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Does it bother you to touch handles, or press the button in public toilets?

by Finy (follow)
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Does it worry you to touch handles, buttons, doors etc in a public toilet?

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Top Answers
I am totally neurotic about public toilets.

I need to be desperate to use them as do not want to touch anything at all.

I use paper to lock the door, press the button, but then have to touch the taps generally.

I know this is a totally irrational thing yet I cannot help myself.

I like one shopping centre where there is no door to open to get in, and automatic taps and soap, however you still have to lock the cubicle door, and press the button.
by Finy
Finy use a tissue to close the door-press the button-open the door again.
by jonaja
i do that but where do you put the tissue -you have to do it quick while it is flushing -OK i know I have a real phobia about all this -i go to work 3 times a week and have not used their toilet!!!
by Finy
No, because you wash your hands soon after or try open the door with your feet, lol.
by Vee
hahaha but after you wash your hands, you have to turn off the tap and touch the door handle that some people, who may not have washed their hands, have also touched
by Finy
Shhh, Finy. I can't afford to be neurotic as well, lol!
by Vee
You two have made my day! I am still laughing :)
by jonaja
by Vee
Grab paper towel or have your own tissue at the ready to turn off tap, if it's not automatic!
by donjo
Oh Yessss!
I wash my hands very very well, and never ever touch handles after that I use a tissue to open any doors leaving the toilet area.

I really don't like using Public Toilets, they are FULL of Germs.
Carry hand sanitizer in you bag, they sell small ones.
LOL -hand sanitizer -there was something on TV about them -they are not good and do not work!!!! off to work now to touch all the germs on s/h clothes and articles!!
by Finy
ps and yes, we do get underpants in the op shop[ as donations!
by Finy
by jonaja
Carry hand wash was a good idea but it wont protect you from other who prepare your sandwich in the deli.
by kstew
and this is why we pack our own lunches! lol
by Vee
No, because after touching them I wash my hands. Now I could understand being paranoid about touching the handle of the outer door after washing them, and I know some people do the thing where they use paper towel to do it. I prefer it if there's a door you don't have to touch but otherwise I try not to worry. There are so many things in public places (hand rails on escalators, buttons on lifts and at traffic lights, seats on buses) that are probably at least equally covered in germs. I just wash my hands before I eat and try not to think about it.
Firstly,I only use public toilets if I absolutely have to,Secondly,the ones I use are forever being cleaned by staff,and they are as clean as ,if not cleaner than,many toilets in people's homes!!!! I think that touching money is a far more germ-laden exercise!!!
No it doesn't.
Yes because germs are easily shared. If you observe people you will notice that a large number don't wash hands at all. Tests revealed a massive extent of human waste on things like door knobs and shopping trolleys and money.
It offends me to see people serving food in a shop with the gloves on to handle the food but then they take your money and give back the change while still wearing the gloves. They then process the food. Why bother with the gloves at all. I purchased a prepacked heat and eat from my local one day when in a hurry and was very sick as a result. Never again.

That bugs me too!
by Vee
Yes, me too, Kstew!
by Miro
Only if there is no soap. Most of our public bathroom taps are push taps that run for ten or fifteen seconds then turn off so you don't need to touch the when you're done. I the avoid the door handle on my way out.
but you need to touch two door handles to get out of the cubicle -oh just realised you are a male!!!
but you still have the entrance door to touch as you go out
by Finy
I am absolutely paranoid about this..I use my clothing to push the button and open the door, also they have proved there is faeces on taps also so I try to touch these as little as possible, using a tissue or hardly touching, use my elbow sometimes....I guess I am a tad over the top but happy with it myself..
by fran
Absolutely Yes, I have a really weak bladder, so I have to use public toilets when I got out. Can't help it. I use a tissue to flush and open the door. Luckily most of the taps are automatic ones, so I don't have to worry about closing them ( though I hate that so much water is wasted by using these taps). I use tissue to open door and the trash it outside in the closest trash can.
by BK
Yes, I get quite paranoid about touching anything in a public bathroom.
It only bothers me if the toilets aren't clean. If the place looks pretty clean then I am happy. I am not a germ phob
by AJ
definitely...I never use the tip of my finger...always use the back of my finger
I'm probably not as fussy as I should be - but then again, I don't recall ever getting sick from using a public toilet. I always shop in the same vicinity and I know where the cleanest toilets are. There are some I won't go near! If I have to go in a strange place I will check all the cubicles first and pick the cleanest-looking one. A small pack of wet-wipes in the handbag are always handy in these situations.
Public toilets and touching things within them is a last resort for me
by kimp
No, doesn't bother me, I am not a germ phobia person, there are many other things that have germs too for those that are, sneezing, ATM machines, Handrails,,Elevator buttons, Grocery cart handles, Restaurant menus, Money from a cash register, Light switches, Salt and pepper shakers in restaurants, Salad bars, Exercise equipment, Water fountain handles and that is just in public places!
does not worry me as I wash my hands well, I keep a small amount of water in one hand when I turn the tap off, and wash the tap turning hand with that.

It never used to bother me until I worked as a hospital administrator on a ward with very sick elderly patients. then I really got to understand the importance of hand washing and just how many germs are lurking around. I now use toilet paper to press the flush button, wash my hands and open the door with paper or my sleeve, keeping it open with a foot to throw any paper a away.
Yes! There have been outbreaks of intestinal worms - that may be a resistant strain to the medicines available - in Melbourne for years.
Why are public toilets now rarely rarely supplied with soap?
Not really. I always wash my hands so don't have anything to worry about. If the door looks particularly grubby, I have been known to use a paper towel to open it. It's not a regular thing with me though.
If surface is DRY, there should be no bacterial problem. Hands are washed after. New ablutions blocks in shopping centres are pathways, so no doors to open after hand washing. If there are, just use paper towel you've used to wipe hands, or a tissue, & dispose of at next waste bin. Also can use your own sanitized hand wipes you carry always in bag!
Yes, I will lay clean toilet paper on the seat so I do not have to sit on the plastic, I always wash my hands when I use the public toilets.
I am disgusted at the state of some public toilets.

Yes, god knows who and what some carry by way of germs or worse.
I rarely do a number 2 and with the no 1 being a male make sure I was my hands afterwards and try not to grab on when peeing.
Yes! I am not fussy about public toilets. I have seen some ''messes'' that makes a person's skin crawl. If I need to use a public toilet, I always use a paper towel to turn on taps or open the door.
YES ,very much
Yes. I rip off a piece of toilet paper to turn the lock and also to press the button. I very rarely sit on the seat either but if I have to I put down paper on the seat. I will also wash the tap handle while I'm washing my hands so that when I turn it off I'm not back to square one! I really dislike public toilets and will only use them if I'm busting! And if there's a bad smell when I walk in....forget it! I'll go look for another.
Yes me too, I just HATE the handling of food/money with gloves! What's the point of wearing the gloves? I wish I could make myself point this fact out to the deli workers! Why don't the food inspectors notice this problem, when there doing the deli rounds?
by Miro
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