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Do you wear a fitness watch?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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A fitness watch tracks your daily activities and reads things such as the number of steps you've taken, calories burnt, and heart rate. There are many different models, and most are compatible with a mobile app.

Do you wear a fitness watch? Which model do you have? How useful or accurate do you find it?

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Top Answers
I have been thinking about getting one for a while, but decided not to until my old watch stopped working. That point finally came this week, so I decided to to take the plunge. At first I was going to go for a Fitbit as it is the market leader, but a few things put me off, including the strap, the fact that it needs recharging every week, and reviews that said you can't read the face in sunlight. In the end I went for a Garmin Vivifit2, which was half its original price in a clearance sale. The strap is comfortable, although a bit difficult to put on. The scroll through functions can be a bit tricky sometimes, but I'm getting used to it. Not sure how accurate the readings are though. I appear to be taking far more steps than I ever expected, but burning fewer calories. I think it gives a good rough guide though.
Nope. ???. ???.
No interest whatsoever in such a 'gadget'. Geesh!

I know! I think it is a complete waste of money.
by Vee
Oh! Vee......it never ceases to amaze me nowadays, that just SO many people are transfixed by varying technologies'. I find it all as boring as bats@&$! From the very first moment I started training on a work computer, back in Nov73, I've thought this.

They're 'helping hands', that's all, similar to having a cooking appliance in the Kitchen. I remember when M/W Ovens' became the 'rage', & people 'threw out' their 'conventional' ovens, only to learn the former was not the 'bees-knees' they originally thought it was! It's an 'accessory appliance', IMHO, there to help additionally, not replace!
Today's equivalent is the hugely overpriced Thermomix. I wouldn't have one if I won it in a raffle!

I've this here ITablet, to inform me, to enjoy talking to the nice folk on AA, like yourself, check the news, catch up on IView, & On Demand, BUT I can live without it, & I only have a Mobile for emergency, ie car break down, in which case, it's a godsend, as my darling 37 yo car, which I love to bits, does play 'silly buggers' sometimes!

Cheers to you!
by donjo
by Rice
Haha, great picture.
Cracked up at yours, jonaj . . .LOL . . . imagining somebody telling her to go and catch that elephant . . . whaaaat??! . . NO!!!
by Rice
by jonaja
no I don't. My husband has one and you wouldn't believe how many steps he does each day !!
No, but I'm thinking of getting one.
No, it wouldn't go with all the bracelets I wear, nor my Swatch watches, so IF I had 1, i could only wear it at home, or out walking, when I don't wear my bracelets!
by Miro
I would have thought that at home and out walking were the two places it was designed for. My tax agent wears hers in the office to make sure she gets up and walks around.
by Rice
I've never worn a fitness watch.
What donjo said.
by Vee
I fail to justify the cost of it. It just seems so unnecessary to me.
by BK
They can be expensive, but a lot of normal watches are just as pricey, if not more so.
I am not into expensive watches either. Plus I do not feel the need to count my steps , calories burnt, sleep hours etc. But of course that's just me. :)
by BK
No I don't because my iphone does exactly the same thing and I do not wear a watch anyway.
by Finy
Yes I do. I have a fitbit my son bought as a present for me. I don't wear it on my wrist but clipped to the waistband of my clothing. I walk regularly every day (6-10 km) and it tracks that for me. I put it on in the morning and it is amazing the number of steps and the kms I do each day, even without my daily walk. I usually walk about 13/14,000 steps a day (daily activities and regular walk). I don't bother checking the calories, heart rate etc. I am mainly interested in the kms walked each day.

The accuracy is very good when comparing it with the readings on a regular pedometer so I would certainly recommend it if you are interested in keeping track of your fitness. Otherwise a regular pedometer (which is cheaper of course) would probably do a similar, but not the same, job.
I used to. They are not so bad.
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