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Does mess in the kitchen annoy you?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: simple.wikipedia.org

Does a mess in the kitchen annoy you?

Or are you one of those fortunate people who do not care about such things?

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Top Answers
Mess in the kitchen really annoys me.

However at the moment I have a mess in the kitchen -like with sweeping, I keep finding "better" things to do than clean it up.

This is odd as I hate mess in the kitchen, and first thing in the morning, I am going to clean it all up.

Does it matter I have said this 2 days in a row.....ho hum
by Finy
It makes me CRAZZZZY!!!! I HATE having a messy kitchen. I can abide by untidiness in other areas but the kitchen just needs to be clean. Especially since we renovated! I can't enjoy the renovation if it's a mess!

There is a big difference betgween messiness and dirtiness!! The first I can handle to a degree,the second,NO!!
If the kitchen goes down - the rest of the house goes down, so it is important to keep the kitchen in order. (says she who is more interested in answer angels than the washing up that awaits)
Yes it annoys the ....out of me. I try not to let it get like that...
by Fran
It annoys the heck out of me!
by Vee
Yes it annoys me - but that doesn't to mean that I always clean it straight away - I procrastinate a little bit!
by AJ
Absolutely! !
It is the one thing that will send me over the top!.
I try so hard to keep it all under control.
Some days it just creeps up, and if I am running late well that is when it happens.
I feel like I spend a lot more time in the kitchen, than any other room.
This is a reminder, that maybe I can work better and more effective in the area.
I keep asking myself 'where' am I going wrong....I think the minute we use something we must put it back.
When just a few plates are there, wash them and put away.
That might be where we all 'mess up''?
You don't like cooking?
by Finy
I don't have a stove that works, we just use a 2 plate hot top.
Plus I don't have to over do the cooking, keeping life simple :)
I use too like cooking, but have been too busy last few years....
by jonaja
To the nth degree! Must have tidy & scrupulously clean kitchen, as that's where food is prepared!
OMG! Even that photo is driving me nuts!! I have just sat down in front of Answer Angels with a cup of tea after washing up and cleaning the sink etc, so this photo is not nice. . . I mean . . even the rubbish is in the sink and not the bin. Euww.
by Rice
That photo has got to be a male's sink area!
I doubt any female could, or would leave a mess like that!
Sorry, my dear, but I have seen it. My neighbour; a friend (sadly); some on HIS side of the family and also a casual accquantance . . . . . I will not even have a cup of tea at these houses . . . . and I have two mud puppies! My ex S-I-L was chronic - dishes from one end of the sink to the other.
by Rice
Oh! Rice, I wouldn't have a cuppa, or meal at the p/i/l's house, purely because of the way she cooked food. It was just foul, & had no nutritional value at all! No wonder my hubby used to eat bread & jam!
She kept house tidy, but used to 'show off' ironed shirts hanging in hallway, whenever I was there.

She didn't have a CLUE about cooking, & yet, the twice they ate at our house, in 25 years, 'turned up her nose' at my superbly prepared meals!
Hence, I stopped talking to her the last 15 years' of her life.
I'd had ENOUGH of her!
by donjo
Yes, but it's only my mess, & yes I do clean it up every night before I go to bed.Well there is still some mess, but not on my benches.
by Miro
It would drive me mad, if it looked like the above photo, but I don't let it get to that stage! I wash up every night, if I haven't been out during the day. If I have been out, I'll tidy up the sink, & wash up in the morning! I also cook dinner on a 2 plate hot top, (1 of those hot plates doesn't work anymore either!) as our oven & stovetop don't work, but I use the microwave every evening, as well as for the afternoon cups of teas!
by Miro
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