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Do you wear sleeveless tops or do you prefer with a small sleeve?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you tend to wear short sleeves now or do you still go sleeveless?

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Top Answers
I tend now to wear very small sleeves -would you call them "caps" perhaps due to my bat wings which I do not like people to see.

However when at home, I go sleeveless and also when the temperature hits about 35° I do not really care how I look, and will then dress for coolness and wear no sleeves.

Today is going to be such a temperature however I am going to go out in sleeves to try to get used to the heat and the sleeves!
by Finy
Oh my gosh, Finy! Bat wings? I'm sure they are not that bad. We are our own worst critics. ;)
by Vee
The pic you have put on this question is one I could paint....thanks!
by fran
I'll see your bat wings and raise you a couple of bingo wings ^_^
by Rice
I have not worn sleeveless since coming to live in the tropics!! Then I had a huge operation on my shoulder and the sweet little sleeves I wore became regular short sleeves, I actually find them comfortable as well as being great protection from the tropical sun. I always love bright cheerful colours as well as I think too many folk tend to live colourless existences these days,whereas I have always worn lively colours,even down to my shoes!!!
I am too old (or rather my arms are) to wear sleeveless tops or dresses. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get anything fashionable with a decent sleeve. Cap sleeves are out for me but there is a sleeve called a "deep" cap sleeve so that it comes down the upper arm further. You can also get a slight extension sewn onto a cap sleeve. I have seen short sleeve that come to a point (like a V shaped sleeve) that sort of creates an optical illusion. I can't understand why some designer, say for K Mart or Target or Millers or whomever can't design something with an interesting short sleeve instead of producing the sleeves that look like they are designed for a shirt for an overweight man. Don't want overlong sleeve because of the lack of length in upper arm that some women have. Money to be made out there for some super, highly intelligent designers.
At home, I'm not fussed. I will walk around in my 'bra' if it gets too hot, but, when I go out, I prefer to wear sleeves.
by Vee
I don't think I've ever worn sleeveless tops, unless it's over another top with sleeves... I just don't like the way they look.

I also find when it's hot that the more covered up I am, the cooler I stay and the less sunblock I need.
I really do not like sleveless tops so I wear small sleeves. If I have a sleeveless dress that I like I will wear a shawl or sweater to cover up.
by Gia
I wear both but prefer to have a short sleeve
by AJ
I have never liked on me even as young girl being sleeveless.
Don't like it if I lift my arm, and looking at someones underarm...is not that great! even if it is a hair free one.
I like a nice halfway sleeve on my tops etc.
No sleeveless! My shoulders are broad, thanks to many years of competitative swimming, so a sleeve, no matter the length is essential for me.
Essential for me too. But very hard to buy a decent sleeve. I'm not talking about a full sleeve down to the elbow…. but there has absolutely GOT to be some designer out there that can make a sleeve that has a fancy "end" to it. Something like a "V" pointing toward the elbow, or a "cut off, tapered end" to a sleeve. Or, a bit of cotton or linen lace on the end of it. It is all just an illusion, but people shouldn't have to put up with the bloody awful, big wide sleeves that are only available. They look like sleeves for great big overweight blokes. There isn't even a nice tight, short sleeved SHEER top to wear under a blouse, tunic or whatever. It is either sleeves that make you look like a wrester or NOTHING.
by fran.
I like longsleeves, even in hot weather. It is rare for me to be sleeveless or even short sleeved.

Home - sleeveless. Out - sleeves, preferably 3/4.
by Rice
I feel the heat so opt for sleeveless if I can find something in my size, or short sleeve otherwise. I don't find manyvcapped sleeves in the larger sizes and 3/4 or full sleeves are a no-no as I would roast in them. In Winter it is different as I don't feel the cold and often only wear a light fabric long or 3/4 sleeve blouse as I can't stand the heating in shopping centres.
Most of my 19 dresses have a tiny sleeve, (like in the photo above,) & that’s what I mostly wear these days. In Melbourne in winter, I wear a merino wool top under them, then a cardigan, then a coat, & tights/leggings. My daughter doesn’t like me wearing them in the Melbourne winter as she says they look silly! I now wear slacks, jumpers & a coat, down there. It’s not cold enough for a long winter coat in Sydney!
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