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Do you watch crime/police type shows on TV, and do you have a favourite?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you watch any crime/police shows on TV, and do you have a favourite, or one you watch most weeks?

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Top Answers
I am sick of most of these shows apart from some English ones. I have not watched an American one for some time.

However at the moment there is only one I will watch that has just returned with a new series and I cannot think of the name of it -with the two women detectives. I loved Broadchurch however these are, as many of the ABC programmes lately, repeats.

Do not watch CSI or the other similar which seem to be on all the time. U.S> seems to get something popular and then copy, copy, copy, till I get really sick of them and dont watch any!
by Finy
Oh! Finy, do you mean 'Scott & Bailey' or 'Rizzoli & Isles'?
by donjo
Scott & Bailey -thanks Donjo
by Finy
My husband loves Rizzolli and Isles. My favourite would have to be Major Crimes. I started watching it when it was The Closer, and was glad to see that it morphed into Major Crimes when the lead character left.
by Lluxi
Oh! Lluxi, I gave up on 'Major Crimes', because of kid in it really annoyed me. Even the good acting, by all the adults' couldn't keep me watching!

Amazing the number of USA shows, where main character, be it a female or male, has a 'dysfunctional' kid!
Most of them lend nothing to the show, in fact, I find them a gross distraction.

by donjo
I happened to pick up series 1 of Broadchurch from the library. Initially I was worried I would find it too upsetting as it is about the suspicious death of a boy. However, I found myself engrossed in the series. It was interesting to see the involvement of the media and different characters who lived in the town. I 'binge watched' it and then had to get hold of series 2.
Oh! Marie.....serve u right for having a 'binge' sessionLol!
I can't watch DT in anything, as I just can't understand him.....accent way too strong! Cheers!
by donjo
I must admit that I do watch a few crime shows.Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren, though quite an old British show now,never fails to interest me, and I have really been enjoying Murdoch Mysteries which is from Canada.On Saturday nights,I have been enjoying The Coroner on ABC which is another British Show. I did enjoy seeing Sherlock on ABC but I find that this, along with so many shows, are repeated far to soon after first being screened. A show which I truly loved to watch was Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.But it was NOT for the storylines at all! I simply ADORE all of the research which has gone into the costuming in this program.Apparently there is a major exhibition on at the moment,at Old Government House in Brisbane,until 9th September,featuring these superb garments and you can even touch samples of the exquisite fabrics which were used to create them. It is something which ALMOST tempts me to make the long trip from North Qld!!
Yes, Jules, 'The Coroner' is good, & quirky.

Main actress is ex 'Waking the Dead'.
Copper was ACC's nephew in 'Frost'.
Coroner's mum, that actress was in 'Prime Suspect', as mum who smothered her baby.

One UK BBC show you should watch on IView is 'No Offence'. It was excellent, once you got used to their Manchester accents! Lol!
by donjo
My favourite shows are crime shows. I don't watch much else on tv. I love Sherlock and 48 hours. I used to watch CSI when it was on TV. Sometimes I watch NCIS. I love documentary shows about true crime events. I like to read non fiction crime books. I used to watch Underbelly when it was on tv, without fail. I try to watch these shows every week, but if I am out, I don't get to see them, of course.
Oh! Lluxi, do you not have a recording machine of some type?
by donjo
My spare time is precious, and I do not have enough of it to spend time watching recorded TV shows. I remember when videos first came out and everyone recorded shows and watched them later. I was shocked though when I would go to a friends house, and they were watching recorded TV shows, inside on the couch, when it was a glorious day outside !!! NOT a good habit to get into. By the 90s, videos had been languishing on most peoples hard rubbish for many years. DVDs are the in thing, and I suppose that they can record. If they can, I'm not sure how to do it. If I miss a show, and I am that DESPERATE to see it, I could always see it online (without the ads). The only time that I would consider this, would be if I have missed an important episode in a mini-series, or if I missed the Part 2 of a double episode and wanted to see who the killer is. I have only ever done this a couple of times.
by Lluxi
I'm not a fan of crime dramas; the one exception is The X-Files, which is more Sci-do than crime and I watch it on DVD.

I do also watch The Fall when that is on, but only because Gillian Anderson is in it.
I also tried watching that, just for Gillian Anderson. I thought she was great in it but I found it so uncomfortable to watch that I gave up after a few episodes.
Love Crime shows!
Fave at mo is 'The Murdoch Mysteries'.

Have stopped watching many USA ones, as they got boring, eg NCIS, NCIS LAX, NCIS New Orleans, Bones, Hawaii Five O.

Still enjoy L & O: SVU, also Blue Bloods.

Don't miss ANY of the British crime shows, though, even on repeat, they're still the best!
New shows of 'No Offence', 'Suspects', & 'Spotless' are good.

Have liked the various Scandi-noir, too.
We watched a show called ''Happy Valley'', and the acting was 101% spot on.

