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Does it bother you that many of our commercial TV channels are always up to 20 minutes late?

by Finy (follow)
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Does it bother you that scheduled programmes on three of our commercial channels are generally up to twenty minutes late every night?

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Top Answers
It bothers me something chronic -to the point that I have stopped watching many of the shows and I now record them.

However some of them are so late, that I keep missing the end of them even though I add 5 minutes or so to the recording time.

I do not understand why all these reality shows have to go on longer than the advertised time -it mucks up watching anything else also as if I am going to watch two different programmes on different channels, it is virtually impossible.

So I hate commercial TV and the fact that they cannot be on time and have so many ads also.
by Finy
It's because the live ones like Masterchef, the Voice, etc, don't cost much to make so they're dragged out intentionally. Sometimes channel 7 or 10 is good enough to allow that so the next program's printed as 8.40/45/9.00 but not always.
I've also gone to sbs sometimes to watch a history program that was listed, only to find a last minute change to a live sporting event. Yahoo tv guide is good as it lists these changes, whereas the newspaper's printed guide may not have known when it was printed.
by amanda
Hi Finy, you need to set your record finish time a lot more than 5mins! Try an hour! That way, you won't miss ending of your show. See my reply below to Sandy, for further info. Cheers!
by donjo
Yes it does and hate the ads
by Fran
Quite simply:YES! I tend to watch ABC more than any other channel these days,so I do not need to deal with the foibles of the commercial world of TV!
I'd never noticed, so it doesn't bother me. I suppose that's because I don't watch much commerical tv anyway.
No - it's free to air. We're not really paying for it. If I didn't like it or got irritated, I just wouldn't watch it. Anyway, I flick between stations...
Yeah why is that?
Years ago, it was very much the opposite, now it's all gone to the dogs!
I have no idea how they get away with it.
If they are over time, then it would throw the whole lot out of whack?
I don't understand.
it seems to be the reality shows -perhaps they are trying to tell us they are not rigged -I dont know -I have actually emailed them a few times but they dont even bother to reply.
by Finy
I know Finy, getting a reply is almost impossible...they don't care :(
by jonaja
Yes it does, especially if I'm recording shows!
Hi Sandy.......I VHS tape-record my TV shows. I set it 15mins before due to start, & 'total time beyond' for finish, that way, if previous programme is late, I don't miss my show's end. I've many tapes. Then watch them, at MY leisure!

It really gives me the screamin' heebie-jeebies' with their late running. It's designed by the channels so that you miss the start of other channel's show, hoping you're so engrossed with their show, you won't swap channels! Cheers!
by donjo
It can be very annoying, but it doesn't disrupt my viewing too much.
by Vee
Ploy to get people not to switch Channels! Pure & simple!
Another reason I tape all tv shows I want to watch.
I think it must be frustrating if you only have free to air TV. Personally, I don't tend to watch free to air TV. I have Foxtel which gives a great range of TV shows, current affairs, news, history, general knowledge - I could go on and on as there are so many choices. certainly you are paying for it - but I find it well worthwhile, especially with the range of world news channels available.
Yes, it is very annoying particularly when you're already watching a series on another chanel and you need to switch so as not to miss the start because it can make following the show difficult. I also hate it when the commercials are on and you switch chanels only to find that chanel running
them as well.
Yes, it drives me nuts! If TV stations publish viewing schedules why can't they keep to them. It is sloppy programming.
YES. I find it very annoying. Reality shows seem to be the main culprits, running overtime. It has been my understanding that these shows are pre-recorded anyhow, so if they run overtime, edit parts out. That way programmers might be more considerate of their viewers. I swap channels and go to paytv.
yes it bothers me that they are runing late
Right on Finy! You took the words right out of my month! It drives me crazy, also. That’s why we don’t don’t watch those stations, after 7.30. We watch SBS most of the time now. Why can’t they start their programs on time, or don’t run them in the first place? And 6 or 7 sometimes! Arghh
I agree with Finy, I also record every thing that I want to watch.
I allow at least 10 minutes either side. there are times when if I record following programs that some of the first is on the front of the second.
Yes it does.iIf they put in the TV programme to start at certain time they should do so.It is very annoying to watch a programme that you don,t like until yours comes on.
Absolutely! I hate it with a passion - along with those logos and promos that are always on the bottom of the screen all the way through a program!
In fact, I think it's insulting to the viewers that we are treated with such disdain.
I also record most stuff and just cut the ads and runovers. Time shift is a great thing if we are watching something like Masterchef and want to turn over to good old ABC!
It drives me NUTS!! TV station programmers seem not to care at all now. Kerry Packer would have kicked butt for us!
So I now channel-hop, and rent the dvd later if a movie or doco has been ruined by over-runs of crass "reality" or blokes blathering in a commentary box!
Ch.2 keeps re-running the same episodes 2-3 times within one week!
Incompetent is rife at all our TV stations.
Yes, it just shows how much they are interested in their customers.
Not only late but at times not shown and repeats of repeats again and again within a few weeks.

TV Guide - at times worthless as it is so inaccurate.
An apology from time to time wouldn't go amiss.
Failing that show the remarks on the program "Gogglebox" of families watching TV, or is that yet another hoax of genuine families watching TV programs?

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