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Do you wet your toothbrush before putting toothpaste on it?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you wet your toothbrush before putting the toothpaste on, or do you put it on a dry toothbrush?

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Top Answers
I always wet the brush first -I think it said to do this on the instruction of the electric toothbrush.....
by Finy
No, I just put the toothpaste on and brush away.
I put toothpaste on my brush, then wet it.
by Vee
u r back to front! hehehe
by Finy
Back to front, upside down, inside out. I like to shake it up, LOL.
by Vee
I always wet the brush and then put the toothpaste on
by AJ
by Fran
No just put the toothpaste on then wet it all...
by Fran

Nothing worse than a very dry & stiff toothbrush....yucky :(
I put toothpaste on a dry brush, then wet the paste and bush at the same time.
I wet the brush and then top it with tooth paste.
Yes,just a little bit! I have done this for as many years as I have cleaned my teeth which is a lot!!!! It is just the way I was taught when very little.
I wet it first, then add toothpaste.
I used to when I was younger, now I don't bother.
Has to think about this one! No, I don't believe I do!
on a dry toothpaste then water. all would slip off otherwise. or that's the theory anyway.
No need to, I find that toothpaste on an electric brush with the saliva in the mouth foams up plenty enough...
yes wet it
Rather than calling it 'wet', I'll say I wash the brush under running water before use.
Yes, didnt know others did this
by Gia
I (almost) always wash the brush under hot running water before I apply the paste. Because, it's been in the bath environment and I think it's just an additional hygiene step I've always followed to clean the brush before brushing my teeth with it!
yesi always wet the brush first. it feels softer.
I put the toothpaste on my dry toothbrush. I had to really think about this question - it's something I do without even thinking about it...
I use an electric toothbrush and always rinse it under running water before use. It's sits on the counter in the ensuite, so it's a hygiene issue for me.
yes I always wet the toothbrush before placing the paste on it.
Wet toothbrush firstly. Gets rid of anything on it since last brushing. Just a guess, but I think that started when tooth cleanser came as a powder.
Does anyone else remember Ipana Tooth Cleaning Powder? It came in an ovally-shaped green & white tin!

So I suppose that practice just continued when 'paste' became the norm!
If you put paste on firstly, then wet all, how's the water going to get onto brush under where paste is sitting?
I remember it! Gosh, we're old. Not. Wahahahahahaha. Funny how I feel like a juvenile deliquent . . . . *simper*
by Rice
Oh! Rice, we just need to meet for Coffee, & I can sort you right out! Lol!

I find it amazing, the memories' of my childhood, that have come flooding back, because of 'Answer Angels'!
Things I haven't thought of in over FIFTY+ years! Scary, ain't it?
by donjo
My parents always used a tooth (cleaning) powder, but I think it was a plain white tin. You & I may be the same sort of age then Donjo! I'm in my late 60's!
by Miro
No, I’ve ALWAYS wet my brush 1st, but I turn the tap off again, until I need to rinse my mouth out & clean the toothbrush. And YES to donjo. I remember my mother, who’s now 93 & 1/2, using a white tooth powder, but I think it was in a small red/white tin. Well fancy someone else remembering about tooth powder. I was pleased to have read about that! I’m in my late 60’s now.
Oh! miro_......thank you! I used to eat it! I loved the peppermint taste! My Parents' soon put a stop! to that, & rightly so! Lol!
by donjo

Yes I do tend to wet my toothbrush before adding the toothpaste and the water needs to be warm.
Oh! Diana, I've the water cold! If I'd it warm, it'd make me nauseous!
by donjo
I rinse my tooth brush then put tooth paste on before wetting the tooth paste, hmm maybe I am strange after all!
I always wet my brush first, and I need to have warm to hot water.
Both. I have 2 different toothpastes. One I use once a day and wet the toothpaste on the brush. The other one is also used once a day but is not wet. This one you don't rinse your mouth.
I wash my tooth brush both morning and night,that it remains wet always and I needn't wet it when I brush.
No, put it on dry.
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