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Does blogging help aid stress?

by Jamie0liversgirl (follow)
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Whilst social media gets a bad rap for being a poor way of communicating, many de-stress by blogging their struggles. If you have a blog, does it help you cope with stress?

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Top Answers
When I'm stressed, I find that I don't have the ability to write, and I find it less enjoyable. I can't get the motivation to do it. I do, however, find surfing sites like this acts as a distraction, which is as good a de-stresser as any.
I completely understand what you're saying. Stress can make me unbearable, let alone aid my writing. 'Switching off', and browsing sites works for me too.
I find blogging; writing my feelings, thoughts, and issues down, not necessarily sharing them with others, but letting them 'out' in a place where I won't be judged by my nearest and dearest, is extremely therapeutic.

It can be surprisingly relaxing to express any anger or sadness, or negative energy, through words via a relatively neutral medium.

Isn't there a saying that you're confident in a room full of strangers, but with those closest to you, you become a shy mute.

Perhaps it says more about the individual, but I personally find blogging an aid during periods of stress.
I prefer to do exercise if I am stressed. I was taught by my Dad that pen on paper last longer than words. This is true, because often we can vent out on something and realize we made a huge mountain out of a mole hill. However, if you find that blogging is your outlet and you are able to write without emotions, then you may have a very rare talent.
I wouldn't say blogging means people can write without emotion, in fact the very opposite; emotion may lead some to blog and thus it is a creative outlet if you get my meaning?

I also like to exercise when stressed - power walking especially.
I wouldn't say blogging means people can write without emotion, in fact the very opposite; emotion may lead some to blog and thus it is a creative outlet if you get my meaning?

I also like to exercise when stressed - power walking especially.
Not necessarily. I would share my worries and stresses with the person I trust would give me the best advice and would help me see things better. Online acquaintances do not hold that value in my life, and if I were to blog about my stresses, then getting comments from mainly unknown people would add to my stress.
I know what you mean, but I guess I see it as a creative outlet, not necessarily to gain advice or help from strangers when posting an emotive few sentences.
Absolutely. When I get home from my creative directorship on Monday's and Tuesday's, I have a bath to cleanse, and I then log onto HubGarden for an hour or two. A great way to de-stress. Great therapy also :)
I don't have a Blog.
I can fully appreciate it would help to cope with stress, and also provide help and interest for others.

I know we say we spend too much time on the computer these days!
But there are also a lot of lonely people out there.

I'm fine with them, and if it helps then that's a good thing.
There are so many people saying this-n-that is good...or bad?
I'm over it.
To Blog or Not to Blog.....that is the question.....I say B L O G :)

I just hate the word!.....(like what the heck is a blog) someone needs to change that word, it's boring.
Blog is a truncation of 'Web Log'...how lame is that. I had to look it up when I read your answer. I was sure it would be "biographical Log" which I thought would be pretty cool.
Thanks for that info on the word Blog.
I guess it re minds me of Bog ..where you get stuck!

But it sure would be nice to see it change.
by jonaja
You're right. I wouldn't say a blog is a way of connecting with others, but it can certainly be useful tool for helping to manage stress.
I don't know if blogging helps with stress but I guess it depends on the nature of your blog. If you use it as a diary, then yes, super stress relieving but if I am blogging to share information, then hells no. When I'm stressed, using writing to explore my own feelings or to work out what I need to do to become unstressed is good, any kind of creative writing simply will not happen. I'll just stare at my page.
Haha, I guess you're in the same boat as Bryony then. I guess I do use one of my blogs like a diary. I personally think it's an easy form of stress relief because it doesn't require much effort. No need to go to the gym, just open my laptop and get blogging.
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