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Do you write for any Hubgarden websites?

by Matteo Lor (follow)
I write for Animalpedia and Plantpedia . Earn 1c per view!
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Write for Hubgarden

Do you write for any Hubgarden websites? Perhaps you write for RecipeYum or Kidtown Melbourne?

Or perhaps you're a regular contributor to Answer Angels or Review Clue?

There are so many different websites. Do you write for one site - or do you write for many?

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Top Answers
Wonderful question! I started off as a writer for HubGarden for RecipeYum, Howtoi, TravelSix and Review Clue. That was briefly when HubGarden started. I left HG, and after many months of not writing here returned in September 2013, and have taken this as a serious investment vehicle since.

I used to write for Answer Angels (this hub) - yet my Chief Editor responsibilities on the following hubs is keeping me ultra busy:

Sydney Food Lovers - founder/creator and Chief Editor
Sydney Fun - founder/creator and Chief Editor
Self Avenue - Editor, now Chief Editor since January 2014.
Toopa Sydney - started as a writer in October 2013, and promoted to Chief Editor in January 2014.

Truly Heart - Editor (also work with the lovely Mina)
Stylish One - Editor (was Chief, but gladly passed the torch onto Erica - an awesome decision!)

Occasionally love contributing to KidTown (both Sydney and Melbourne - more so Sydney as I live there now) and Shop Love.

Have written for Chocolate Hit, Home Genius, Saver Guide and Healthy Hints, as well as for the wikis: HubGarden Guide and Australiaa. Contribute answers to Bestty.

Still Chief Writer for WeekendNotes - this site got my freelance writing career started in September 2011. I became a full-time independent/self sufficient freelance writer after only six months, with four self help books published 9 months ago.

Have also been an editor for Yelp and a few magazines, as well as working for a client in the mainstream press where I left as creative director, acting CEO and then business consultant - what a whirlwind.

Many things - keep it varied. Am someone that can get bored easily, and have many different interests and business ventures going at one. Nice to be a freelancer/100% self employed.
Yes. I write for A Comfy Chair (the book and writing hub), Answer Angels, TVOde and Chocolate Hit (reviews of chocolate products).
Answer Angels and TVode seem pretty popular!
I write for Kidtown Melbourne, Answer Angels and I've submitted one to RecipeYum!
I write for Toopa Melbourne, KidTown, TVOde, AnswerAngels, LeFlick, Bestty.
Which KidTown, Happy Mon? Might be worth writing for Kidtown Melbourne like me ;)

Again, Answer Angels and TVode seems pretty popular.
Kid Town Melbourne. Definitely worth it.
Good one Matt. I was considering the same question, however with a different purpose. I post articles on many hubs after having been introduced to weekend notes and self-avenue. I have found interesting topics across many hubs and I adore the people I get to interact with on these hubs i.e. from the views or opinions shared by the individuals.

I think this forum with the variety of hubs also helps me improve my communication skills while giving me a vent for my life situations, questions and allowing me to share my thoughts.

Prost! Cheers to the website creators, editors and the contributors!
Great positive reply Manny. Thanks for sharing!
RecipeYum, Answer Angels, TVOde and LeFlick. Hoping to start writing for Parent 101 and SelfAvenue soon. I also write for WeekendNotes.
by Vee
You're prolific, Vee. Must be busy!
Thanks Matt, I try. Spending most of every day with a baby, I find that writing helps my brain from turning to mush. :)
by Vee
This one, TVode, Comfy Chair, ToopaSydney and KidstownSydney....
Another TVode writer. It must be popular!
I mostly write for Money Off but also Healthy Hints, Parent 101, Answer Angels, TV Ode. I have signed up for a few others but am yet to write an article.
Are you going to write for a Kidtown website? Eg Melbourne or Sydney?
My Kid Craft, Recipe Yum, Kid Recipes, Chocolate Hit, Healthy Hints, Kidtown Brisbane, Toopa Brisbane, Parent 101, Weekend Notes.....
by Lucy
Wow Lucy, you are keeping so busy with all of that writing. Are you editing a hub as well?
Hi Lucy... we'd love you to write for DecorNotes if you get the time and feel inspired :-)
by Jane
Hey Matt I don't write for any hub as yet but I'm having so much fun learning my way through this whole process an look forward to writing in the future. Good question

Hi Rich. Welcome to the Hubgarden community. Hope you enjoy writing, and check out Animalpedia as well!
I write for Kidtown Melbourne and would love to write for heaps more.
Belle, come and write for Animalpedia!
Yes I do
For Answer Angels, Recipeyum, Healthy Hints, My Kid Craft, Kid recipes, Kidtown Melbourne, LE Flick, Money off, Parent 101, Chocolate hit.
Have written previously for Self avenue, Darling she, Stylish One, Review Clue, Bestty and Weekendnotes.
You're prolific, Smita! Are you an editor at all?
No I'm not and really looking forward to it
by Smita
I write for a number of different hubs: TVOde, Given to Gaming, Recipe Yum, Kid Recipes, Howtoi, Toopa Melbourne, Le Flick, Bestty and more.

