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Does religion interest you?

by Finy (follow)
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Does religion interest you at all?

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Top Answers
Religion does in some way interest me however I am not really interested in religion!
Not quite sure what I am trying to say but I do not believe in putting my religious opinions onto others anyway.
Everyone is there own religion, or not, and that is a personal choice which is really none of my business.
So I am interested, I suppose, in my own religion however I am definitely not what you could call religious!
by Finy
Your reply makes perfect sense to me Finy. I do know exactly what you are saying, and I feel the same way as you do.All we can do on this earth, during our lives, is be the best person we are able to be; and NOT intrude into the beliefs of others, nor push our beliefs onto anyone else.
by Jules
I'm not religious, but yeah, some things about religion are interesting. The mythology's fun to read about and necessary to understanding literature, and some religious practices are bizarre and fascinating. I don't concern myself with it overly except where religious groups overstep the boundaries and get into my personal space or interfere with things they shouldn't. For example, I do not believe that religious instruction (which is different from religious education- religious education would be learning about religions, religious instruction is being indoctrinated into one specific religion, taught that it is correct) should be allowed in public schools. I also don't think it has any place in government or in fields like health care, and it makes me angry when practices that would otherwise be seen as abhorrent (abuse of women and girls and abuse of animals) are excused on religious grounds.
Hear!! Hear!!!! I agree so much with your comments. I hate hypocrisy so much, and so much of many religions is hypocritical in such huge ways! If we are all supposedly born equal, why is there so much inequality?! I just do my best to be the best person I am able to be: helpful, kind respectful, HONEST!
by Jules
I am ever so fortunate as I was always encouraged as I was growing up to learn all about the various faiths of different people all over the world. I was also raised to believe that I would be able to choose any religion, IF ANY, which appealed to MY inner sense of what is going to make life as good as it can be. So, yes I am very INTERESTED IN Religion as a subject for study, but I am not what anyone could call overly RELIGIOUS.I do have my own beliefs of how to make myself a better person, but I never try to influence the beliefs of other people.This is a very personal part of our lives. Basically, MY religion involves being Honest, kind, helpful, respectful, generous (but not to be detrimental to my own needs, which are quite frugal, rather than feeling I must give to EVERY charity which comes along.) and also to be compassionate and positive.
I make the effort to bring a smile to at least one person every single day, and I am a genuinely happy person who enjoys the great aspects of my life, such as my family, friends, dogs, grden and books. Every morning which I wake up to, is a good one!!
I studied religion at uni, and I agree, it can be a really interesting subject for study. We just don't need it to have values.
I am finding it gratifying to learn that many others actually do feel the same way as I do about this subject! Thankyou Jennifer, for your comment!
by Jules
I understand exactly what Finy is trying to say as I feel the same. I have studied the writings of several religions and the one I was dragged into as a three year old did not keep me, I can tell you. For this reason I can say I am "interested" in religion in the way that I am interested in many subjects. I do not attend a church of any kind and I respect all religions and reject the ideologies of the rabid minorities. My religion taught that there is no hell so I did not grow up with a fear of hellfire and brimstone at least. It did however, leave me with a lasting dislike for organised religion and "convention mentality" as I call it. My religion is to be the best person I can be and if there is a reckoning, it's between me and Him.
by Rice
or Her!
by Finy
As Jon Cleese would say
by Finy
Whoops. LOL
by Rice
I cannot even fathom what it must have been like, growing up in your situation. Many folk, are not strong enough to make their own way, once grown up, and find their OWN beliefs and inner peace. I admire your strength of character so immensely. Well Done You!!!!
by Jules
They hated me - I asked too many questions. Mwuahahaha.
by Rice
Any serious study into history, the arts, humanities and even science involves some exploration of religious thought. To that extent, I am interested. As to going to church on Sundays, I am not interested. I do have faith and believe in God, but I don't go to Mass, and I am not a religious zealot. I do Gods work daily, by helping others, whether it be my family, or through my volunteer work. One lady I visit loves it when I spend the day reading the Bible to her. We talk about what it means to us, and we both come out of it feeling enlightened. That is about the end of my religious activity. I may not read the Bible or go to church, but I have my beliefs, and like to think I help others quietly, without fanfare, or want of praise. That is what God would do.
Religion = No.

Faith = Yes.
Short and sweet. Nice :-)))
by Rice
You could not have put it any clearer.
by njsan
by jonaja
Religion does not interest me, I was brought up as a catholic, I had my first communion,my confirmation, my parents would leave us at sunday school, they thought the priests and nuns were trustworthy, and now look at it! they hide behind the religion, what an excuse to moles kids! I've lost my respect for that religion, I know of people that say and act as if they are religious, there the biggest hypocrits!
I am very agnostic and without hard scientific evidence will not be swayed however I still like to understand what others believe and their traditions, I'm always willing to try and learn as much about religion and other cultures as I can and will often ask lots of questions and politely prompt for more information to expand my understanding.
It certainly does. Can't imagine my life without the Lord. That He has revealed Himself to me still amazes me after more than 50 years. The comfort I get from it, the joy and secure feeling no matter what happens still amazes me each day. Faith is a very personal thing You can share it but you can not pass it on to anyone. Does not help to preach to other what or who they should follow. He chose me to reveal Himself and it was to most powerful day in my life. Amen. Sorry did not mean to carry on like this.
Bless your heart, yes Jesus is very real to me and my life, and when everything is crashing down around...I just pray.
Help comes every time, and it is impossible to really explain to people esp if they do not believe in Him, and what He has done for mankind. :)
by jonaja
I agree with Finy, it interests me in some way but I'm not interested in it. Religion is not part of my daily life. I believe in being a good person and good to others.
by AJ
It is very interesting but I detest ALL the bad things that "religion" is doing, has done and will do! Seems like some peoples' "religion" doesn't teach them to be NICE to EVERYONE!
I am interested in religion purely from the perspective of a curious cat. Mostly to learn how it has influenced people and societies. On a personal level, I am not interested in religion. I have often witnessed people being taken advantage of or suppressed in the name of religion.
by Miro
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