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Does anything scare you about the future?

by Finy (follow)
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Does anything scare you about the future?

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Top Answers
As I am a senior, the future does not really bother me -what will be will be, and as I love technology, it is a shame I wont see it all!

Perhaps I am frightened of dying whereas I know a lot of people who are not -I will just be sorry not to be here but then again I wont know, will I!

And now i must stop ranting!
by Finy
Pretty much everything. One of my favourite songs is actually called, 'The Future Freaks Me Out'. Go figure.
by Vee
Oh yes. My son growing up in a world where internet porn gives the world a very twisted view of what sex should be like. The power of the internet and social media generally to affect behaviour scares me and I only see it getting worse.
Last night I watched a programme CYBER BULLY on ABC. It was the most powerful tv I've seen for some time. I am so grateful that my daughter is not of the age where she has to cope with this, or be part of it. (the young woman, the only live character, was the brilliant girl character in GOT.)
Good luck, you are a mum who is aware of these influences and can obviouly talk to your young son. Why is it in this world that so many things that can be a wonderful 'invention' are taken over by those who cause damage to us.

by sandw

The New World Order.
It will come, and it will make life very different.

A shortage of resources such as fresh water and overpopulation

No. My philosophy is to just take things as they come and deal with them at the time. I can't do much about things I don't know will take place yet, so would rather worry about things I can do something about.
The alarming rate of development is a big concern for the future - too much focus on making money and not even considering the health of the planet will certainly reap some negative results in the future.
by Lucy
Climate change worries me a great deal. The future my kids will have worries me. I'm not an overly anxious person about it, but I do give it some thought.
Death of my loved ones!
Not really, I just take life one day at a time. Nothing really happens suddenly. Therefore I think that I should have enough time to deal with whatever life throws. I try not to think of the future too much as I may start to worry about things that may never happen.
I really try not to think about the future because when I do I tend to worry about things that haven't even happened and may never happen! It's the not knowing that gets to me
by AJ
Breaking a limb and not being to be my usual independent self...(live alone)
by fran
I am concerned but not scared. Fear is crippling and prevents us from enjoying life. I try to take each day as it comes.
by Gia
if i'll be strong enough to continue .....
The thought of a Liberal Government remaining in power for a full term.
Yes, a Labor government return in Victoria on 29/11/2014.
Yes, a Labor government return in Victoria on 29/11/2014.
Yes, a Labor government return in Victoria on 29/11/2014.
whats with the date?
by brigi
I cannot see how our beautiful planet can keep coping with 7 billion people, and more to come.
We seem to take from the earth constantly, dump our 'stuff' into it, and give little in return.
Thankfully, there are many to choose to care for the world. But where I live, it is a beautiful autumn day, and we will enjoy it.... life rolls on, change, for better or worse is inevitable.
yea a lot of things but out of all that crime and violence will never get better
I just take one day at a time!
To do more than that is foolish. Sure, one can plan, but until planned day has arrived, you haven't a clue if you'll be alive for it!
My children's and grandchildren's futures when I listen to what is happening in Paris 13/11/15.
As a mother, you do tend to hope that the future will be a peaceful and happy place for our children and childrens children. Lets hope all change will be for the better. There is not much we as individuals can do about the future. It tends to be governed by those in power in regards to climate change and terrorism to name a few. We have to trust those in government will do the right thing. There is not much point in worrying about something that may or may not happen. I am not worried about the future.
There's not much point worrying about the future as such. What happens, happens. Buy I do think about out little grand-children not being able to afford to buy a house, when they grow up!
by Miro
Im afraid there is no common sense anymore regarding the laws of the land. I feel sorry for my future Grandchildren.Today parents are too afraid to discipline their children as the government have made a .list of rules. Smacking them on the backside is violence and yet the children today are more violent than ever before. When someone breaks into your house and trips over and breaks their leg -they can sue you. We have the highest paid politicians that leave with a huge pension and we also have a revolving door for each Prime minister so they can all have their bit with bulging pockets. Money rules politicians and not the good of the country. I say get back to basics. Let good parents discipline . Teach children respect and discipline and most of all love and sense in this weird world of ours.
Yes, our world seems to have gone mad. We can't turn back the clock , we had o make do with what we had you realise stay at home mum a good thing .
Everything does. I don't have a lot of faith in human nature. I just don't see all the extemists suddenly watching Mary Poppins (for example) and going, "Oh, dear, we are so silly, thet's all be friends and not fight." It disappoints me that they live on hate and destruction, killing everything and everyone for their causes. Gah, we're a stupid bunch.
by Rice
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