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Does AFL football interest you?

by Finy (follow)
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Does AFL football interest you?

#AFL football
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Top Answers
I hate it!
It is a rough, ugly game and I cannot understand how so many people get so excited about a football match.

I find it dangerous, and would never follow it -but never say never -I actually looked up the results last week, being a West Australian.

Never thought I would EVER do that!
But although I would like our team to win, it still does not interest me and could find much better things to do with my time, than watch.
by Finy
Even ALF

I would rather watch paint dry !
LOL, well put!
by Finy
I dislike both AFL and Rugby immensely,and have never watched a single game either live or on TV!!!! I have so many other really enjoyable(to me,anyway!) ways to spend some time!
I admit that I did take note that Cowboys won their Semi Final last week which with my situation of living in Townsville was huge news here!You would truly have to have been unconscious or dead to NOT have heard about that win!!!
The only FOOT ball which I can conceivably call FOOT ball is SOCCER!!
Not terribly. My dad follows it, so I do keep a little up to date. I much prefer to follow the NRL. GO COWBOYS!
I live in Townsville,where the following of the COWBOYS is rather phenomenal for such a relatively small city,so I see and hear all the hype about THIS rugby team! However I grew up in Melbourne when AFL was known as VFL,so I knew all the hype about THAT form of football as well. I hate both games!! I have far better ways to spend my time,money and energy!! I definitely DID feel a certain pride though when the Cowboys won last week,even though I did not watch a single moment!! You'd have to be Dead to not feel SOME thing !!!
by Jules
I lived in Townsville for a little while and it was by going to games with my partner (his work had a corporate box!) that I developed my love of the Cowboys. I also grew up in Victoria surrounded by VFL, but never really developed any sort of passion for it.
PS: Hi! from up the road...I'm in Cairns!
by lizzi
Does that stand for American Football League? I have no interest in any kind of football.
no, we are Australian, so it is Australia!...
by Finy
You could have been talking about an international sport for all I knew.
Hi Bryony.....do you not receive .au in your Header for this site?
by donjo
Just because it is an Australian site doesn't necessarily mean that people have to talking about an Australian sport. There are plenty of international sports that can be watched.
Wow! Bryony, get out of bed on the wrong side this morning did you? No need to be like that! Negativity somewhat, as usual.......
by donjo
I wasn't being negative, I was simply stating a fact.
Yes some what. I enjoy checking the scores and seeing how my team went. If my team had been going well it gets more interesting. I never watch the games, but always check the scores.
Lluxi -so far you are the only one interested -guess all those interested people are not answering this question!
by Finy
I am absolutely sure that this is the case. Millions of followers cant be wrong, especially in Melbourne. Like a religion for some fans.
by Lluxi
Not in the least. Give me NRL any day.
I have no doubt of that Finy. Millions of fans cant be wrong, especially here in Melbourne
Not in the slightest! Hate it to the nth degree!

Like 99.9% repeating, male sport, with the exception of Equestrian, which is more skilful than football, & which we NEVER see on TV, is boring as bats@&$!

I SMH in amazement at how stupid people become over a game! It's quite frightening actually how easily they're mesmerized by watching others' kick an odd-shaped ball around a specific grassed arena!

Perfect 'timing' for invasion by whomsoever wants to!

If IQ tests were carried out, I doubt too many spectators' would score highly. Then there's the players! Pffft! Some of them can't string two words' together, let alone a sentence! They always look unshaven, grubby, with filthy, greasy hair, when i/v'd on TV. Yuk!
And yet, some of them are paid millions' of dollars! We've got our priorities' well & truly c@&$ed up!
Those amounts of money should be being poured into medical R&D, to find cures for the various insidious diseases that afflict mankind!

NO football player, or any other sportsperson, or Company CEO, for that matter, is worth the totally obscene amount of monies' they're paid! It's absolutely ludicrous!

If 'footie' followers' put as much interest into their work, that they do to this 'sport', the world's countries' would be wealthy beyond imagination!

It's just the modern version of 'Bread & Circuses', of Ancient Rome, devised by the Govt. to take the minds of the majority of populace off the c@&$ way they're governing the country.

Here endeth my opinion!
AFL - not in the least bit interested. I live in Melbourne and this year there was a Public Holiday on the eve of the final. What insanity is that? Dumbest thing ever.!
whether you like football or not if you are a working person a day off is a great day to play with the kids/grandkids walk the dog etc etc etc
by stun1
Yeah, stun1, & millions $$$ lost in productivity for the country!
by donjo
Not in the least.
by Gia
where are all the footy fans?? glued to the television!??
by Finy
maybe...Finy :)
by jonaja
I love AFL. Period !

Having grown up in South Australia, the SANFL and later AFL was a sport that filtered cross all age groups, all genders and across all sections of socio economic standing and culture. I've carried that passion with me even though I haven't lived in South Australia for 20 plus years.

It's a game that bonds people irrespective of whether you barrack for the same team ... it's a point of discussion, it's a point of pride and it's appreciation of the player's skills and ingenuity in being able to strategise and play in times of adversity and during the most adverse weather conditions. Have you ever tried bouncing a tapered ball 50 metres on grass ?

AFL supporters don't deviate from their teams, it's almost an ingrained support system that you grow up with.

In high-school many of my friends played footy for Norwood and later these same players were instrumental in the formation of the Crows. All these years later my love for the Crows remains.
Annalisa, I visited friends from Sydney, in Norwood where they lived at the time, away back in January '70! There now divorced. He lives in some 'hippy' place on the NSW north coast, & she remarried, years & years ago & lives up in the Blue Mountains, very happily! (No, they don't follow any football teams!) Sorry I had to bore you with all that!
by Miro
not interested in any form of football
I like health and fitness, which includes sport. And I like men, particularly muscular men.
I also work in the events industry, and live in Melbourne.
I have worked at the AFL at the MCG in the bar. I have also sold AFL merchandise for a job. I even sold tickets to the Grand Final for Ticketek.
For these reasons, yes it does interest me somewhat.
Not in the slightest. As a child, I remember Saturday afternoons in football season, when my father listened to the live match on his transistor radio which was followed up by the replay on TV at night (fish and chip night). Sunday was postmortem day (in the afternoon and again at night). During the week was the "we'll get 'em next time" build-up then the whole horrible cycle began again! Death by football...... No thanks.
Not in the slightest
by AJ
No. Not ever. No how. No way. I'd sooner sit my senior exams again.
by Rice
Not in the least bit interested in AFL.
by Vee
We just follow the Sydney Swans, our s/i/l's, & our grand-daughters teams, Collingwood & Richmond. In Sydney, (while we're talking football, but of another code) The Sharks, & the Dragons.
by Miro
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