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Does it irritate you when men wear brown shoes on a suit that demands black ones?

by Vee (follow)
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brown shoes
Image by krosseel, morguefile.com

Does it irritate you when men wear brown shoes on a suit that demands black ones?

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Top Answers
No. Why should they spend money on a second pair of shoes just to go with a pair of trousers. It is stupid. I can't see why brown shoes don't go with black trousers. The thought never even crossed my mind that brown shoes might not go with particular clothing until now.
For males, the wearing of brown shoes with a dark suit is wrong on every fashion level. And looks disgusting.

Wearing of black shoes is mandatory for Dinner Suits, also Wedding Suits.

And many Army Uniforms as well.
Wore black Shoes with my pale green Polyester Dress Uniform, & Black Boots with my JG's. Always polished so one could 'see your face in them', as was right, & proper!
by donjo
Why? What does fashion matter? Don't we all have the right to choose our own fashion style. I have never heard of brown shoes being disgusting before. I think they look fat better than black. If it is part of a uniform for work then that is a different matter, but otherwise people can wear what they like. You don't have the right to judge someone else's choice of footwear. You make it sound like the be all end all when it is something very minor.
My thoughts, to which I'm entitled. It was the way I was raised, & you've no right to judge that at all! If people want to look 'wrongly dressed', according to correct convention, that's their choice. They're the ones' who are laughed at.

To agree to disagree is fine. But that's 'normal' for you, as your outlook on life is very negatively skewed, according to your nearly every comment, on this site.
by donjo
Bryony - I'm with you on this one. We are not so formal nowadays that it really matters. I wouldn't be too "fazed" by Donjo's comments as she seems to delight in denigrating anyone who doesn't agree with her point of view.
by norma
Thanks, Norma; I've noticed that. Donjo criticises practically every comment I make.
Donjo there is really no need to be rude to other commenters.
Good on ya, norma! I find you haven't the guts to make a reply yourself, you'll wait until someone else does! I won't say what you remind me of, but your picture confirms it to me.............

And Bryony, what I said about your comments is SO true, you're negative ALL the time, every comment. I know you've 'health' issues, but it's tiring to read your negativity constantly! Do you EVER have a good day, or time? Doubt it.....

And Jennifer, of course, you've come in with your 5c worth! Typical!
Just because you may not agree, DON'T call me rude! If I am going to be so, you'll sure as hell know about it, & then some!
Some of YOUR replies' to others', & myself, have been downright abusive.

An opinion is stated, it can be disagreed with, but don't have 'go's' at me for doing so.
My life experience would be MORE than you three put together, but considering some of your replies', that really wouldn't be too difficult at all!

You're just a mob of whingers, & moaners, lacking much, in every way..........
by donjo
Donjo - what a sad, angry person you seem to be. I don't appear to be alone in my opinion either, so maybe you should contemplate on your remarks to people on this site in future. Sarcasm has always been considered the lowest form of wit!
by norma
Yet again, you're very, very wrong! I'm definitely NOT sad, but I don't suffer fools! I tell it like it is, & how I see things, always have, always will. If others' don't like it, stiff!

I live in a REAL world, where I don't look through 'rose coloured glasses' at people.
I've worked both in civilian, & military jobs where there's no room for error. It could mean the difference between life, & death, so please excuse me if you don't like my attitude!
Great responsibility comes at a cost.
As I previously said, my 'life experience' would rung rings around you three, & that suits me fine.
by donjo
Sad AND angry - still, your replies are always good for a laugh.
by norma
To be very honest, men's fashion in the last say 2-3 years has changed big time.

It is now ok to wear brown shoes, when one would only ever wear Black.


The suit needs to be fairly new design, with kind of thin legs, to pull it off.

Some men a little while ago where even wearing NO socks, but all dressed up in suit and tie.

I was not into that fashion, but to be fair, Black shoes and socks are a good look with a Black suit.

