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Do you watch Dr Who, and what do you think about the female Dr?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you watch and like Dr Who?

Will you watch it with a female Dr?

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Top Answers
I love Dr Who however am very hesitant about a female Doctor.

I don't really know why, but I just think the Dr should be a man as he has always been!

Somehow it does not seem right to be a woman (even if I get howled down for making a sexist comment!).

I am dead set against it, however I WILL watch it, and perhaps ask the questions again next year when it is up and running - who knows, maybe I will even like it! I hope so as I looked forward to watching it each week.
by Finy
Finy, I feel the same about Sherlock Holmes. I won't watch the TV show Elementary for that reason. Sherlock should be a man.
by Lluxi
lluxi - glad i am not the only one! but that show still has a man as Sherlock - just a female assistant?
by Finy
I love Elementary. Watsername plays "Joan" Watson . . . what a laugh. I like Jonny Lee Miller.
by Rice
Oh I must be mistaken, but still not going to watch it. I prefer Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman . I like the roles as males like Conan Doyle wrote it to be. I watched all the current series on the plane to Europe.
by Lluxi
Thanks Finy. We'll look out for it. I'm sure they'll be advertising it, in plenty of time before the starting date, so Dr Who fans will be at the ready!
by Miro
No, not yet, . . . both he and "Doctor Number One" played by David Bradley are in the Christmas special.
by Rice
Lucy Liu. I think she does an excellent job. I like Elementary a lot.
I used to watch Dr Who as a child with the man that had fuzzy curly hair, I'm not sure who it is now, my son started to take a liking to Dr Who, I think the music is still the same, and I'm glad about that, it suits the show.
Tom Baker. Still the longest serving Doctor.
by Rice
No. I don't watch it.
Nope, dont watch.
Yes and yes, since November 1963. I am on the fence about a female doctor as I am concerned that the timing has more to do with "agendas" than seriously wanting a female doctor. I do like her as an actress but 54 years of male doctors may be a bridge too far. Anyway, I will watch Jodie and wish her the best and see how it pans out. I do hope that the issue doesn't cause the series to flounder, as that would be sad. By the way, there will be THREE companions . . . eek!! However . . one is Bradley Walsh. Hmmmm.
by Rice
i dont like the fact that SO much seems to be changing......it was so good, why fix it if it aint broken??
by Finy
Yes, high five on that score, Finy. They keep bleating on that Romana and the Rani were Time Ladies . . but they weren't the doctor. *sigh* It's not quite the same as having a female who is the doctor.
by Rice
I am with you on this Rice.
by annfi
...and Finy.
by annfi
The Master also regenerated into Missy.

There have been three companions before- it started that way back in the very first season in the 60s.
Been watching since 1964 . . . seen every docotor and companion. Actually had to watch Ep 1 twice due to JFK's assination. No surprise that the premiere got a bit swamped by the news.
by Rice
My husband used to watch it all the time. I didn't even know the female Dr had started playing the lead role as yet, or has she only started in the U.K. episodes? I'll get my husband to look on iview!
by Miro
starts around Xmas
by Finy
The Christmas special is on Boxing Day. Supposedly a few surprises . . . but they never are. LOL
by Rice
ps . . no, Jodie hasn't been screened yet and Christmas special is Peter's farewell. We see the series at the same time as the U.K. now . . . . . not like years ago when we waited for everything. Everybody these days wants live streaming . . now now now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
by Rice
but peter already died???
by Finy
The show never appealed to me so never watched it.
it didnt appeal to me either, but then suddenly someone was talking about it, and I decided to watch a few years ago, and I became very hooked! bought all old videos etc etc...
by Finy
You really are a fan Finy.
by helga
Haha. . . come to my house - family of Whovians!

by Rice
No I don't watch it
by AJ
I did.
Now I don't.

Just trying to catch up with 20017 I guess.... but who cares if it was always a male.
I'm over all the should be a ''female too thing''.
It had a theam the doctor was a man, oooh! how terrible, is that !#*? Shocking thinking.

Some things should be left alone, just to continue in the vein of 'original'.

I have never watched it.
I know the premise of the show but never really got into it. I really should try again.
As a child I was not allowed to watch Dr Who and the theme song even gave me nightmares. My first husband introduced me to it in the 80's and I really like it. I have been slowly getting my present husband to like it.he has trouble grasping some of the stories as I think you often need some historical information to make sense of it. Having a female Doctor might be a big setback I am afraid. We haven't watched it for a few months and I wasn't sure if it was on at the moment.
Personally I would give a female Dr Who a chance. It could work.
No, I don't watch it.
But Dr Who is traditionally a man, so to make a female dr seems to be changing the story a little bit too much. Next Santa Claus will be female too
I would have preferred to see another spinoff series (like the Sarah Jane Adventures) with a female character, maybe about River Song, or Madame Vastra and Jenny, but all the complaining from male fans pretty much convinced me that this needed to happen. Anybody who'd stop watching just because the Doctor is a woman can't have been much of a fan in the first place.

My daughter, who is also a fan of the show, was very pleased about it and dressed as the new Doctor for Comic Con. It's nice to have some great female role models as the main characters in TV shows and movies now that young girls can look up to. She gets to grow up watching a female Jedi, and now a Time Lady.
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