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Does even the thought of a snake frighten you?

by Finy (follow)
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Does even the thought of a snake, let alone seeing one in real life, frighten you?

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Top Answers
No, I like snakes. The one time my heart nearly stopped was when I was oblivious to a King Brown a few feet away and somehow my Staffy came roaring out of the house to chase it. It was epic and I have no idea how she knew as neither my ex or myself saw it until she chased it. Dogs. Amazing.
by Rice
Ps . . I have to say, when it rose up and started gliding away, like lightning, it was a truly terrifying sight. I called the dog off immediately. She did survive a snake bite later in life.
by Rice
that was my fear, Rice -after separating, I lived there alone and had one of my GSP's been bitten I would not have been able to lift him into the car to get to a vet who was 15 minutes away anyway.
But all the snakes where I was were either brown or tiger so deadly!
by Finy
Oooooh. That IS scary. Where I was it was mostly huge pythons and green tree snakes. Bad ones were not so common. Still, it only takes one :(
by Rice
It USED to until i lived on a property.
I saw many snakes and was totally freaked out each time particularly as I was breeding llamas, had two dogs, and had geese, and ducks!

The geese were great as they would squawk, the llamas were hopeless as they ran towards a snake to see what it was, and when this happened I had to run in between them to stop them as it was a huge tiger snake so I had to head them off. Oddly enough the 3 or 4 times my animals were in danger, the fear disappeared and something cut in to stop the fear and make me able to MOVE and move fast. Think I have already written on one question that i killed one snake with a stick as it was heading one way towards the llamas and the other way to the dogs - i got massive strength and thinking about this, it was very stupid as I was lucky I was not bitten!

Anyway the thought of a snake no longer bothers me, however if I were to see one now, and having been out of that situation for a few years, I weould be petrified.

That constant threat (I also lived on a river which made it worse for snakes, and had a bush block next door) was just one of the reasons I choise to come back to the city.
by Finy
Even in the city you are not immune from snakes as they are making their way there. The local Catholic school had one come through its doors. It was a girls school, imagine the screaming.
by nat_c
No, not in the slightest!
Handled many a snake at a Sanctuary, when I was a child, & through teenage hood.

Now see them when Bushwalking, so I respect them, don't disturb them, & keep a common-sense safe distance from them.
Not keen, must admit.

Had seen one close to where I was in my car.

Heavens knows what would happen if I was outside the car!

I guess because we really do not come across them much in real life, the mind and body can go into some kind of survival mode.

I just remember my arms had chills, and my back too.Weird to get that kind of reaction, so very quickly.

I have seen what happens to some people who have been bitten by a snake, and it was horrendous.
I hate them with a passion!!
Its neither nor there for me. They arent my favorite but I can tolerate them.
I think that snakes are interesting, and if you are afraid of them then learn all you can about them. I am terrified of spiders, but will watch shows about them. If they are in the same room as me then they are dead, and I am afraid snakes are much in the same way disposed of. The only good spideréor snake is a dead one. I am much too terrified to live in the same place of them.
In Australia, snakes are a protected species, so you're not permitted to kill them.
by donjo
I do have a healthy respect for venomous snakes,but I actually like pythons and have always been in line to actually hold these amazing creatures when at the sanctuary here. They are quite stunning. I would never touch one unless I was 100% of what it was,not ever. I have many friends up here who have licences to keep and care for snakes,so I think this has affected how I feel about them.
Does it ever
I had a brush with a large brown when I was a youngster and it frightened the life out of me.
I believe a snake probably killed my cat recently

No, certainly not the thought of one. I don't mind snakes. I would just let them slither on by if I ever saw one. They are more scared of us than we are of them, and only if they sense any threat would they bite. Live and let live is my motto. Having handled them, and being educated about them at various animal parks, I would be careful and alert around snakes, but not fearful of them. Certainly not at the simple thought of them.
Yes, dislike them immensely.
I'm not that bad, thinking of a snake is not the same as actually seeing one in real life. Actually coming face to face with one is kinda scary but I've done it before and it's amazing how calm I felt, I thought I would panic but they aren't really all that scary when they just lie there and stare at you. I think I would be more scared if it was more aggressive.
I hate snakes and spiders. They give me the hebe jebes. My daughter and I went to Cairns for a holiday and we went to the market every time to turned down a n aisle a man with a big snake was coming towards us. We discreetly changed directions , only to have this same man follow us. We got freaked out and decided to never go back there again.
That used to be the case for me. I didn't even like to touch a photo of a snake but this year I took a giant leap forward and had one asross my shoulders. I was still a bit chicken and asked the handler to keep the head away from me.
No. I once had a boyfriend who had a snake. He named her Basil. And just the other week, a reptile man came to visit my son's daycare. His snake's name was Herb. So when I think about snakes, I laugh.
by Vee
Whilst I.m not keen on snakes, I worry about my pets more, because I know the anti-venom is quite expensive, but yeah they freak me out just like spiders.
In all my years of camping I've only seen one snake and it was looking for water. I watched it briefly as it made its way to a pile of wood and disappeared never to be seen again. Was I scared? Not all that much. I was more interested in seeing it not emerge in view again.
I don't like snakes, I see them a bit when we are on hollidays in Robe, and at times they have been in the caravan park, I feel as long as you leave them alone they shouldn't be of any danger,but I always look on the ground when walking in the caravan park.
Snakes…….I feel faint when I come across a slug in the garden ! Rebloodyvolting
No, I like them. But from a distance is perfect.
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