It really also looks better on younger men trying to wear the brown shoe thing, with dark suit's.Over say 40....and it can look a tad odd.

Yes! It looks totally wrong. Grant Denyer (Family Feud) does it all the time with a blue suit and it just doesn't look right. Especially when it is that dog-s*it brown colour! I do not like brown shoes at all (male or female).
Blearghhhhhhhhhhhh!!! YES.
by Rice
Bother . . ! They are describing the perp and the little terrier says, "His shoes are brown!"
by Rice
Yes, Rice, being 'well dressed' is a sign of someone who has pride in themselves, in society, & who likes to look good at all times. And who's NOT lazy!
There're rules in 'fashion', the same as rules in all parts of human life, & if there's not, CHAOS reigns!
We've all seen 'frights' of outfits!
by donjo
I prefer people to be colour matched. If it doesn't affect me, I don't worry about it. The only time it would bother me is if he were going out with me !!! My husband only has black shoes to wear with a suit, and only black or navy blue suits, so it is not an issue for us.
Not really! I may notice it sometimes, but it doesn't irritate me.
I'd prefer the shoes to be black with black and brown with brown or beige suits. However my biggest gripe is that so many do not polish the shoes which totally ruins the look of a smartly dressed guy, so please guys, make the effort to look after your shoes.
Amen to that!
by Rice
Right on, helga!
by Vee
Filthy shoes, as in above picture, are totally yuk!
Nearly all of my Parents, & my contemporary generations, served in the Military, where having dirty shoes can be a 'charge'! It's just a sign of laziness, big time!
by donjo
Never had that problem, as my husband was always well dressed, matching suits, ties, socks, & shoes.

AND his, & my shoes, were ALWAYS highly polished.
Just one advantage of Austn Army training, for us both!
No. I am liable to wear red shoes regardless what else I'm wearing so I'm not bothered what anyone else wears.
No, no, no! Red shoes are entirely different. One can wear red shoes anywhere, anytime in my universe . . . I have several pairs as I wear so much red and a gorgeous red Akubra. My eyes would be happy to see your red shoes. *-*
by Rice
Agree - red shoes are really special so they supersede everything else!
by norma
There does seem to be something oddly special about them. :) Also, a red akubra sounds cool.
Oh! Rice, a red 'Akubra' eh? It'd match my black one!

Remember Messala's tack on his black horses' in film 'Ben-Hur' chariot race? It was red, & looked SO good! He didn't win,though!
by donjo
Oh, I didn't realise that a suit could demand black shoes? Don't brown go just as well? I think I'm too fashionably challenged to have answered this question. So, my answer is "no" since I don't realise that there are suits that have to have black shoes.
Never worn a Dinner Suit? Mandatory wearing of black shoes, same for a Wedding Suit.
by donjo
Not at all. Fashion has evolved over the years and it's not so matchy but very contrasting.
by Gia
I think there are many other things in this world to be irritated at than the colour of men's shoes. It wouldn't particularly bother me if my son wore brown shoes with a contrasting colour outfit, as long as the shoes were polished. He's a big Doc Martens fan so would probably wear either brown or black DMs with whatever suit or casual trousers he was wearing.
Nope, and I dont usually go round looking at men's feet! Life is too short.
by Finy
What? Are they different colours??;-)
by kimp
I know you're being facetious, kimp, but I'll admit that a small voice inside me "raged it" when I read your comment. That's how much this business irritates me. I need some help...LOL!
by Vee
Yeah actually I'm pretty old school when it comes to shoe colour (i.e. black trousers = black shoes). I work in the outback but in an "office", where the moment you step out of the office, your shoes are instantly covered in red dust anyway, (in fact you could even argue that it makes more sense just to wear brown shoes that don't show the dust as much - like our outdoor workers) and yet I still persist in wearing black..... Old habits die hard,
especially when they were formed while in the army :-)
by kimp
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