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Do you wear glasses?

by Sarah Bell (follow)
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If so, have you always worn them, or have you needed them as you get older?

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Top Answers
I do wear glasses but only for driving and at church so I can see all the sin in peoples faces!! ha ha. I wear prescription sunnies so I mostly wear them driving so I look cool too!!

Lol funny!
Nope, no glasses, perfect eyesight hopefully foreverrrr heehee
I had to wear reading glasses in high school. I was getting headaches and I was told that it was vision related. My optometrist also thought that if I wore the glasses regularly that because I was still growing, the damage would repair itself, and I likely could toss the glasses after a year or so. That's exactly what happened.
That was a pretty good outcome. I thought once you had me you'd be stuck with them for life.
No I have not always worn them, and yes I now wear them when reading or on the computer.Yes.....part of getting older....ya :(

Don't you hate that!
I need to wear glasses to see properly and I hate them! It's frustrating relying on something else just to function normally. The sooner I can get rid of them the better.
Yes, I used to wear them and it was frustrating having to find them in the morning if I'd put them somewhere different the night before.
yep - and depressingly bi-focals. Now that is old!!
yep - and depressingly bi-focals. Now that is old!!
No...not yet.
by Vee
Not anymore. I wore glasses from 3 years of age and had a variety, from coke bottle lenses, to ultra thin with flexible ear pieces, clip on sunnies and prescription sunnies. Eventually I got sick of it and had laser to correct my vision. I haven't needed any since and hopefully will stay that way for a few years to come.

I have been wearing glasses since I was 13 years old (and I am nearing 40). I really want to get Lasik done though.
Reading glasses needed once I turned 30, light magnification but they work well and my eyes no longer get so tired after a day hitting the books.
Yes, I have worn glasses for years now.
I have two pairs, a green pair, and a red pair.

I love glasses as seeing I have to wear them, I might as well find great ones.
This will be my next pair!
by Finy
I wore glasses as a child for a few years,then as a young adult .in my 30's I stopped wearing them by exercising my eyes,and putting the glasses on later and later each day. I have now got new glasses 20 years later,after a nasty fall in which I shattered my Eye Socket,causing major damage to the left eye.I was left with double vision. After a year of waiting to see if it was permanent, the specialists decided to try some special type of lens for me! So far,so good.
Reading glasses , I think of it as a sign of wisdom.More realistically an age factor.
Recently got a pair of prescription sunglasses was amazed at how clear and colourful my world suddenly was...lol
Did not realise the the change in my eyesight over the years.
I can see clearly now.
by Zen
i bet that hurt you poor thing!
by pfuit
sorry pixies at work there! that was meant for Jules
by pfuit
I have worn glasses since I was six and I'm now 75
I wear glasses to see, glasses to read, and prescription sunglasses. It's really annoying but necessary. I have a stigmatism so can't wear contacts and don't qualify for an operation.
Yes, just for reading. The optomotrist asking your age before testing your eyes is a bit depressing but still. I've tried (still trying) multi focals and habitually feel sea sick but am persevering but regularly revert to single focus reading glasses perched on the end of my nose. Not a good look in my view!!!!
I had to have them as I got older & then with excessive computer use.But I like to wear them simply because you can't see without them esp. i.e reading,writing & so on.
Anyway 'glasses' are much better than wearing 'Contact lenses'. I know this because my friend in the Uni. would wear it & it was a daily struggle & I guess they are not good for the eyes.
I wear the magnifying ones from the chemist. So I have Lots in many different colours.
I started wearing glasses when I was 6 years old.
I don't wear glasses and I hope I never have to?
I've worn glasses since I turned 17. I was out at a horse race with my family once, and said "how can you possible see that" about something happening on the back straight. My mother handed me her glasses, and I could miraculously see what they could all see!
It was a revelation. I've worn glasses ever since. My eyesight is fairly steady at the moment.
I've worn glasses since I was 14. I hated them as they were constantly sliding down my nose. In my 20s, I used contact lens for about 3 years. That was a lot of mucking around with cleaning and disinfecting them properly. When I was told that the lens were causing red capillaries to show in the whites of my eyes, I stopped using them. So I have the lightest frames with the lightest lens possible and bend the arm ends to hug the backs of my ears. I'd rather not have laser surgery. I'm more interested in the surgery where they simply replace the lens inside your eye; as the healing is quicker and so long as they get the prescription right, you are guaranteed perfect sight. If your vision gets worse, they simply change the internal lens! When I first heard about this, it was only being done in Queensland, so I'm waiting for the procedure to become more widespread and hopefully cheaper. I think the price was on a par with laser surgery. Anyway, now I'm 45 and have to use multifocal glasses... sigh..

Yes. From age 3, with complete break for say eight-ish years, in teens. Varying degrees for long time, e.g. Reading, tv, work. Full time since about40. On the varifocals, Prescrip sunglasses now. Reg and reader specs by bed now, for keeps at this stage!
Yes I need glasses as I am longsighted
Yes. I have been wearing glasses since I was about 14.
Yes, I wear what were my 'computer using' glasses at work, to watch TV.
I'm long sighted and have worn glasses since my 40's due to trying to decipher various bosses handwriting and long hours on the computer. Because I'm sensitive to glare I also wear prescription sunglasses.
Yes I do wear glasses, and have since I was 9
Lucky 4 me my eyesight improved over the years 2 the point where I have 20/20 vision
I lost all sight in my left eye due 2 a stroke which is a bummer. This was November 2015 and I have not adjusted 2 it yet.
I'm always losing kitchen utensils, pens pads, small items.
Thank God I didn't lose sight in both eyes
Yes,I wear glasses as it is my need.
Nope I don't and its probably for the good.
I have glasses, I have to wear them when I read or watch tv, but I rarely do.
Perfect distance vision , need for reading and that was a getting older kind of thing, It can be a bit of an issue because I don't need them all of the time I tend to put them down and then not have them where I need them.
So I have strategically placed them around the house so I always have a pair handy.
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