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Does post-natal depression still exist?

by Jamie0liversgirl (follow)
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It's a sore topic, but for many women post-natal depression is very real, so I ask, does it still exist?

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Top Answers
It definitely does. All the different types of depression still do exist and more and more people are suffering than ever before. It's so common and I do feel it is talked about more these days as an illness rather than a weakness which is fantastic. There is so much support you can get these days. I think mental health programs are moving in the right direction.
You're right, it is finally being recognised as a serious illness, of which there is help. I only hope those who suffer, are only experience post-natal depression for a short a period as possible because it can be so heartbreaking to see a mother upset, and downtrodden when the nine months are up.
Unfortunately, post-natal depression is still prevalent in women. It was regarded as a draconian myth many years ago because people assumed women were simply too happy with the birth of their child to have time for sadness. That is not, however, the case.

I have witnessed friends as well as family members suffer with post-natal depression, and mostly it is due to a lack of support from people around them. They are alone with their newborn most of the day while their partner works, but, from what I've seen, it's the inability to lead the life you did previous to giving birth. Whether a baby is planned or not, life changes dramatically when they arrive, so in reality, life isn't all rosy once a baby is born. From what I have witnessed, however, post-natal depression does subside and eventually 'go away', so women can finally take motherhood in their stride, and enjoy their little newborn.
Of Course it does.

It always has, and always will.
It needs professional help, and is not something one can just snap out of.

Each woman is different, and as soon as the new mother gets that help...she will be on her way to feeling better.

Enjoying that precious time with her new child.

Thank you for such a candid response. So many people seem to brush it under the carpet. Lets realise and accept this very real case of depression, and hopefully remove the stigma associated with it.
The reality of post-natal depression cannot be refuted. Having had some issues of my own, I was afraid I might have post-natal depression creep up on me with my firstborn. Thank goodness, with the loving support of Hubby, family and friends, all was well.

I think it's vital to acknowledge that post-natal depression is a reality for many post-natal mothers. I believe it's equally important to also acknowledge that post-natal depression can afflict post-natal fathers as well. Welcoming a baby into the world is a major event for both parents, and both parents must respectively be supported.
by Vee
Absolutely! Should never be doubted and always taken seriously.
I know Lydia, but I've seen it be ignored, and unfortunately tear families apart.
Post-natal depression does exist. Many mums know within themselves due to mood swings and other unexplained symptoms. A new child takes some getting used to, and feelings of depression can mount.
Sad, but true. Thanks for your input.
Of course it does! Birth and women haven't changed much in thousands of years. Lots of women still suffere from post-natal depression. Why would you think it didn't exist?
Putting the feelers out. Many seem to ignore the fact post natal depression is as prevalent today, as the first time this sad period was given a name. From my research it has been considered an affliction women suffered with during the 17th 18th, and 19th century, but there is little published on the way in which post-natal depression affects the 21st century woman, and how to deal with it without resorting to drugs.
Really? Maybe it's to do with the circles I move it (I know a number of midwives and doulas) but I hear about it pretty often. A few women I know suffered PND because of birth trauma. It's very bad but there is help out there.
Absolutely, and it would be more prevalent in men too if they went through the same circumstances (but of course they don't). It is real, and it should be recognised as a valid issue justifying support where needed. It's no different to testicular cancer or breast cancer - it might be more gender-specific, but it doesn't make it any less valid or important.
by kimp
Love your response! Thank you for being so honest!
I may not be female, but I am married to one :-) She went through it and being the love of my life, it worried me sick.

Fortunately, we had an extremely supportive circle of family and friends. I couldn't have done it on my own, as paid paternity leave didn't exist then (because real men didn't need it apparently), so I couldn't be with her all the time. It's frightening though, almost expecting some sort of dreadful phone call to come through at work. I thank God one like that never came through...
by kimp
Well of course it does. Where do you think it went ?
Women are still giving birth, so YES, of course it still exists!

Help is needed for it BEFORE it becomes a real issue for the mother.
Its' symptoms can range from mild to catastrophic.
Ignore at your peril, & that of your families'.
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