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Do you worry about genetically modified foods?

by Finy (follow)
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Are you worried about genetically modified foods, or do they not bother you?

Why or why not?

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Top Answers
I would at first have said NO, however I realised that I do not buy odd coloured carrots or capsicum as I think they are genetically modified.

I really know little about it and presume it is bad -why, I know not either!
I guess it means science has mixed something to produce something else and it is therefore not natural -like a nectarine and a plum mixed -i think they have done this and it has an odd name -I would not eat them as it is playing with nature.
by Finy
Veggies being a different colour doesn't mean they are genetically modified. We have been selectively breeding plants (animals too) to grow different colours, shapes and sizes for thousands of years. Hardly any of the food grown today looks anything like it did in its wild state. Bananas used to have seeds, corn used to be tiny, brussel sprouts, kale and cabbages are all cultivars of the same species. Purple carrots aren't any less natural than orange ones.

GMO foods lead to diminished biodiversity. Not only that, but companies such as Monsanto are forcing farmers in the US to purchase their patented seeds or face lawsuits. I'm not too sure of the implications of eating GMO foods, but the wider effects of its production are very troubling.
by Vee
Vee what Finy was talking about there isn't even GMO food.
I made up a while back a little saying.

GMO is a... no no!
Who wants to eat something that people have 'changed'.
Sure they say less pesticides, but I just wonder down the track at(what cost).
It was perfect before, and man once again has stuck his nose where is should not be.
All the while telling lies, about how its fine.
It's not fine.
It was.
Now it's not...some genius, telling us it's for the better.It's all about 'money', when you get right down to it.

Yes, I do worry about them. I think that the intensive breeding of plants for certain traits has led to the sharp increase in food intolerances and allergies, and GMO is a way of shortcutting that process and making it even more damaging. We need to find sustainable and longterm solutions to food problems.
Yes, GMO and the Monsanto Corporation really concerns me. My family and I participated in an anti GMO rally last year.
I found this button and thought it was apt. I hope you enjoy it: http://badgeaminit.ca/wordpress_5/?p=448
by Vee
Well not overly.....when I think of the starving trillions in the world....I am just happy to be eating fairly healthily
by Fran
Products should be clearly marked if they are genetically modified and buyer beware. GM products' DNA have been interfered with and have long term effects on humans.Check out this website and form your own opinions. http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/why-should-i-care-about-gmos
I think labelling is probably a good idea because it allows people who object to genetically modified foods not to buy them, and I do think patenting genes is a terrible idea which has the potential to screw over the poor. On the other hand, I think there is a lot of silly media hype over GMO foods with people often convinced they are scary without really understanding why and I think the potential uses of this technology to feed the hungry are very exciting.
I'm not particularly concerned about the implications of eating genetically modified foods on our health, but I am very concerned about the wider implications - like farmers being forced to purchase seeds instead of being allowed to save their own, diminished biodiversity, and the death of bees.
by Vee
That's a good reason to be concerned. Though I don't think GMO is the problem there per se, so much as large scale monoculture farms.
I'm not too sure about the effects of eating GMO foods, but, like I've mentioned elsewhere, the wider implications of its production are very worrying.
by Vee
No, I don't spend a lot of time worrying about it but if we started seeing lots of weird looking fruit and veg, I'd be concerned
Honestly I don't know much about it so it's not something I think about
by AJ
I don't know enough about their "harmful" effects to be bothered by GM foods.
No not really.
I am totally against GM foods - best way around this is to grow your own vegetables/fruit/herbs, save your seeds and buy from local organic farmers at your local farmers market.
by Lucy
I grew up eating seasonal vegies grown in the garden,and I am fortunate enough to now live in Nth Qld where I can grow so many things all through the year! I always have various tomatoes in flower and fruit at any given time and these are the first which come to mind when discussing GMO Foods! I have to say that I am definitely concerned about GMO as the public is kept in the dark about so much of what actually happens in the Laboratories,and also what the effect is to our farmers. Money seems to be the driving force behind the GMO issue,as it is with so many other big issues in the world today.I have to admit that I do MY little bit to object,by growing my own herbs and foodstuffs,which include bananas and mangoes,where possible,and buying from my friends (potatoes,pumpkins,melons,etc),and local growers up here.They are plentiful enough that the prices are very reasonable.GMO is not making much from me,that is for sure!
I don't "worry" about it but I do try to avoid it. I have a little garden and plant organic seeds whenever I can, and I usually buy my fruit and veges at a farmers market, either organic or clearly marked GMO and pesticide free.
I am sure I still consume GM foods whenever I dine out, go to a cafe or buy processed foods, but when I can avoid it I do.
I agree with Yello's comment regarding the "starving trillions" (although there are only 7 billion humans on the earth!) and that GM foods may be an option for them, but I also know that old-fashioned grain, vegetable and fruit varieties can thrive in the harshest conditions - you just need to be able to get them out of the hands of Monsanto and other companies only interested in turning a profit.
No, I think they are great; we modify things to make them healthier, bigger more producible and cheaper - I also think the practice is one of the ways we will tackle world hunger!
It concerns me quite a bit as we still know little about it and potential later side effects. Thalidomide was thought to be wonderful, until later. We shld know more about GM foods. Is info being kept from us? At this time, I do not support GMO.
No, I don't worry about the modified genetic foods, I have other things on my mind.
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