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Do you wear most of the jewellery you own, every day?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you wear most of the jewellery you own every day?

Or do you have certain jewellery for special occasions only?

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Top Answers
I certainly do not wear all the jewellery I own every day.
I own too much to do that.
I do have a lot of better pieces that I would only wear on special occasions.

However I wear 3 heavy gold bracelets always and put my engagement ring (3 stones set into one) on often when I go out.

I have also some old button jewellery -made for me by ladies in a button collectors club in the US -I only wear these pieces to button club meetings or similar.

I have a lot of inherited pieces also that are just too fancy to wear every day.
by Finy
On an ordinary day, I wear no jewellery. It's impractical for me.
by Vee
I don't wear it at all.
Maybe a Sunday at Church, but even then! I always running a tad late, and forget.
I have a lot of pearls, and they should see the light of day.
Yes, lol, they should. There no use out of sigh. ;-)
by Vee
by Vee
by jonaja
I only own one ring, my wedding band, and I wear it all the time. I assume that is the case with most men - small collection, constantly worn - with maybe the exception of cufflinks and watches if they can be considered jewelery.
I either wear silver or gold but not all of it as have too much.
Like to wear silver when I am in 'blue'...just feel it compliments the colour well.
I wear either when in black.
Wear my costume jewellery less and less theses days, seem to stick to my 'good' jewellery.
by fran
No, only because I am lucky enough to have quite a lot of lovely pieces but every time I go out I do wear a watch, one bracelet, ear rings, necklace, wedding ring, engagement ring and eternity ring plus one other ring on my right hand. Some ladies wear a ring on every finger and too many bracelets. I do not care for that look.
Sadly I can wear no jewellery any more. I cannot get a single one of my very beautiful rings on anymore due to misshapen fingers from a rare arthritic disease/When I weRar a watch or bracelet I 'swell to fit' whatever it is!!! and being at home a great deal of the time now,I do not bother with any other items either any more! A great pity as I have have collected many very rare and beautiful items over the years.

No I don't. I just wear my engagement ring. I have a small collection though, but not sure where did I even keep it, LOL .
by BK
I certainly do. The only piece of jewelry I own is my wedding ring. I wear it everyday.
No. Having small children I've gotten used to not wearing anything that can be easily broken by little ones pulling on it, so I don't wear chains, only pendants on silk or waxed cotton cords, and I don't have pierced ears any more. I also rarely wear rings or bracelets during the day when I'm doing housework and looking after the kids because they get in the way (the jewellery, not the kids). I still have a few other things that I wear on special occasions or if I'm out without the kids (which is in itself a special occasion).
I have one ring that I wear all the time. But otherwise I own very little jewellery and I'm not really sure where it is...
I tend to wear the same pieces every day - I have so many pieces that I don't wear. This question has made me realise I need to start wearing more of my jewellery
by AJ
I love Junk jewellery for everyday wear and wear necklaces, earings and bracelets to match whatever style and colour I am wearing in any one day. I keep the GOOD jewellery for special occasions.
Yes a lot of my jewellery is quite expensive special occasion stuff that I would be afraid to lose if I wore them everyday
I rarely wear any jewellery at all. Its just not my thing.
by Gia
Enjoy my 'wedding' associated jewellery daily.
Other pieces worn on other occasions. I try to match my jewellery to outfit being worn, if possible.
I wear all of it every single day. My watch!
I used to wear my earrings every day I left the house, but for the past year or so, I haven't worn them. I do wear 4 gold rings every day though, that have been on my fingers for the last 19 years, because i can't get them off. (I hope my daughters have them removed when I die) When i do go out, I wear my very wide wedding ring, & sometimes another 1 or 2 gold rings. I also wear a stash of wide & narrow plastic bracelets to match my many dresses I keep the bracelets in matching colours. I also have a gold charm bracelet I started on my 21st birthday. I don't wear it very often now, as it's a bit heavy on my arm, & the charms get caught in my cloths, I hardly wear my necklaces now either. My mother used to keep telling me: "Plain is Best" I never took that advice from her! Pity!
by Miro
I've so much jewellery it isn't funny but I usually forget to wear any of it when out because it's mostly shopping trips. I do like to show off my diamonds and precious stones when dressed up.
If I wore all my jewellery, at once I would look like a christmas tree, an overdecorated one at that. I have lots of junk jewellery, then I have the jewellery that my grandparents gave to me from my mum's side, that is of sentimental value.
I do have quite a bit of jewellery, I wear the pieces how I feel on the day.
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