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Do you worry about North Korea and do you think Kim Jong-un is a madman?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you worry about the tests North Korea is doing?

Do you think Kim Jong-un is mad?

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Top Answers
Yes, I do worry about North Korea and the potential to start another war and/or harming people.

and Yes, I think he is quite mad - he has no regard for people though nor have so many of the world today.

It is not a simple problem obviously!
by Finy
Thank you again, Rice, for this question!
by Finy
I do worry about what north korea is doing. With modern technology the world is a lot smaller place and weapons fire further than we ever could have imagined with more devastating permanent efects. Also i worry that the most dangerous leadership combination of donald trump in america and kim jong-un in north korea puts the whole world at risk of utter devastation because neither has any respect for the planet and the life on it. And both are power mad fighting to be top dog with the most dangerous weapons and both with itchy trigger fingers hovering over the big red button. I think we should be very concerned.
Mad, bad or sad? It's the eternal question, isn't it? I think he is horribly evil. I think we should be worried . . . but . . . given that he has had more flops than actual missile launches, I would think he has just as much chance of blowing North Korea off the map as anywhere else. He's like the idiot with a gun that shoots his own foot off. We can hope that he is not dumb enough to attach a nuclear warhead: meanwhile let's continue to point and laugh . . . . the same way we do at Trump. World peace, everyone, let's hope.
by Rice
I do not wotry about him. He is not mad but a calculating evil dictator. He learned from his father before him. I feel sorry for the people in the country who ate under this oppression. Like others before him, his dynasty will fall.
I find it so very very hard to believe that in 2017 we still have people like him doing what they do so well, oppression to it's most Evil-Form.

You have to ask yourself 'why' does the USA allow him to remain alive?

why do you think its up to the USA to police the world?

by simon
Oh! for goodness sake's....that's who they are. LOL
The US are the world Police, it's been like that since I was a kid in the 1950's.
Plus, being (as they say most powerful) 2nd is Russia trying to keep up.
by jonaja
I don't worry too much about him as he is just a bag of hot air. He is like a bully poncing around and playing with his weapons. He knows how to intimidate, but if the rest of the world called him out, I think he would retreat. There is no way his small country could win any armed conflict against the rest of the world. Where does his weaponry come from? If we cut his supply line he wouldn't have such bravado. I don't think he is mad. He is just pure evil, killing anyone ( including family ) who stands in his way. He is power hungry but a coward. His grandfather and father both hated the West. He is just following suit, and probably believes all the propaganda he has been fed.
This person is EVIL. There is no other word to describe him.

Nutty as a fruit cake and evil to boot.
I'm more concerned about the power Indonesia has and so close to us too. As for Kim Jong-un being mad - no, he's a cruel, calculating murderer who knows how to intimidate and get away with it.
Cruel . . !! YES. That's the perfect word for him.
by Rice
We should be afraid, very afraid! Sadly he is in a group of tyrannical evil rulers who wants to be world leader at any cost! At any price! No matter who dies!
sometimes. but theres not much i can do about it. better to worry about what you can alter

This man is definitely not one of the regular human race.His entire evil, extremely cruel outlook and attitude frighten the heck out of me.There are definitely other leaders who make me cringe, also in the Asian region,and I cannot help but be reminded of Pol Pot with HIS indecencies towards humanity. And now, with the latest US leader being the egotistical Trump, world peace as we know it actually does appear to be in a state where it could go out of the window. Some may say 'interesting times'...I prefer to think of them as CAUTIOUS (dare I say VERY cautious?) times and I am horrified at what may become of the world and society as we currently see it. We must also keep in mind,though, all of the OTHER zealous groups who are doing cruel, evil and insane acts of damage all over the world.
I have that creepy feeling that if we locked Trump and Kim Ding Bat in a room together, they would come out smiling and patting each other on the back. *shudder*
by Rice
Oh indeed!!! What a scary thought this truly is!! Both are so egotistical and both believe they know everything about everything. An even more frightening scenario would be if this pair had a massive argument about even something totally inconsequential! War would be a certainty.
by Jules
Honestly, I'm more worried about what the US will do in response to Kim "flexing his muscles". I think he's just showing off.
by Vee
I recently watched a very powerful speech by a young North Korean woman. The world needs to help the innocent people of North Korea.
by AJ
Yes, I do worry about North Korea, and yes I do think this man is as crazy as a mad hatter, he is a ticking time bomb! and idiots like trump I don't think take it serious enough!
Amen to that!
by Rice
Yes, he's a very frightful madman. I don't know how his wife came to marry him. I hope they don't have any kids!
by Miro
I think this guy is crazy, if they bumped him off like they did to Bin laden I wouldn't be disappointed, but there is al;ways another crazy one out there.
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