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Do you wear a hat when you go outdoors?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
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fedora, hat
A fedora. Photo by Kjetil Ree, shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Despite warnings about skin cancer and the government urging people to "slip, slop, slap", the day to day wearing of hats seems to have gone out of fashion.

Do you wear a hat when you go outdoors? If not, why not?

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Top Answers
I'm a redhead so I had the skin cancer message pretty thoroughly drilled into me as a kid ( a little too well, it got annoying being repeatedly singled out in front of my class and told I would "be old before my time" or get cancer.) As a consequence of this I always wear a hat when I go out, and usually also sunglasses, sunscreen and a long sleeved shirt. I have a good all purpose hat I like the look of. It stops me getting burnt and prematurly aging and keeps my hair from getting bleached by the sun (I know some people like the sun bleached look but I prefer my hair to stay more red than blonde). I figure I might get skin cancer anyway, but it won't be because I didn't take basic precautions.

I also make my kids wear hats whenever we go out. Since we have always done this they basically just take it for granted that that's what you do and don't complain about it. I think parents have a responsibility to protect their kids in little ways like this when they can.
Exactly :) I agree
by jonaja
If it is cold, then I always wear a beanie to keep warm. If it is a sunny day, however, I will wear a baseball cap to shield my eyes from the sun (I don't like sun glasses). I don't usually wear hats for fashion though.
A baseball cap is really not an adequate substitute for sunglasses for preventing damage to your eyes (cataracts etc.) from the sun, but I gather you live somewhere a wee bit less sunny than I do.
Yeah, I'm in the UK. I thought this question was a bit odd when I first read it, but then I had to remind myself that you're all in Australia, where the sun's rays can reach highly dangerous levels.
Only to shield myself from the sun. I don't really understand why people refuse to wear hats and risk getting skin cancer since I don't think you can apply as much sunscreen on your face as necessary. Besides, I find that wearing a hat saves my hair from getting hot and dry in the sun.
I have been hearing, watching about how important it is that we should wear a hat outside, for years and years.

You would think we would.Yet, I have fallen short of this one request our Government and health people have said to do!

'Why'...I have no idea....I am hoping it is not going to be an on-going issue with me, I think 2014 has to be the year, I don-a-hat.

Apathy plays a part with us here in OZ, we tend to say ''she'l be right'.

I have been lucky so far, but now is time to stop that attitude and wear a hat!
I know for kids it is a must, and while they are at school and playing.
Should be no less important, fashion or not that we too should be an example.

Absolutely, even if I look like a total dag. I might let it slip if I'm out in the very early morning or late afternoon, or just racing outside to the letterbox, but it's something I'm generally very careful about. Apart from the potential danger of sun burn and skin cancers, I also want to protect my skin from extra wrinkles as much as possible.
Only in cold weather I'd wear a beanie. Otherwise I am not a hat person.
Absolutely, even if I look like a total dag. I might let it slip if I'm out in the very early morning or late afternoon, or just racing outside to the letterbox, but it's something I'm generally very careful about. Apart from the potential danger of sun burn and skin cancers, I also want to protect my skin from extra wrinkles as much as possible.
My Mum has been a farmer and out in the sun almost every day of her life.She wore a hat on very hot days,there was no sunblock in those days.She is now in her eighties and has never had a sunspot of any kind.She still has a large garden with fruit trees,flowers and vegies.I followed on the land also and farmed for 40 odd years,again only wearing a hat sometimes as the hat got caught in the fruit trees as I picked or pruned.After having a tree change I worked indoors,not long after I suffered a serve deficiency in vitamin D.I ended up with immune problems.Interestingly my Doctor told me a lot of interesting things.He was really concerned for future generations not getting enough sun and the diets they eat these days.He said in previous generations people worked outside in the sun,all there lives only coming in to eat and sleep. And there were not the recorded health issues that are presenting these days.But long term exposure ages the skin.
yes i wear a hat i am fair skinned. There is some good looking hats out there but they can be very expensive

I never wear a hat. I have dreadlocks down my back and adding a hat to that lot would give me heat stroke. I do not wear sun block as i'm not convinced it's good for you. I do wear sunnies and I get my skin checked every 12 months
I miss my dreads. I still wore a hat with mine, though it's a bit trickier finding one that fits. A coolie hat (the big triangular ones from Southeast Asia) worked pretty well.

You can get non chemical sunscreens (that create a physical barrier rather than a chemical one) but a I'd rather wear more clothing (light long sleeve shirts, like kurti) than cover myself in it.
Yes is the answer. Several operations and radiation treatment has convinced me that a full brim around a good floppy hat is the only way to go.
Caps are complete failure as they leave ears and the side of the face open to skin cancer. The government have a great add on that demonstrates how the risk during the day varies. Regular checks are also important. If you do not catch the cancer it moves from the skin layer into blood stream and then runs wild thru your body into your organs. Choose to live, wear a hat and long sleeve shirts.
At the beach or pool, or sometimes if going on a big outing with the kids, I do but not really just to the shops. We got sunburnt walking around choosing a restaurant the other day, so I really should, I guess.
I wear a hijab. I don't wear a hat, but sometimes I wish I did when it's really hot. I have seen women wearing a hat on top of their hijabs and they do it very tastefully. I might give it a think now.
I've often wondered whether women wearing hijab ever get their faces sunburnt. I'm sure I would if it was me, but I'm chalky pale.
I do apply sunscreen, but still manage to get sunburns on very sunny days (and on our trip to Gold Coast). But hijabs do provide some protection on the head. Hijab also means full sleeves and covered legs, so this is all helpful protection from the sun. The side effect is that I always have low Vitamin D even when I take supplements.
Yes. I wear hats when mowing the lawn, going for walks or when spending time at the beach or park. I don't like applying sunscreen (though I probably should!) so I figure that a hat is the next best thing to protect my face and shield my eyes.
by Vee
I have naturally olive skin but I still wear a hat when I expect to be in the sun for a while - a big broad rimmed one too! Sunscreen alone doesnt offer enough protection to the delicate skin on your face.
Fashion wise I love wearing hats as a statement with any outfit and I've collected a few cloches which suit my face shape. These encourage plenty of comments and compliments from strangers!
Yes I do wear hat whenever I go out.
No never
An Akubra, of course!
In Winter, beanie around house, beret out.
In Summer, above Akubra or baseball cap, dependent on weather, &/or occasion.
No I dont anymore. I walk the dogs early in the morning and I figure that early sun is a necessity for me as I am sometimes low in vitamin D
by Finy
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