I am also an editor for Given to Gaming and Howtoi, and the chief editor for TVOde.
Keeping busy! How have you found the Editor and Chief Editor positions?
I actually like both quite a bit, they allow me to really be a part of what's going on with Hubgarden. All of the hubs I edit for are small, so I'm not a huge part of the process, but I enjoy what I can do.
I write for:
Self Avenue
Truly Heart
Craft Found
Ready for Pets
Healthy Hints
On Comfy Chair
Weekend Notes

I also write for:
Savvy SME - a small business and professional development website
eZine Articles
The Narangba Voice

I am just getting started and finding my article writing 'feet.' It is such an enjoyable experience and I have found Hub Garden and Weekend Notes to be invaluable in my learning process as well as developing my confidence as a writer.

I particularly like Hub Garden because it allows me to use topics that I have had personal experiences in to share, teach, reflect and learn. I also have the opportunity to connect with awesome like-minded writers that I never would have before.

Weekend Notes has been so good for me as I have and am learning how to write reviews, be objective and still give something fun or thoughtful for the audience to read and inspire them to do things out and about in Brisbane.

On a personal, private-ish note, I am writing fiction as this is something I want to develop. I would love to write and publish paranormal speculative fiction that grabs the reader and holds them to the page to the very last word. It's not easy but I think that all writing practice goes a long way to making characters come to life on the page and one day I will make my dream come true.

What an awesome questions!

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing, Selina. Would you be interested in writing for Animalpedia?
Hi Matt,
Sure, I'd love to write for Animalpedia if you are happy to have me.
Happy to take your contributions Selina. Check it out and ask me if you have any questions!
Yes. I write for RecipeYum and Howtoi. I am a bit of a newbie so feel free to show me some love. :-)
by Gia
Plenty of love for newbies, Gia :)
Mostly MyKidCraft and DecorNotes as I love making things and being creative.
by Jane
Here are the links: MyKidCraft and DecorNotes.
by Jane
Thanks for sharing, Jane!
I started off with Weekend Notes a little over a year ago, as a way to get my photography out there more. I must admit that I don't really enjoy writing travel articles that much and I stopped doing it for the longest time. I only recently started writing for the Hubgarden and started up my own Hub, My Inspired Life... funny story actually....

I was applying to write for Self Avenue, which is what I wanted to do. I never heard anything back. I waited and waited and got quite despondent because I have been writing a self help style blog for over 3 years and this was completely up my alley. I couldn't understand why they had rejected me.

So a friend and fellow Hub writer Jo, suggested we start our own Hub instead. Which we did. And shortly after that I was checking my spam folder and discovered that Self Avenue hadn't rejected me after all. But by now I had already started My Inspired Life and it was doing quite well. Guess it was meant to be.
Thanks for sharing Tracie :)
I'm gradually getting into various hubs as I come across them and become interested in the topics. It is certainly a contagion raging at the moment.
If you're interested in animals, grann, check out Animalpedia. I hear they're looking for some more writers.
Great question, Matt and really interesting reading all the answers! I write for Weekend Notes and am loving sharing my experiences with others. I have also started contributing to some of the Hub Garden hubs: Ready for Pets, Answer Angels and Recipe Yum. Hope to add a few more as I discover them. Am new to this writing business and am thoroughly enjoying it! Have found the editors really helpful and supportive.
Also worth adding to your list is Animalpedia. If you're interested in writing about animals of course :)
Sounds good, Matt. I'll have a look - do love my animals!
Thanks, Matt Taylor.
Yes, I do. I was writing at first only for RecipeYum and Howtoi, then joined some other hubs like StylishOne and HealthyHints. I like HubGarden and WeekendNotes because you get feedback from editors, unlike many other sites I work with.
Yes - it's great getting feedback, and also earning a little income stream.
I just started writing for HubGarden last week. I discovered HG & the Business Boss hub through Source Bottle and I submitted my first article on Friday. It's nice to get feedback - the article was awarded Editor's Bronze Choice. (How else do you know whether you're a good writer?) I'll also write for Self Avenue. Good luck to all writers! My first article is here if you'd like to take a look: http://businessboss.com.au/anticipating-battles/
Are you enjoying writing so far, Sue? All the best for your writing journey!
Hey Matt. Yep, I love writing. What about you? Are you more of a writer or editor?
I started writing for Self Avenue four months ago and am really enjoying it. I use all my own pics as I enjoy taking photos. I have also written for Darling She and have started writing for Recipe Yum and Money Off. I enjoy responding to questions in Answer Angels.
No. I just live on Answer Angels since I found it. ^_^
by Rice
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