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Does a woman need to wear make up to be taken seriously?

by VerityG (follow)
A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
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woman make up mascara mirror
By Juanedc via Wikimedia Commons

I have heard several stories about women being treated less seriously at work, or as less capable, if they choose not to wear make up. An anecdote I read recently related to a group of students who mounted a hate campaign against a teacher, based on her not wearing any make up and them blaming her less-than-attractive appearance for their poor performance in exams. The university did nothing to censure the students and did not support the lecturer's complaint. In the twenty-first century, does a woman really need to wear make up to be taken seriously or to prove that she is capable of doing her job properly?

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Top Answers
I have not heard about this about the teacher.

So we have students that wish to blame the teacher.
I see a few things here:

1.It is some kind of strange university undercover experiment.
2:She was so unattractive, that they could only focus on that.
3.The World Has Once Again Gone Mad!!!!!

But...for the sake of this topic,I will comment on the very last part of this question: ''Does a woman need to Wear Make Up, to be taken seriously''. Or
'' To prove she is capable of doing her job''.

Well I did a study on this very Topic.

It would seem that in this 'competitive' world of ours people are VERY VISUAL....My study was to go out and see what my appearance would do on several different time's. All the same places,The result was upsetting.

People reacted totally different to me, on all occasions.
The end result was the ''More well dressed and with make up you are''....the more Respect you get.
It really made me quite angry, but it is true....We live in a Bizarre World, that
certainly across all walks of life in all areas it takes notice of YOU!

Here is where it gets interesting, you can try and change it....but that is a impossible feat.People are unequivocally sold over for 'nice'-'pretty'-'handsome'-well dressed' -'made up people'.
They will Not give a second glance at someone who looks 'shabby' or 'plain'.

How exciting to be living on this planet with so many shallow people.
Well said jonaj!
by Vee
I personally don't own any makeup. However if I was a woman in the corporate world I would probably wear it out of social obligation. I suspect that women do need it to be take seriously now that I think about it. How terrible!
When we moved, I had a clear out of all my old make up, as I realised that I hadn't worn any for many months and some of it dated back several years, untouched.... as a stay-at-home mother, I seem to feel no need to wear any! When I was working though, I definitely saw it as part of my armour, along with power dressing and having to change my behaviour to be more like a man. I just find it hard to believe when I think about it that this is really necessary - surely we should have reached a point where a woman's appearance is no more relevant than a man's........ apparently not :(
I hope I don't need to wear make up to be taken seriously - because I don't!! However...the two bosses I had that truly supported me when I was in a higher role were also women who didn't wear make-up. Then I had a new boss - a woman who DID wear make up and I felt that she didn't feel that I was "up to the job"...whether that is because I simply didn't meet her expectations or because I didn't wear make up I don't know....
Unfortunately, I have heard several stories like this one. I think, in today's day and age, a woman must be wear make up to be taken seriously in the professional sphere. I think it's disgusting, and for that reason I choose not to wear make up when I tutor my kids or go to uni.
by Vee
A woman doesn't have to wear make up to be taken seriously. If a woman is well put together (in terms of dress, posture, walk, attitude and speech), she will be taken seriously.
I don't think so. The only makeup that I would consider necessary for a woman to be "taken seriously" would be a moustache and maybe well trimmed beard.
No, of course not
I had not heard of this; however surely some makeup goes with looking professional and wearing suitable clothes for work. I wore makeup every day when I was working and now that I have retired, I wouldn't dream of going out without makeup. I just like to look and feel my best!
OMG no

Haven't worn 'make-up' per se, for years' as my facial skin is very smooth & lineless! Like to keep it that way for as long as possible!
So just wear lipstick, colour matching my outfit, day or night! Simple!

Well Donjo, I would never be taken seriously if I didn't wear makeup. People would just consider me to be a "walking dead". So pale they would probably be fighting to have me admitted to Hospital.
by fran.
Aw, you're funny, fran! lol!
by donjo
I remember I don't get service at all when I went to the big store.
I have never heard of this so no.
by Finy
I don't understand why a woman should wear make up to be taken seriously, I mean what if she can't because of a skin condition,what a whole load of croc!
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