Other from that I prefer the show ''48 hours'' based on real crimes.
I prefer to watch the UK crime shows although I did enjoy The Closer when it was on. I also watched the NZ psychics try to solve cold cases, or help discover suspects and more information on the crimes committed
Occasionally I will watch some kind of crime series. One of my favourites would be CSI Miami
The only one I positively cannot sit through - Horatio and those damned sunglasses. *thwack*
by Rice
Oh! Rice.......I've been 'in love' with David Caruso since his 'NYPD Blue' days!
I just loved the 'sunglasses action'. Lol!
by donjo
I have probably watched most of them from Z cars and Dickson of Dock Green through to the CSI franchise, Rizzoli and Isles, Murdoch, Sherlock, NCIS and more. I don't lose sleep if I miss them and sometimes I don't watch for months. I'm not aware of a particular favourite.
by Rice
Like you,Rice,I have at some time or other watched a great number of crime shows. I hate to admit it,but I am actually enjoying seeing some of the older (even considered 'Trashy'!!) shows which are screened in the afternoons during the week!! I used to watch the Bill on Tuesday Nights for YEARS!!! It is now on in the afternoons on ABC,but I have not bothered to watch a single episode! I have to say that I have been getting a good laugh from 'Nash Bridges' which features comedian Cheech Moran playing a major character. He is so very good!! And though it is often rather corny,I will sometimes catch Diagnosis Murder with Dick Van Dyke and his real-life son and grandsons!
I prefer the movie length shows such as Poirot,Prime Suspect,Lewis,etc....all of which are British!!
by Jules
. . big high five to ALL of those!!! I used to love Maigret too . . .but not sure if you got it here . . ! LOL. Showing my age. (I also have a boxed set of Bergerac. Oh dear.)
by Rice
Oh! Rice......did u know John Nettles was an RSC actor for many years?
All the 'good' British actors' used to/still do 'tread the boards' now & again, to keep up-to-date. Would've really enjoyed seeing Charles Dance in 'Coriolanus'!

I missed, by just a lousy FIVE days, seeing Charlton Heston, on stage, in London, as Capt Queeg in the 'Caine Mutiny'.....ggggrrrr!
by donjo
Here's a bit of Trivia for a Monday.......

Benedict Cumberbatch is related to the person who started the awarding of the 'Cumberbatch Trophy' for 'safe airmanship', & then some.
Worth 'Googling' the whole story!

BTW, our very own QANTAS, has been awarded it TWICE, the only Airline to have done so!
Not surprising, as the 'Flying Roo' has been voted the safest Airline in the World, 2015-2016.
BC looks too much like his mum for my tastes, but my daughter swoons over him, as do millions of others. heehee.
by Rice
I like true life crime show s like 48hours. Under belly . Im a bit sick of all the crime shows that we have at the moment. Some are too graphic and horrendous. I like heartbeat and Barnaby Joyce. They don't leave you feeling sick after
Oh! nat_o.......I really hope you actually mean Insp Barnaby, in 'Midsomer Murders', be it actors' John Nettles, or Neil Dudgeon! Cheers!
P.S. 'Tom's tv wife' is Joyce!
by donjo
Yes thats the one. ha ha
by nat_c
. . or Barnaby Jones with Buddy Ebsen?
by Rice
Oh! Rice, I first saw Buddy Ebsen in a 'Davy Crockett' film, with Fess Parker, at the Maryborough Cinema, in 1963! Long b4 he became famous in the 'Beverley Hillbillies'. Cheers!
by donjo
I am not a big fan of crime/police shows especially not ones which dwell on murder. However, going back, I did enjoy Blue Heelers. Now and then I will borrow a DVD of this genre from the library and if it isn't too negative/graphic/depressing can find it thought provoking. Some with a historical setting are well done.
Here's a lovely little bit of trivia for you . . . the strange lady in the caravan (simply cannot remember her name, the actress, I mean) with the labrador . . . that was her real dog. I loved that they let her use her own. Apologies if you already knew :-)
by Rice
I think that would be Susan Wright. I didn't know that so thanks so much for passing on the 'piece of trivia'. I think it is nice they let her use her own dog.
Oops, now I have reread your comment Rice, I see it was the name of the actress you couldn't recall and i don't know her name either.
Pauline Quirke!!! I knew I would remember eventually. Heehee.
by Rice
Bet you are pleased to remember her name because if you are like me it was going to bug you until the answer came to you!
You are so right!! LOL. I used to have a reputation for waking up at two a.m. and yelling things out when I remembered them. Oh gawd!! Hahahahaha
by Rice
Yes we enjoy watching Midsomer's Murders and all the traffic shows and COPS USA.
Excellent! Although sad that there is so much crime especially serious assaults and shootings.
Law & Order: SVU will always be my favourite. I think Mariska Hargitay does a brilliant job...but I haven't watched the show in years. It really puts me on edge.
by Vee
I think MH is wonderful. I have a friend who looks just like her too. Damn their beautiful hides!! Hahahaha.
by Rice
Oh! Vee........current Series is XV......MH is an assoc producer, which means she's putting her money in to keep it going!
Same as Craig McLachlan did for Series IV, of 'Dr Blake'. Series V has been already commissioned, thank goodness.
Still waiting to hear on 'Miss Fisher' due Essie Davis' non-availability this year, due other filming commitments!
by donjo
I think the last one I watched all of was No Offence. I really enjoyed it and hope they make another season. Broadchurch was good (the UK one, I haven't seen the US remake). Sherlock is too, but I prefer Elementary, which is a different adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes story where Watson is a woman, played by Lucy Liu. Jonny Lee Miller is a more likeable Holmes, still abrasive and rude, but his behaviour is more understandable in light of his background.
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