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Does age matter in a relationship?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Do you think it matters what ages the couple are in a relationship?

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Top Answers
I think age does not matter when you are younger however once you get into your 60's and over, and one of the couple is say, 15 years old, it does matter then.

The age difference becomes somehow worse as the younger can still do things whereas the older nearing 80 cannot.

So, YES, I think age does matter in relationships.
by Finy
Nope. I think that if they are happy then why not enjoy the time together.
I do think it matters.
In fact, my alarm bells would go off......because there really is little in common.
If the couple are 10-20 years difference, depending on the age of the youngest
person, in the relationship. So if he is 80 and she is say 65 it's fine.
If he is 50 and she is 30 it's fine.
If he is 60 and she is 25, then it really is not an equal union.

Something would 'feel wrong' to me.

I really do not believe in the saying ''age doesn't matter''.It really does!

If he has worked all his life, and she comes along and says''I can make your life better."

Younger women may be able to do just that''make it better'' in some ways, but it's not true love.

What it could well be is $.
That is unfair to his family,and a lot of older men just don't think.

looking at the pic...... I have enclosed of one famous young woman...marrying one very very old man.It looks wrong, feels wrong, and really is wrong in so many ways.
jonaj, love your picture but what about mine -it looks terrible!!
by Finy
Your's got the point across, that's important :)
by jonaja
As long as they are happy, who are we to criticise?
I think when you are younger it matters. For example, I don't think someone who is 16 and someone who is 20 should be in a relationship, but someone who is 20 and someone who is 24 is fine.

It could also matter if children are wanted. What if a young man wants kids, but he is in love with a woman past the menopause? Of course, adoption is always an option.

Apart from that, however, I do not think it matters how old you are, as long as you love each other.
Yes common sense tells you this, of course age matters, not a few years but a large age gap signals trouble I reckon....even if both are getting their part of the deal ie generally the man..Isex sex sex and the woman...money, money money!!! Sort of joking here, that's the old fogy with the young blonde scenario. Agree with Finy in her comments....
by Fran
Seeing the picture and the age difference in it, I guess it does in a whole lot of ways.
Upto a certain extent. I think if you're under 20 and dating someone who is 4-5 years younger than you, then it's not really a good sign. However, I think that changes if you go beyond your years (not 20, but more like upto 10 perhaps?). I'm a bit unsure on this one though, to be honest. My partner and I have a 6 year age gap, and it sometimes shows in our relationship - in good ways and bad.
I guess it depends on the people involved and how willing they are (if a long term relationship) to face the realities such a huge age gap can bring, like the person getting old and possibly sick earlier. I'm talking about a bigger gap than 10 years here though, ten years doesn't seem that huge to me. Traditionally, women would marry someone 5 or 6 years older and it seems to work.

I don't think age matters if a couple are in love and they enjoy spending time together.
Age does matter- but its only one of many things
by AJ
You don't fall in love with someone's age. If it feels right to both of them then good luck to them.
I think in practical terms it does matter as it may affect the choices and decisions in the relationship. But I have seen relationships with an age different of 10 up to 20 and they have worked out for the best.
My husband is 10 years older than me and it's fine. But I do feel that (in my own mind anyway) that once you are actually old enough to be someone's parent, then they are too young for you.
I have been in a relationship with a woman 18 years younger. As she was a person with a Master’s degree I assumed that she was intelligent enough to make her own decisions. The relationship worked out well for both of us for 5 years. During this time she was happy and prosperous. I have had a call from the brother advising me things have gone very badly for her since the separation. Her sisters relentlessly campaigned against me using every dirty trick in the book to break us up. Then the daughter joined in the war against me 24/7 and was an expert in the art of hatred it became too much for us to bear. Now they are complaining about the need to clean up the mess they created in her life. It is not the couple with age gap that have the issue.
I don't think a few years matters too much but, when you have 30/40 years age gap, problems could set in. Obviously generational differences, physical capabilities and health issues could come into play. However, we all have free choice, so it is up to the individuals concerned.
Recently a 76yo man married a young woman, & they want kids!

Then, of course, we've Jerry Hall 59, marrying Rupert Murdoch 84.

One word: gross!

It'll be interesting to see how long they last, trying to keep up with the younger women!
Not unusual for heart attack to happen, to the men, due 'horizontal exercise'!
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