my family) on the way to a slow, untimely, and painful death - end of story.
by kimp
Oh, kimp. I wish my mum was of the same mind as you!
by Vee
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